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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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76 Warmth

Luna woke up from her bed feeling drowsy. She yawned and stretched her arms before exciting the bed.

She rubbed her eyes a few times before getting out of her bed.

She stumbled to the bathroom still a tad bit sleepy and brushed her teeth and took a quick shower.

At this point, Luna had cleared her mind expelling all drowsiness. She picked up her necklace of butterbeer caps and placed it on top of her neck.

She glanced around and realized that her dorm mates had already left the room.

She reckoned she woke up a little late.

She glanced at the clock and realized that she was indeed late for breakfast.

It couldn't hurt to be late once in a while.

She headed downstairs and immediately noticed that there was a group of students gathering around at one of the couches.

"... did they find a wrackspurt?"

Luna, being curious, made her way down to the group. She attempted to look over the shoulders of the students however she was still a tad bit too small.

"Would you mind moving a bit? I do want to see what is happening but I can't seem to see over you."

The people turned back and immediately gave room for Luna when they saw her face.

Luna went closer for a better look and gave a small gasp of delight.

On one of the couches was a black haired boy sleeping nice and sound.

He looked quite handsome, however still more adorable as he still had some baby fat on his face.

Just like an angle, Luna thought.

Luna was about to stroke Arth on the head when Arth started to move about with his eyes closed.

Arth got up from the couch and stretched his arms before opening his eyes.

Luna could see his clear black eyes fill up with surprise before immediately becoming calm.

One of the things she admired about him.

"Hello Luna, What a lovely morning it is."

"Hello Arth, I'm glad to see you too. It's nice to see you after so long."

"Ahahaha, it's only been a week you silly."

"It's been quite boring without you you see. I don't really have anyone else I talk with on a regular basis."

"What a shame, I wonder why? I find it very enjoyable talking with you. In fact, it almost always makes my day."

It was another part of Arth that Luna liked. He understood her and enjoyed her presence.

Luna knew how other people saw her as, weird and unusual. However Arth was the first person other than her father and mother that considered her ideas and opinions without thinking them as out of the world.

"Why are you sleeping on the couch? Don't you have a bed in your dorm?"

"Oh yes, I do however I just arrived from Azkaban yet it seems that I wasn't provided with the new password so I decided to go here instead. However, I miscalculated a few halls and stairways and it ended up becoming night. After reading a few books, I guess I fell asleep."

Luna giggled.

He was also very funny, and she liked that.

"What an Arth thing to do."

"Hahaha, I'll take it as a compliment."

Arth ruffled his messy black hair and made a soft exclamation.

"I forgot to return the library books, dam. Hey Luna-"

Luna saw Arth glanced at the clock before turning back towards her.

"You wanna go with me to return my library books? After we can go to breakfast."

"Sure, if you are alright with going with me."

Arth got up did a gentlemanly now.

"It would be my greatest pleasure to be with your presence."

Luna laughed again.

"You're so funny."

"Thanks, I think of it as one of my charms."

Arth lended a hand towards Luna.

"Shall we depart?"

Luna stared at his hand before smiling brightly and placing her hand over his.

"Yes, I wouldn't mind."

An older student let out a dog whistle.

Luna strangely didn't feel bad about it though.

She watched the back of Arth as he pulled her out of the Ravenclaw commons room.

He honestly was almost perfect.

Smart, nice, funny, handsome, not very shy nor aggressive.

The way his eyes twinkled like the starry sky whenever he had an idea.

The way his beautiful black hair would wave every time the wind blew.

The way he would always smile and joke around in a light hearted manner.

The way he would always sigh when he got exasperated with his friends yet still cared for them.

He was indeed the perfect friend that Luna could ask for.

Luna frowned.

For some reason, Luna felt as if the word friend was... Alien to her. She was somehow dissatisfied with the word "friend".

She stared at Arth's back again only to meet her eyes with his.

He smiled.

"What are you looking at?"

"Nothing really."

"Oh really?"


"Ok then, let's go in the passage then already. My long beloved turkey legs have missed my stomach."

She laughed once more.

"Then let's not hesitate and speed up shall we?"

If she didn't like the term friends, what was she looking for?

Luna pushes aside all the thoughts in her head and walked into the tunnel, with Arth guiding her in front, holding inter her hand.

All she could think was that he was warm.


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