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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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-2 That’s all

Sorry to say this isn't a chapter. It's more of a personal rant. I just wanted to say a few things.

Ok, so people have been bashing at me about the idea of fanfics or the meaning of a "fanfic".

Some say my novel is great, and for those who think that I thank you.

Some say my novel is trash and for those I say I hope you find a better book.

Some say that what I do here on Webnovel is trash and I should just stop and kill myself.

Some say that I am going against what a fanfic means.

That I am sticking to the original plot too much, or that the story is boring.

Let me state this one thing...


Yep that's it. Nothing really to say.

Ok jokes aside, what I really want to say is ok. It's fine to hate on me. It's fine to post bad reviews about my book.

Just please put the reason why you don't like it.

Ok, now to get back on topic, about my fanfic.

People say they want a fanfic that is different from the original book. Like a story that has a different plot line from the originals.

That's fine, people can create a fanfic that is almost entirely different from the original books.

However, I would rather create an original story than write a fanfic that deviates too much. It IS a fanfic, you can write a fanfic with a completely OG storyline but I would THINK that instead of writing that as a fanfic, it would be better to write it as an OG story.

I think that that way it would be more effective as a story and as a source of enjoyment.

As a writer of a fanfic, my personal goal is to ride on the feeling of nostalgia and introduce change in a slow manner. That way readers can enjoy the feeling of reminiscing of the old books while enjoying the new changes.

That is my goal as a fanfic writer and reader.

What I'm advocating for is a balance between changes and original.

Once again, I don't care whether or not you guys want me to go fucking die or stop writing. But when you guys give me good reason why my novel is shit, then I'll care.

Cause I'm going to finish the novel to the end, to the very last chapter. To the very final book.

For those who want to continue with me, then continue to read. Those who want to fall behind at leave, then go. Go search for a book that will make you want to follow it to the end.

That's it. That's all.


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