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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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"Good work, Harry!" roared Hagrid as everyone except Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle cheered.

"Okay, who else wants a go?"

Emboldened by Harry's success, the rest of the class climbed cautiously into the paddock. Hagrid untied the hippogriffs one by one, and soon people were bowing nervously, all over the paddock. Neville ran repeatedly backward from his, which didn't seem to want to bend its knees. Ron and Hermione practiced on the chestnut, while Harry and Arth watched.

Arth held in his laughter as Hagrid went over to Neville in an attempt to help Neville with his hippogriff.

On the opposite side, Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle had taken over Buckbeak. He had bowed to Malfoy, who was now patting his beak, looking disdainful.

"This is very easy," Malfoy drawled, loud enough for Arth to hear him. "I knew it must have been, if Potter could do it... I bet you're not dangerous at all, are you?" he said to the hippogriff. "Are you, you great ugly brute?"

Before Arth could even think, his body moved.

It happened in a flash of steely talons; Malfoy let out a high pitched scream and Arth ran into the the mix and tackled Malfoy away from the hippogriff.

However, Arth did not get away Scott free.

Arth felt a scorching pain on the left side of his face and winced. He was unable to open his eyes and realized that a hot red burning liquid was dripping down onto the floor.

Buckbeak seemed to understand what it had done and immediately calmed down with a nervous and worried caw. Malfoy lay curled in the grass, blood blossoming over his robes and Arth, standing unsteadily with blood dripping down his face.

"I'm dying!" Malfoy yelled as the class panicked. "I'm dying, look at me! It's killed me!"

"Yer not dead!" said Hagrid, who had gone very white. "Someone help me — gotta get him outta here —"


"Someone please shut his fucking mouth," Said Arth with a growl. "Fucking idiotic prick thinks it's alright to insult a hippogriff. Fuck."

Scarlett was the first person to rush towards Arth. She got out a handkerchief and attempted to stop the blood.

Arth winced.

"Don't. It hurts."

Scarlett put her hands down hesitantly.

Arth weakly chuckled.

"I should've done a shield spell first. What the fuck was I thinking?"

"Calm down Arth..."

Arth sighed.

"Sorry Scarlett, I'll calm down."

Hermione ran to hold open the gate before running back to Arth to help Scarlett carry Arth, Who was about to collapse from the pain.

Hagrid picked up Malfoy easily and carried him to the hospital wing with Arth, Hermione, and Scarlett in tow.

Arth started to weakly chuckle again.

"Hahaha, I'm bleeding... those talons are sharp."


"Did you see it? Just a slash and then I have three long gashes on my face. absolutely fascinating creatures."


"I feel a little lightheaded... I reckon I'm losing too much blood. If it isn't too much to ask, can you two girls to move a little faster?"

Their pace quickened and eventually reached the hospital wing.

There, a very angry Madam Pomfrey was going wild. she was yelling angrily while bandaging Arth's face.


Arth did another chuckle.

"Not his fault Madam Pomfrey... that blonde idiot was being an idiot... he disobeyed Hagrid... and intentionally attempted to cause trouble... I got hurt from trying to save his sorry ass."

Hermione started to cry while Scarlett was glaring at Malfoy with a murderous glare.

Madam Pomfrey but her lip.

"I...I guess if that is the case... it isn't Hagrid's fault in any way... cheer up Hagrid... And you boy Arthur.... here... take some pain relief medication."

Arth are the medication and immediately felt very sleepy. Hagrid was oddly silent.

He had to reassure him.

Arth did his best to turn his head around to face Hagrid.

"It's... not your... fault? Hagrid... I... loved... your... class..."

The last thing Arthur heard was the words from Madam Pomfrey's mouth.

"Eyes... they are one of the most delicate organs of the human... can I fix it? I do not know."


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