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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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83 Dark Green

The moment Arth and Hermione realized what they were facing, they paled and groaned.

"That's such bullshit."

"...this is impossible. How are we supposed to beat that?"

"It isn't, especially not us. Maybe Dumbledore could do something but not two little second years."

"Couldn't we tell a teacher?"

"I mean we could however, we don't have proof and we don't even know how to get the chamber. All we can say is what the monster is. And then what? We'll just end up causing the school to shut down."

"Oh you're right. That wouldn't be good."

"And that is why we are going to tell the teachers."

"What! Why?"

Arth silently stared at the book I'm his hand with a serious face.

"I believe that it is better to protect lives by shutting down the school then risk more lives by being selfish."


Arth sighed.

"I'm going to God damn miss the turkey legs."

Hermione gave a hollow laugh.

"How can you say that in this situation."

"What are you two talking about?"

A sixth year girl who was sitting to the left of them had come over to talk.

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't help but overhear your conversations and I had to come over to talk."

She held out her hand towards Arth.

"Penelope, Penelope Clearwater."

"Arthur Kingscrown."

"Hermione Granger."

"Yes I heard of you, especially you," she said while giving a glance at Arth.

"Yes, I would reckon." Said Arth dryly.

"So can you repeat what you said once more?"

"Sure, however all of it is on this page. The rest is self explanatory."

Arth showed her the book in his hand and Penelope paled in fear and shock.

"Are you trying to say that-"

"Yes I am, which means that all of us are close to death."

"Oh my god, you are going to tell the teachers right?"



Arth felt a tingle down his spine. His instincts screamed that something or someone was near.

And it did not have friendly intentions.

"... does it seem a little too quiet here?" Asked Arth in a quiet voice.

"I mean most of the students are at the quidditch match so I reckon that it would be." Replied Penelope.

Arth groaned.

"And here we are in a library all alone in a quiet library."

"...are you saying that we might get attacked?"

"We probably look like three fat and juicy turkey legs on a golden platter to the monster right now."

"What is it with you and turkey legs?"

"It's just that me and a certain someone really likes turkey legs. You can't blame us, it's very delicious."

"Huh, really? I should try some during dinner then."

"I recommend it."

"Can we Please talk about the creepy monster that maybe stalking us right now? We can leave turkey legs for the future."

"Actually, we should talk about the turkey legs because it might be the last time we get to talk about it. I mean when else would we able to talk about it again?"


There was silence in the library. The type of silence that said that there was something lurking within the shadows. Or the bookshelf right next to you. Whichever you prefer.

"So what should we do now." Asked Penelope.

"Well, we could first look around to see if the monster is there."

"And how will we do that?"

There was a rummaging noise as Penelope took out a mirror.

"We can use this, at east then we won't die immediately."


Hermione took the mirror and started to scan around the vicinity.

"There's nothing to our right or left. I'm going to check out back now-"

Hermione stopped speaking and suddenly stiffened up. Slowly she fell to the floor like a stone sinking in a lake.

Arth sighed.

"So we are being stalked... damn, why did it have to be right when we could've explained everything?"

"... Ahahaha... I should've tried turkey legs the night before. Now I can't stop thinking of them even in my last moment."


Arth drew in a deep breath.

"You should use the mirror to see the monster. The monster won't take you if you get petrified."

"I know... what about you?"

"I'll be following right after you."

"... let's try to make it out alive..."


"Lets meet each other when the mandrakes are finished growing."


Arth closed his eyes as he heard another low thud.

When he opened his eyes once more, there was silence.

He looked around the library and realized just how lonely and quiet the library seemed.

He chuckled to himself.

"Would my stealth save me from the monster?"

Arth reached for the mirror that was clutched in Penelope's hand when he felt a slight movement on his neck.

Arth froze as the feeling become stronger and started to construct on his throat.

Arth struggled to set himself free from the thing around his throat however he was too weak and the thing was to strong.

Arth's vision slowly got darker as he ran out of air.

The last thing Arth saw was a dark green tail that looked like the end of a small lizard or tiny snake.


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