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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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94 Second Riddle

Arth couldn't help but sigh.

If all the things he said not to do, Lockhart just goes ahead and does it. Arth wasn't even sad, just very disappointed. Lockhart made Ron look like a smart man, and that was dying something as the only thing Ron could do without messing up was chess.

Not a very useful skill, especially when thinking about the future.

Arth glanced towards to see how Ron and Harry were faring.

Scarlet and Harry where still "fighting" while Ron has put down his will to fight and was sitting on the floor watching the rest of them fight.

Arth took it back, Ron was the most useless person he had ever known. At least Lockhart was useful as bait.

Arth ignored Ron and focused on the real battle.

The dark green basilisk still only had one eye, gladly, for Arth wasn't sure if the textbooks forgot to mention if basilisk's had regeneration or not. His parents were holding off quite well, even without their eyes or magic.

Arth was now beginning to doubt that his parents were normal, even among wizards.

Arth glanced at the pendant still stuck in the basilisk's eye and sighed. He tried casting another spell but it was still disabled. Arth frowned.

If this continued on, they were all going to die.

As if sent by the gods, Music started coming from somewhere. Everyone whirled around to stare down the empty Chamber.

The music was growing louder. It was eerie, spine-tingling, unearthly; it lifted the hair on Arth's scalp and made his heart feel as though it was swelling to twice its normal size.

Then, as the music reached such a pitch that Arth felt it vibrating inside his own ribs, flames erupted at the top of the nearest pillar.

A crimson bird the size of a swan had appeared, piping its weird music to the vaulted ceiling. It had a glittering golden tail as long as a peacock's and gleaming golden talons, which were gripping a ragged bundle.

It was Fawkes the Phoenix.

A second later, the bird was flying straight at Harry. It dropped the ragged thing it was carrying at his feet, then landed heavily on his shoulder. As it folded its great wings, Arth stared and saw it had a long, sharp golden beak and a beady black eye.

The bird stopped singing. It sat still and warm next to Harry's cheek, gazing steadily at the basilisk.

A patched, frayed, and dirty hat lay motionless at Harry's feet.

Arth raised an eyebrow.

"The sorting hat?"

The basilisk lunged, and Harry grabbed the hat.

There was a flash of silver and everything went still.

Harry had somehow obtained a sword and drove it to the hilt into the roof of the serpent's mouth. However he was bitten in the process.

"oh no." Groaned Arth as he ran towards Harry.

Basilisk's were poisonous.

One long, poisonous fang was sinking deeper and deeper into Harry's arm and it splintered as the basilisk keeled over sideways and fell, twitching, to the floor.

Harry slid down the wall. He gripped the fang that was spreading poison through his body and wrenched it out of his arm.

Arth grabbed Fawkes and ran over to Harry. He then took out the fang and held the Phoenix over the wound.

"I command you to cry."

Fawkes indignantly stared at Arth before crying.

Riddle has materialized once more.

"...Phoenix tears... I should have known. And the sword of Gryffindor. Oh how I underestimated Dumbledore."

Arth ignored him.

"However, it is too late, I have fully materialized. The world will shake in fear as Voldemort has risen once again-"



"Tenebris Confordere."


Magic was back.

Arth stood up and battled with Riddle. His parents watching on the sidelines unable to do anything as Arth and Riddle were fighting almost side to side.

"Expelliarmus-" Arth said.

However Riddle beat him to it.

Riddle pointed his wand beneath his school robes and blasted aa spell at Arth. Arth tried to protect himself however realized that he couldn't. He turned around and saw that Bask was still alive, taking away his magic from him one last time.

Arth was hit by the spell and got blasted back a couple meters. His father and mother immediately ran towards him concerned.

Riddle gave a laugh before twirling his wand once.

"Goodbye Arth. We will meet again. And you too Harry Potter."

With those words, Riddle warped away.

Seeing his concerned parents approach, Arth groaned.

"We are so fucked."


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