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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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136 Change in Plans

Arth woke up feeling something heavy on his arms.

When he looked down, he realized why. Scarlett had snuck into his sleeping bad and was sleeping soundly in his arms.

Just like usual.

Arth sighed before stroking Scarlett's hair gently causing Scarlett to let out a warm smile.

The sleeping bag probably had the ability to extend to fit whoever was in it. It was the only explanation as Arth didn't remember the sleeping bag to have enough room to fit two kids last night when he got into it.

"What are you doing Arth?"

Arth stopped stroking Scarlett's hair immediately and slowly looked up and gave an involuntary shiver.

Hermione was watching him and Scarlett with eyes filled with shock, hurt, and anger.

"W-Why is she sleeping with you Arth?"


"T-this is indecency! This is unacceptable!"

Arth started to sweat bullets.

"H-how dare you do something so indecent where everyone could see!"

Arth immediately put on his innocent face.

"Errr... I don't know what you are talking about Hermione? What is it exactly that you think is so indecent?"

Hermione raised her finger and shakily pointed it at Arth and Scarlett.

"Y-you two are sleeping together! You are sharing a sleeping bag! Is that not indecent or what!"

Arth gave his best attempt at making a confused face before answering.

"...but we're are siblings, aren't we? What is so wrong with sleeping together? What are you thinking of Hermione?"

Hermione went a deep shade of red.

"...I-I... erm... it's nothing... I was just... confused... sorry."

With those words, Hermione went back into her sleeping bag with a face as red as a tomato.

Arth let out a sigh of relief.

He dodged a very dangerous bullet there.

Arth felt a prickle on his back, as if someone was watching him. When he turned around, he discovered exactly who it was and his face immediately fell.

Draco was glaring at Arth as if Arth had just killed Draco's entire family right before Draco's eyes.

Arth sighed.

Why was he so unlucky?

The school talked of nothing but Sirius Black for the next few days. The theories about how he had entered the castle became wilder and wilder; Hannah Abbott, from Hufflepuff, spent much of their next Herbology class telling anyone who'd listen that Black could turn into a flowering shrub.

The Fat Lady's ripped canvas had been taken off the wall and replaced with the portrait of Sir Cadogan and his fat gray pony. Nobody was very happy about this. Sir Cadogan spent half his time challenging people to duels, and the rest thinking up ridiculously complicated passwords, which he changed at least twice a day.

"He's a complete lunatic," said Seamus Finnigan angrily to Percy. "Can't we get anyone else?"

"None of the other pictures wanted the job," said Percy. "Frightened of what happened to the Fat Lady. Sir Cadogan was the only one brave enough to volunteer."

Harry one evening came back from quidditch practice with a somber look.

"We're not playing Slytherin!" he told them, looking very angry. "Wood just told the entire team. We're playing Hufflepuff instead."

"Why?" Asked Ron.

"They said that Malfoy's arm's still injured," said Harry with a furious face.

Arth sighed.

"They probably just don't want to play in this weather. And honestly, I can't blame them." Said Arth giving a wry glance at the window.

It was raining pretty hard.

Hermione scoffed.

"How is he still complaining about his arm when Arth doesn't even complain about his eye? I don't get it. He is so petty and childish."

Arth patted Harry on the shoulder.

"Well, Rest In Peace Harry, And the best of luck." Said Arth while looking out the window. A particularly fierce lightning bolt had just struck the ground. "Cause... I think you need all the luck you need for this quidditch match."

Harry gave a small nod.

"You are probably right. In fact, I don't blame the Slytherins for dropping out... if our team had an excuse, we would probably do the same."


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