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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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103 The Dementors

Arth exited the compartment with a raised eyebrow.

Dementors on the Hogwarts train? Why?

Arth frowned.

It must have been because of the recent news about Sirius Black escaping. It was to only thing that would make sense.

However, for dementors to appear on the Hogwarts train, it would mean that the Ministry suspected that Black would come to Hogwarts.

Arth was reminded of what his father said yesterday.

"The ministry is trying to protect Harry from Sirius. That would explain everything. Why Fudge was so lenient towards Harry for blowing up his aunt. Why they provided cars to Mr. Wesley. Why there were dementors on the train."

Scarlett slithered off his arm and transformed back into a girl.

"What are you talking about. And what is this unnerving feeling?"

Arth tilted his head.

"What unnatural feeling? Are you talking about the cold? Although it feels slightly chilly, it's not that bad."

Scarlett stared at Arth like he was a monster.

"Do you not feel as though happiness is being drained from your soul?"

"Not really."


Scarlett sighed.

Arth ignored her and continued to walk forward when he saw a hooded figure standing in his way.

Arth squinted his eyes before speaking in an uncertain voice.

"Is that you Alfred?"

The hooded figure trembled before turning around. Sure enough, it was a dementor. Alfred the Dementor.

The hooded figure immediately attempted to do a kneeling position which was weird to look at as Alfred was floating a good two inches off the train floor.

"M-My Lord! I was not aware of your presence! Please forgive my insolence!"

Arth sighed.

"Stand up, you look like you are about to trip on mid air. And didn't I not tell you to stop calling me Lord?"

"My Lord is our Lord."

"My god, I said don't call me lord!"

"Apologies, My Prince," Replied Albert while getting up from his pitiful bow.

Arth massaged his temples before asking Albert.

"Who else is here?"

"Dolorem, Sebastian, William, And a couple others, My Prince."

"How is the search for Sirius Black going?"

"How amazing! My Prince is too intelligent!"

"Shut up and answer me."

"The search is negative, My Prince. But do not worry, we will find him eventually."

Arth sighed.

"Alright, you are dismissed, and take everyone else off as well."

"Your wish is my command."

Albert gilded out of the train while calling out with a cold rattle like sound. Immediately, three other hooded figures appeared and glided off the bus.

Before they disappeared, they did a terrible little bow towards Arth, causing Arth to wince.

Arth turned around and saw a very uncomfortable looking Scarlett staring at him.

"...how can you stand being with that... thing? It felt as though the whole world was enveloped in a freezing darkness..."

Arth tilted his head.

"Was it really that bad?"

"...it was worse. I don't know how you can stand talking to them."

"They aren't that bad you know? Annoying yes, but bearable."

Arth recalled his very first trip to Azkaban. The dementors were at first quiet and shy, however, after a few days, the dementors wouldn't shut up around him. They would constantly pour praises, ask for rewards, and pester Arth all day and night.

It was very annoying.

Among them, they were four especially active dementors which were given the names Sebastian, Alfred, William, And Dolorem.

Respectably, these four were also the strongest Dementors in the prison.

They could make the other dementors obey and heed tot heir commands, they would also get first dibs on food.

Arth began to suspect that the reason for the sudden human like qualities of the dementors were because of his mana, as he would feed them some every time they did something good.

The more he gave him, the smarter and more talkative they got.

Arth made a mental note to himself.

Research the effects of feeding a dementor a Nature animagus's mana.

The lights came back on with a sudden pop and everyone could see once more.

Arth sighed before heading back to the compartment where his friends where waiting.

"I hope they are doing all right?"

Scarlett scoffed.

"Only a weird monster like you would be unfazed by those dementor things."

Arth ignored her and opened the door only to see a collapsed Harry on the floor.


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