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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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108 Start of the third year


Draco has a stunned look on his face and glanced back at Crabbe and Goyle as if wanting confirmation on what had just happened.

Scarlett rolled her eyes again.

"I said can I slap this annoying person."

"S-surely you can't be talking about me?"

Scarlett frowned.

"Who else would I talk about?"

Malfoy started to stutter.

"B-But I'm in Slytherin just like you."

"So? What does the house we are in have anything to do with this? Why should I associate with an annoying person like you? Just because we are in the same house?"

"Y-Yes, that's how it is usually."

Scarlett held her head up high.

"Well I don't care, I'm going to talk to the people I want and not talk to the people I don't want to talk to."


"Shut up."

Malfoy was silenced immediately while looking lost and confused.

Shaking from trying to hold in his laughter, Arth got up and coughed.

"Well, I'm going to go to my house, see you later Scarlett."


Before Arth could go, Scarlett grabbed his sleeve, preventing him from going.

"Where do you think you are going?"

Arth raised an eyebrow.

"I'm going to my dorm, why?"

"Are you not going to stay with me?"

"I can't, we have different houses remember?"


Scarlett looked stunned.

"We have to be separated?"


Draco once more attempted to join in the conversation, but ultimately failed.

"That's right Scarlett, you belong with us-"

"I have to be in the same place as this annoying guy?"


At this point, Arth was beginning to feel truly sorry for Draco. Draco's feeling were being thrown around like an electron in an atom.

"Erm... yes?"

"I don't want that. I'm going to change houses right now."

"Scarlett, just go. You need to make new friends. Not every slytherin is Draco."

"Not everyone in that house is as arrogant and annoying like him?"

"Um... yeah."

"Ok, I'll give it a try."

Draco was on the verge of tears.

Arth hesitantly waves his hand.

"...well, I'm going to go. Have fun."

"Ok, bye Arth."

As Arth left, he could see Scarlett immediately throwing Draco a disgusted look before moving away from him. A couple slytherin girls immediately started to flock her which made her frown.

Arth sighed.

"Was it a good idea to let Scarlett by herself? Oh well, I guess everything will solve itself eventually."

Arth joined the Gryffindors streaming up the marble staircase, along more corridors, up more and more stairs, to the hidden entrance to Gryffindor Tower. A large portrait of a fat lady in a pink dress asked them, "Password?"

"Coming through, coming through!" Percy called from behind the crowd. "The new password's 'Fortuna Major'!"

"Oh no," said Neville Longbottom sadly. He always had trouble remembering the passwords.

Through the portrait hole and across the common room, the girls and boys divided toward their separate staircases. Arth climbed the spiral stair with until he reached his familiar, circular dormitory with its six four-poster beds.

Arthur took out a book from out of his back and started to read. Immediately, Corvus came from somewhere and landed on top of his head. He let out a sharp caw before nesting on his hair.

Soon, there was a loud ruckus and five boys came rushing in. It was Harry, Ron, Seamus, Dean, And Neville.

Arth sighed.

"Must you guys be so loud? I'm trying to read here."

"Oh come on Arth, you read all the time, you can afford to put one down."

"Yeah Arth. Come on."

Arth sighed and took out his wand. He flicked it once and the book in his hand immediately flew away and organized itself.

Arthur has gotten a new wand after what had happened last year when the slytherin quidditch team broke it. He pondered on whether or not to get a new wand but ultimately decided to get a new one after listening to Kingsley's advice.

Magic is easier to control with a wand.

"What are y'all planning on doing? It better be worth it cause you guys are making me stop at a very interesting point in my book."

"Just a card game or two... you want to join?"

"Sure... what game?"


"...be prepared to lose."

The six boys spent the rest of the night howling in laughter while playing card games in celebration for the start of a new year.


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