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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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84 Scarle

Arth woke up from the darkness feeling as though he was high on drugs.

His head hurt, he felt as though the world was spinning around, and he felt as though he was missing something.

Arth really didn't like this feeling. He never did.

Arth let out a groan and opened his eyes trying to adjust to the darkness.

"So this is what the chamber of secrets look like..."

To be honest, Arth was expecting something a little more extravagant. Maybe a torch here and there, or even a couch maybe.

Considering who was living here.

But maybe he was stretching it a bit.

Arth attempted to get up when he realized that he was tied up. His hands were bound behind his back and his arms were tied down by a rope that wrapped him many times. He could walk about ten feet before he was stopped by the chain.

Arth tried to get out using magic but he realized that he couldn't. Mana seemed to escape him when he tried to cast spells.

"Hmmm... it's smarter than I thought."

Arth heard the sound of scales scraping past concrete and swiveled his head towards the source of the sound.

A five foot long snake was lazily making his way towards Arth with its eyes closed. Arth couldn't help but be fascinated.

"What an elegant snake. I've read it in a book but it sure looks even more mesmerizing in person."

The snake was a beautiful dark green and glimmered every time it moved. Even the only darkness couldn't seem to hides its brilliance. The only abnormal part about the snake was it's closed eyes but Arth already knew the reason for that.

Arth tore his gaze away from the snake and stared into the darkness.

"Are you going to come out? We both know that you are there, no need to hide."

There was a giggle from the shadows as a humanoid figure stepped into the light.

She had hair the color of roses and white skin that resembled a pearl. Her red lips contrasted from her skin and formed an arrogant smile.

Her eyes were yellow and had slits. Just like a snake.

She spoke in a voice that could be compared to the devil's temptation.

"I am surprised that someone as smart as thou still exists within this age. I was beginning to think that only idiots were still alive."

Arth raised an eyebrow.

"I am flattered, Egle, Queen of Snakes."

The girl frowned.

"I do not enjoy being referred to Egle."

"Then what do you go by?"

"I... do not know."

"Did Salazar not name you when he put you here?"

The girl frowned again.

"Salazar was thy ancestor's master. I am not thy ancestor, thus I shall not take on her name."

Arth chuckled.

"Then I suppose I should give you one?"

The girl waved it off.

"Do what thou want, I do not care for a name."

Arth unconsciously glanced at her hair and smiled.

"I guess that was a yes, I shall call you Scarlet."

"It is not a bad name. I approve."

Arth gave a slight smile and sat down on the floor while still being tied up.

"So what do you mean by ancestor? I didn't know that Egle could reproduce on their own."

The girl scrunched her face in anger.

"Do not refer to thy as if I am an animal."

"Oh, sorry about that. Got carried away by my curiosity."

The girl nodded her head before titling her head sideways.

"We have the ability to mate with the opposite gender however when we lack one, we can make up for it by shedding."


"We sacrifice our old bodies to give birth to a new and healthy one. This requires the mother to die while when we mate, both mother and child can live."

"So like a Phoenix?"


Arth analyzed the girl up and down before opening his mouth.

"So how old are you?"

The girl frowned and took out her fingers and started to count in a cute and adorable manner.

After sometime, she replied in a cool voice.


"How coincidental. I am also twelve."

"I do not care."

Arth recalled the book he was reading before he got strangled by the basilisk.

Egle, queen of snakes.

A branch of humans that have the ability to control any serpent. They also have the ability to reduce or increase the size of a snake while also being given the ability to transfigure into one.

They are known for their beautiful appearance and scarlet red hair.

They were pushed to the brink of extinction when wizards started to kill them in fear of their powers.

They are highly intelligent and dangerous as they have an arsenal of snakes that they can control.

Arth narrowed his eyes.

He had to be careful.


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