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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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96 Book 2 End

Ok, I need to get my shot together. I'm sure a lot of y'all can agree that Arth is not really staying in the shadows... so Here comes the reboot. Next book is a new beginning. Arth will be more invisible.



Arth and his parents, along with Ron, Harry and an unconscious Lockhart And Theo exited the Chamber of Secrets with the help of Scarlet.

They made their way through the hallways of the school and towards Dumbledore's office.

Along the way, many students stopped to look at the sight of the worn out (slightly bloody) group of people.

Some people saw Harry and started to whisper in a crazed frenzy. Then they would analyze each person in the group and whisper more.

Arth was spectacularly ignored. People slipped their eyes Right over to the next person whenever they glanced at Arth. He was glad of course, Arth had enough fame.

Finally, They made it to a large gargoyle standing still as a rock.

Arth yelled "Lemon Drop." And the gargoyle sprang suddenly to life and hopped aside as the wall behind him split in two.

They walked up the staircase and knocked twice before pushing the door open. Inside Dumbledore's office were three people talking heatedly at each other.

Dumbledore with his long white beard, Cornelius Fudge with his signature green bowler hat, and a pale blonde man who resembled Draco.

The blonde man was currently glaring at Dumbledore.

"So!" he said "You've come back. The governors suspended you, but you still saw fit to return to Hogwarts."

"Well, you see, Lucius," said Dumbledore, smiling serenely, "the other eleven governors contacted me the other day. It was something like being caught in a hailstorm of owls, to tell the truth. They'd heard that Maxwell Kingscrown's son had been killed and wanted me back here at once. They seemed to fear that Maxwell would... go wild. They seemed to think I was the best man for the job after all. Very strange tales they told me, too...Several of them seemed to think that you had threatened to curse their families if they didn't agree to suspend me in the first place."

Mr. Malfoy went even paler than usual, but his eyes were still slits of fury.

"So — have you stopped the attacks yet?" he sneered. "Have you caught the culprit?"

"We have," said Dumbledore, with a smile.

"Well?" said Mr. Malfoy sharply. "Who is it?"

Dumbledore shrugged.

"Why not ask the people who are standing in front of the door looking as though they had come out from a battle? They look like they might know a thing or two."

Lucius turned around and paled.

"Maxwell? Aria?"

Arth's father let out a smile, however, Arth could feel a tiny bit of murderous intent.

"Hello Lucius, how are you doing?"

"...great. Why are you here? This is a learning environment for children... and I'm pretty sure you two have exceeded the age of learning... if not putting account your mentality."

Arth's father scoffed.

"However my child was announced dead in the school. I presume as PARENTS I hold the right to investigate the matter myself. Do you disagree?"

"Although I can't argue, I do find it a bit... extreme to perform as you did. You caused severe damage to the school."

Arth's father smirked.

"Nothing that a few Galleons can't solve. Just like your... donations."

Lucius frowned.

"What are you implying Maxwell."

Arth's father shrugged.

"I don't know, maybe I'm saying that you should watch out. You forget that some people can out bribe you."

Lucius went pale.

Harry placed the dairy on the desk with a loud thud.

"This... is the cause of the attacks. A boy called Riddle was possessing others to open the chamber of secrets."

Dumbledore frowned.

"I see... I suspected... but to this point..."

Arth sighed.

"I doesn't even matter, the diary is useless now. Riddle escaped."

Lucius went even paler.

"We are leaving Dobby."

Arth, Harry, and Ron did a massive double take.

There was a small elf covered in bandages trailing behind the hem of Lucius's robes.

This could only mean one thing.

Arthur sent a glance at the back of Lucius's back before turning around to look at Harry.

Harry was also looking at Arth.

Apparently they had the same idea.

Harry ran off with the diary while taking off his sock. Arth watched him go with a slight smile.

The rest of the year went by fast.

There was a great feast, everyone who had been petrified was fed the mandrake potion and recovered to perfect health. Hermione cried while hugging Arth, Harry, and Ron. Gryffindor was awarded 100 points for saving Arth and Theodore, which put them in first place for the second year in a row.

Arth watched Harry, Ron, and Hermione get on the Hogwarts Express while he watched on with his parents.

Harry waved.

"See you next year Arth! And if you want, you can call me."

Arth smiled.

"Ok. Have fun."

Harry groaned.

"I don't even think that's possible."

Arth chuckled before giving Hermione a big hug.

"Enjoy yourself and don't get petrified again."

Hermione blushed before pinching Arth in the side.

"Don't get kidnaped by snakes."

"Ahahaha... I won't."

Arth felt something squeeze his arm in anger and let out a wry smile.

Luna came over and hugged Arth quickly before running away onto the train.

Lastly, Arth slapped Ron in the back.

"What was that for?" Ron scowled.

Arthur just smiled brightly.

"Get smarter."

As the train left Hogwarts, his mother grabbed his shoulder and whispered in his ear.

"So when will you introduce us to her? Is it the Egle girl? The brown hair? Blonde?"

Arth groaned.

Book 2 End.


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