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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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88 Self Tie

Arth called out hesitantly.


No response.

"Hello? Mr. Nott? Can you hear me?"

More silence.

Arth immediately knew that something was wrong about Nott. Something about the way he looked at Arth was different. Plus, when considering where they were, the only logical explanation Arth could come up with for this wasn't a happy thought.

"Nott, you were the heir of slytherin?"

Nott continued to stare at him blankly, as if he was a hollow puppet taking orders from a puppet master.

Arth continued to find ways that would get Nott to speak, to no avail.

Seeing this, Scarlet frowned.

"Enough, it is useless. There is nothing that thou can do for him. He will not listen nor respond to you."

Arth frowned.

"What is wrong with him? Why is he so... lifeless?"

Scarlet had on a face that revealed her uncomfortableness. The basilisk started to puff up defensively.

"He is under the control of the heir, don't mind him."

"Theodore is being mind controlled?"

"Yes, do not worry, the heir will come out soon enough."

Arth glanced at the diary In Theodore's hand.

"What does the diary have to do with the heir of slytherin?"

Scarlet looked conflicted.

"I...I cannot answer this. All I can say is wait and watch."

Theodore finally opened his mouth and whispered in a different language.

Scarlet frowned and replied in the same language.

This continued on before scarlet sighed and pointed towards the basilisk.

Arth widened his eyes as the basilisk in front of him grew to a size that was immense. Arth reckoned that it was over fifty feet long.

Then, right when the growth of the basilisk was about to come to a stop, scarlet pointed at the basilisk again causing it to grow smaller.

Then she proceeded to speak at Theodore with an annoyed look. Even though Arth couldn't speak the language they spoke in, he could understand the meaning.

She was asking him, are you happy? Or, in her case, are thou happy.

Theodore blankly stared at the shrinking basilisk before turning around and disappearing into the shadows.

Arth heard scarlet curse.

"...that little parasite of a man, if not for the respect I have for thy mother, thou would've already been dead."

Arth raised an eyebrow.

"Feisty much. What did he ever do to you?"

Scarlet threw her eyes towards Arth and replied in a angry manner.

"Be quiet human. You do not understand the pain thy family had to go through because of his ancestor."

"Technically, you are also a human."

Seeing the look on Scarlet's face, Arth realized it would probably be in his best interests if he shut up.

Arth stroke the head of the basilisk and sighed.

"Why are Egle's so difficult and stubborn?"

The basilisk stared at Arth as if sympathizing with his pain.

Figures. The basilisk did have to stay with generations of Egle's.

Arth narrowed his eyes towards the direction where Nott disappeared to.

Based on the tone of the conversation that had just happened, Arth could figure that Scarlet and the heir of slytherin had a not to friendly relationship. He also suspected that the diary had something to do with the state of possession Theodore was in.

Arth pieced all the facts in his head and came to a realization that maybe it was the diary that was the heir of Slytherin. He recalled how Harry had told him that writing into the book was like speaking to an entirely independent person.

He then recalled how Nott looked in comparison to how he looked when Arth met him during the dueling club.

He looked pale and weak.

What could he do? How would he escape? What would help him survive?

Arth stood their thinking for some time before deciding that it would be best to tie himself up again and wait for someone to come save him. Or to die slowly in a dark and gloomy chamber. His options were limited.

The snake watched this with eyes of confusion, it had seen many people being dragged into the chamber of secrets throughout its life, however, it was the first time he had seen someone voluntarily tie himself back up.

After Arth finished tying himself up, he closed his eyes and went to sleep.


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