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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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Scarlet frowned.

"What's Wrong with the food I brought?"

"First of all, it's very outdated, who eats raw fish unless you are making sushi?"

"What's sushi?"

"Basically raw fish with rice."


"Secondly, you didn't even cook it."

"Is what I did not cooking?"

"It isn't. Give me a fire and I'll show you."

Scarlet ignited a fire on the floor which Arth tended to. However the fire quickly died out.

Arth frowned.

"Do you know why I can't use magic?"

Scarlet raised an eyebrow before glaring at the basilisk.

"Stop your fooling around and release him."

Arth could've sworn that the basilisk let out a snort in disdain. Even so, Arth slowly felt the feeling of magic comping back to him.

His eyes brightened.

Power to negate magic, controllable death glare, and great mana control... basilisks really are under researched aren't they?

Arth pushed away his inner scientist away as he was currently a cook.

He transfigured a piece of rock into a long stick and stabbed the fish with it.

He then casted a fire spell onto the floor and placed the meat over the flame.

Arth wanted to click his tongue.

He lacked spices which would end up affecting the flavor however he supposed he could work with it.

Scarlet curiously glanced over his shoulder.

"What manner of cooking is this? I have never seen a sight so puzzling."

"When was the last time you had grilled fish?"

"What is grilled?"

Arth suddenly felt pity for the Egle. How sad it must be to live in the chamber and survive on rats and uncooked meals.

"...that answers my question. Don't worry, I'll show you what it is soon enough."

Arth glanced back at the grilling meat with a new found fervor in his eyes.

Let's give this poor child the greatest meal in her life.

A few minutes later, a pleasant aroma spread throughout the chambers. Scarlet doubtfully stared at the plate of grilled meat in front of her.


Just by smell alone, the grilled fish surpassed everything she had made for herself. It was utterly incomparable. Like comparing a chicken to a dragon.

Scarlet picked up a fork and gently stabbed at the fish. The fork easily went into the fish like butter and a stronger aroma released itself from the cut.

Scarlet gulped before picking up a small piece and placing it into her mouth.

Scarlet froze and closed her eyes. Tears started to come out uncontrollably.

Arth decided it was best to give her a pat on the back.

As if persuaded by Arth, Scarlet regained her mind and started to dig into the fish. Arth procured his own plate and started to eat with her. The basilisk also got its own share.

The three of them started to eat happily together inside the chambers.

After a few minutes, the plates had been cleaned off. Arth made the dishes disappear and sighed.

The basilisk was wrapped around his neck like a scarf while Scarlet gazed into the distance as if she was contemplating life.

Arth stared at his hands and sighed once more.

These hands... are a sin. They create things that are too heavenly in this world... Ah... what a sin.

Arth got up and sighed.

He was about to walk away when he heard a voice.

A voice that didn't belong to Scarlet.

And it was speaking in a weird language that resembled hissing.

Arth froze and the basilisk and Scarlet flinched before standing up straight.

From within the shadows, a person was walking while muttering in the weird language.

When the person stepped into the shadows, Arth frowned.

It was Theodore Nott.

And in his hands was a a very familiar diary.


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