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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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124 First of the Four

Well a majority of people want an extra chapter so here it is.

Plus I get a break tmw

Y'all are going to hate me lol.



In the beginning, everything was darkness. Darkness and despair.

No sense of consciousness, no sense touch.

He just existed.


It was such a foreign word, something Alfred could never have though would be used to describe him.

And it was all because of him. The prince. His lord.

Alfred could remember the first day he was born into the world. It was nothing spectacular, nothing heart moving like the tales his Master would tell him.

He just did not exist in one moment and existed in the next.

He had no father or Mother like his master. He only had an instinct to feed.

Alfred could barely remember the old days before he had met his master.

Everything was in different shades of black and white, all he desired was the glowing white orb inside of humans.

He would later realize that this was referred to as the soul. The core of the body, the essence of life. And the part that made it delicate was called joy, Happiness, everything that had a relation to positivity.

Alfred recalled the first time he had met his master.

It started out normal.

He was floating around looking for anything to feast on when he saw him.

An orb blindingly glaring into his eyes. It took him a second to understand what was happening. Just what was this orb that seemingly wanted to burn out his sight? It was something entirely new to him.

However, even though it was something of the unknown, something inside of him felt unnaturally drawn towards it.

There was a feeling of hunger and desire, he wished to feast on the soul, and yet at the same time, he couldn't understand why it was so different.

He simply could not forcefully feed on his master. He couldn't. Later on, he realized that the reason why he was incapable of feasting on his master's happiness and joy was because his master simply had none. None what's so ever.

Although his master's soul shone with the most tempting colors, there was nothing he could actually do to satisfy his thirst.

There was despair, regret, fear, rejection, anger, self loathing, and truth. But no happiness, no joy.

There would be moments where his master would release short fits of positivity, however, it would quickly be drowned by the pain existing within his master's soul.

Alfred was still unable to think through it all, it was only in after thought did Alfred piece everything together. That his master was in a constant state of suffering.

Alfred would have never known. His master hid it well, in fact, his master seemed as though he was enjoying every moment of his life, an innocent child. In the end it was all a farce.

The first time he felt a sense of self, a sense of being alive and thinking, was the day his master walked up to four of them. Including him.

He had the realistic looking smile that was plastered onto his face and asked in a cheerful manner.

"Do you want to be fed?"

Of course, he didn't know what "fed" meant in those times, so he just blankly stared at his master. Watching, as they could not feast.

Then, suddenly, he was able to start feeding on his master. He could finally satisfy his thirst.

All it took was one bite. No even less. The moment his lips neared the blazing sun inside his master's body, he no longer felt the need to feast.

He was satisfied.

Later on, Alfred presumes that maybe the reason why Dementors lacked intelligence, why the sought out to feed on souls was because they were missing it.

Dementors has no souls, but his master helped him create one. That was what made him different from the rest of his kin.

For the first time in his memory, Alfred was able to see color, to feel objects, and to think.

He was able to be alive.

And that was why he respected his master.

His master gave him everything.

A mind.

A life.


A soul.

And that was why Alfred was proud to be his master's servant.

The first of his four loyal shadows.


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