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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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86 I’ll show you

Chapter is below, scroll down if you want.

So, there was a comment from someone, idk who but that person said that J.K.Rowling failed to explain anything in her books.

And I was like- *snap* THATS IT! My fanfic was created to not only serve as enjoyment, but to question the original plot of the Harry Potter series and reason with it and make it slightly more logical.(Azkaban mini arc was me blowing off some steam. A vacation for me and Arth. It was very forced.)

Anyways, enough of my rambling. Enjoy the chapter.


Arth froze and started to panic and closed his eyes.

The only thought in his head was- Fuck, I'm screwed.

However, seconds had passed and Arth could still feel his heart beating.

He was still alive.

Arth carefully opened his eyes once more and had his heart stop again. The basilisk was staring directly into his eye. But Arth realized that he wasn't at all dead, even when he very should be.

Arthur then started to spin the gears in his head.

"What exactly makes the basilisk's eye so deadly?"

Arth stared into the yellow eyes of the basilisk without blinking.

"Since I looked into the supposedly deadly eyes of a basilisk without dying, it means that the basilisk has the power to control its death stare... or maybe that is a power it gains as it grows."

Arth let out a gasp.

"If it can control when it can activate its death stare, then it might be able to control the power of its glare."

Arth froze.

"And that means that all the attacks that had happened so far were a result of the Basilisk controlling its strength? This means that my original idea of indirect eye contact with a basilisk causing petrification being false! It isn't indirect eye contact that causes petrification but the snakes control!"

The basilisk let out a small hiss as if delighted that someone had appreciated its greatness.

"Just what is it that causes the basilisk glare to be so deadly? It can only be activated when meeting eye to eye... eyes... petrification... eyes, that's it! Eyes are the window to the soul! The human soul is a bundle of mana! The snake is utilizing magic to petrify the souls of people causing them to seem as though they had turned into stone!"

Arth felt immense pride for figuring out how the snake activated his death glare and couldn't help but want to leap up in joy, if he wasn't tied that is.

Ever since he had come up with the mana theory, every illogical thing seemed to unravel itself as possible. It was wonderful.

Arthur then realized something.

"If the snake uses mana to kill people, then can't I become immune to its glare if I block off its mana from entering through my eyes?"

Arth felt like he had just surpassed the realm of human knowledge.

"So let's get everything organized, basilisks release mana waves through their eyes and target their opponents eyes to kill. Since mana can be stopped by mana, I can technically not die from a basilisk stare... but I have to calm down. This is a hypothesis... I need to get experimenting right now."

Arth got up excitedly before falling back down.

He had forgotten once again that he was tied up.

Arth decided that he could wait a little bit more.

Scarlet finally appeared with a large fish in her hands. Seeing her wet clothes, Arth realizes that she had actually went fishing in the lake.

Arth stared at her with disbelieving eyes.

"Did you just go swimming in the lake?"

Scarlet titled her head.

"Did I not say that I was going to get thou some fish?"

"No, but you actually went to fish in the lake?"


"Jesus, isn't it freezing in the lake?"

"I do not know? I don't pay attention to the cold."

Arth could tell that she was lying by the way her movements seemed to be dull. Snakes were cold blooded, and Egle's probably went by the same rule. They would get weaker the colder they got.

Seeing the stubborn look on Scarlet's face, Arth let out a sigh.

"You should go warm up."

"No, I am fine. Thou should eat."

"...it would be better if I cooked it."

"I will cook for thou."

Scarlet dragged the fish to a relatively dry area before washing the fish with magic. She grabbed a somewhat sharp stone from the floor and used it to cut the fish.

After she removed the organs and bled it out, she ripped off a portion and presented it to Arth.

"Thou eat."

"...you call this cooking?"

"Is it not?"

Arth felt a part of him scream in frustration.

You call this cooking? If it was a dish called "rip out a chunk of raw fish and eat it" then maybe I would understand.

Arth sighed before easily removing the ropes binding him.

Scarlet widened her eyes.

"How did thou escape thy bondage?"

"Don't word it like that, it's misleading."

"In What way?"

"...forget it."

Arth glanced at the fish on the floor and cracked his neck.

"Can you light a fire? I'm going to show you what real cooking is."


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