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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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149 True Vacation

Soon, it was time for the holidays and Arthur left Hermione, Ron, And Harry at Hogwarts and boarded the Hogwarts Train with Scarlett back to Kong's Cross. There, his parents picked him up and they went on vacation.

They first went to America where apparently his Father's cousin lived. Apparently in the America's, muggles were called no-mags discovered Arth after conversing with a young wizard.

One time, Arth was almost run over by a muggle motorcyclist who didn't see him walking on the street.

The poor dude was almost swallowed whole by a seven foot long Python that Scarlett summoned.

It was a lucky thing that Arth was very proficient in memory charms. He really didn't want to explain to the American ministry why they had set a snake on a muggle or no mag.

Next, they went to France, where his mother side of the family lived. He was allowed to visit Beauxbatons, the French version of Hogwarts, except a bit more... frenchy.

Of course, it was a pretty cool experience as most of the time people couldn't go to Beauxbatons unless they enrolled, apparently his grandmother on his mother's side was a lot more influential in France then he thought.

She was apparently a close friend of the headmistress of Beauxbatons. A very close friend.

Arth had to be be careful of the modeling agencies. For some very odd reason, anytime one of their agents caught a glimpse of him or Scarlett, they would come running with a fervent look in their eyes while speaking madly in French.

Arth knew just about enough French to understand what he was saying.

Stay away and run.

All the while he was out on vacation, Arth would still receive letters from Harry and Hermione.

Ron was never the letter type of guy.

Firstly, apparently Buckbeak the Hippogriff was getting a trial for being a "danger to society." According to the letter, it was something orchestrated by Draco Malfoy and his father.

What an asshole.

Secondly, Hermione wrote to him asking for advice on how to fix relationships.

Apparently Ron and Hermione got into another fight over Crookshanks and Scabbers.

If Arth had to be honest, he felt that the whole argument was pointless.

A cat will chase a rat. It was just the way of Nature. Plus, he felt that Scabbers was nearing his death day anyways. He did kinda look pale and scrawny even before Hermione bought Crookshanks.

Another surprising piece of news from Harry and Hermione was that someone had gifted Harry a Firebolt for his Christmas present. Arth raised an eye at this and wondered who could've sent it. However, he wasn't very worried.

It probably wasn't some sort of trap devised by Sirius Black to kill Harry. Just the thought of Sirius Black walking down Diagon Alley to buy a broom was incredulous to him.

And even if it was a gift from Sirius Black, Arthur wouldn't feel very worried.

The Ravenclaws were true to their nature and had somehow still managed to find time on trying to piece the one big complicated puzzle called Sirius Black together during the holidays. In fact, Arth would have a constant stream of letters that would arrive wherever he was.

Everything was getting clearer and clearer bit by bit. All they needed was solid evidence and a lot more piecing together.

Basically they were still nowhere.

Scarlett started to develop a very weird habit of staying as close to Arth as possible and would always have at least one finger in contact with Arth at all times.

She was always seen either curling around on Arth's arm in snake form or holding his hand tightly and staring down at all the girls who attempted to approach him.

A few days later, Arth received another letter from Hermione that was filled with tears.

Once again, there was trouble among the trio however this time it was Harry and Hermione.

Hermione apparently reported Harry's Firebolt to Professor McGonagall who in turn confiscated the broom much to Harry's outrage.

Arth couldn't really blame Hermione for being cautious. He would probably do the same for anything he received from an unknown person.

It wasn't because of the whole Sirius Black matter but just a simple use of common sense.

Soon, the holidays were coming to a close and it was time to return to Hogwarts.


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