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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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130 Morning in the Lake

I was very sad yesterday.

Almost didn't deliver the chapter today...


I would never.



On Halloween morning, Arth awoke earlier than the rest and went outside of the school after taking with him an extra spare of clothes. The dementors that were standing guard in front of the gates gave a slight nod and let him pass.

Arth then made his way down to the lake bank and proceeded to take off his top shirt before diving in.

Arth let out a small moan.

The near November weather had cooled the lake to a degree where the waters had become near freezing. Absolute euphoria.

"Are you seriously swimming in this weather? Are you sure you are human?"

Arth sighed.

"Oh stop exaggerating Dolorem. It's not like the water is below zero. It's just cold."

"Exactly, my lord is not so weak that a simple swim in the water would leave him weak in the knees."

"Shut the hell up Albert, I don't want to hear you sing a love song to the prince this early in the morning."

"You are just jealous of my loyalty and that I was the first."

Dolorem let out a snort.

"Why would I be jealous of someone who can only flop his mouth? It would be better if you were silent like Sebastian."

Sebastian gave a slight nod.

A very annoyed William clicked his tongue.

"Will you two shut up? You are very distracting, I can't focus and I'm pretty sure that the prince doesn't want to hear your banter. While we are on the subject, can you two please help me with the planning? We need to reclaim our honor and arguing does scant to help us reclaim it."

"Shut up nerd."

"That is a complement so I will gladly take it."

"It isn't so don't. You are a complete fanboy to the prince. You should stop stanning him cause you'll never be as smart as him."

"What did you say?"

"You are a wannabe."


"Stop it. You are sexually harassing me."


"It would be father because your daddy is the prince."


"...can you please not refer to me while verbally abusing each other?" Said Arth a little annoyed.

Of course he was ignored.

"IMMA F****** ***** **** ****** ********* ***!"

"Wow... you do realize that our prince is still a child."


Arth sighed and dived underneath the water.

Realistically, Arth wanted to say that the world underneath the surface of the lake was great, however, all he could see was blurry images of colorful fish and green seaweed.

The dissatisfaction of reality.

Arth took out his wand and casted a spell.

Of course it was wordless, he was underwater for heavens sake.

A clear transparent bubble formed around his head and made Arth look like he was wearing an upside down fishbowl.

However, he could now see.

Arth stared at the familiar underwater scenery and grinned.

The lake was about thirty meters deep and went even deeper the further he swam away from the shore. Arth was about to go back up to the surface when he saw long figure dithering his way.

It was the giant squid.

Arth waved his hand at the giant squid who waved back before swimming up to the surface.

Above the watery world, Dolorem and William were still fighting physically and verbally.

Arth sighed once more before getting out of the water and drying himself off with a towel.

"Hey Albert, I'm heading off to the showers. Have fun and tell these two to lay it off in a while."

"Yes my Prince."

Arth went into the school and walked up to the showers and cleaned himself off with warm water and soap.

He then went down to breakfast, feeling thoroughly refreshed.

There, Harry was being cheered up by Hermione and Ron who were for once being friendly to each other.

"We'll bring you lots of sweets back from Honeydukes," said Hermione, looking desperately sorry for him.

"Yeah, loads," said Ron.

"Yep, I'll be sure to get you a butter beer. My dad said they are delicious."

"Don't worry about me," said Harry in a obviously forced offhand voice, "I'll see you at the feast. Have a good time."

"See ya."


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