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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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150 Dark Brown

Arth and Scarlett safely arrived at Hogwarts and split up on their own ways.

The first thing that Arth did was go to the Gryffindor common room to drop off his stuff. In the common room, Harry and Ron were playing a match of chess with dark looks plastered onto their faces.

With raised eyebrows, Arth asked, "Where is Hermione?"

Harry flat out ignored Arth's question while Ron darkly Replied.

"How should I know where that pet harmer and backstabbing traitor is? I think it's bloody great that I don't know where she is actually."

Arth couldn't help but sigh.

Children these days being sullen over a might be jinxed broomstick and a dying rat. How childish. It was for their safety as well.

Arthur went upstairs and placed all his stuff onto his bed before running back down.

"I'm going off to find Hermione."

Ron snarled venomously.

"Then stop yapping and go find your big mouth girlfriend. Tell her to keep her mouth shut won't ya?"

Arth frowned.

"Y'all should go easier on her you know? She was only thinking about the best."

"Sure, And Tell her it's perfectly fine to have her cat kill mine. In fact, say that I'm willing to hand over Scabbers for that ugly Fay's dinner."

Dumbfounded, Arth shook his head and left the common rooms slightly annoyed and disgusted.

What friends they were getting upset about minor things.

Arth gave a whistle and a very oversized crow appeared from thin air and perched on his shoulder.

Arth couldn't help but sigh.

It was as if the crow was being influenced by the dementors. It had certainly got down the dramatic entrance part well copied.

Corvus had now gotten to the size of a small eagle. However, it's attitude was still the same.

Arth softly stroked Corvus's beak as the bird closed its eyes and cawed in delight.

"Hey, Corvus, can you do me a favor and find Hermione for me?"

Corvus opened its eyes and let out a defiant caw and disappeared into the air.

A few moments later, Corvus appeared back onto his shoulder and cawed triumphantly.

"Did you find her?"

Corvus did a little head bob.

"Atta boy, go take me to the fair lady. And please take on a form that's a bit smaller."

Corvus cawed in response and took off flying, leading Arth. It had also listened to Arth and had magically shrunk its body to be one that of a normal crow.

Corvus took Arth outside the castle and towards Hagrid's hut.

Arth frowned when he got closer to the hut as he could hear the sound of sniffling and crying from a familiar voice. A very familiar voice.

Arth sighed.

"Those two boys are totally senseless when it comes to a girl's heart... can't imagine them ever getting married. Would be a miracle with their denseness."

Arth opened the door to the hut and immediately took a double take.

It was a lot worse that Arth thought.

Hermione was looking like an alcoholic with a severe case of depression and Hagrid was very nervously trying to calm her down.

By the look of Hagrid's pale face, it was obvious that he had absolutely no idea.


Even with all of his intelligence, Arth seemed to be unable to formulate a response for the situation.

Corvus let out a weak caw before disappearing into the air.

...Traitorous bird.

Hagrid seemed to brighten up at the sight of Arth and immediately stood up.

"Blimey Hermione, I need to go tend to the livestock. If yer need any more... support, I'm sure Arth would be glad to help."

"Err- wait- Hagrid-"

However, Hagrid had already run out the hut and made a dash towards the forbidden forest.

Arth started to wish that he was still out on vacation.


Hearing the broken hearted voice of Hermione, Arth couldn't help but feel a tang of pain in his chest.

She sounded as if she was shattered glass. She was broken and hurt. She was in pain.

Arth took a good look at her face.

Her eyes were hollow and the area around them had become puffy red, like all eyes do when they cry for too long and there were bit marks on the bottom of her lip. Some of the marks were bleeding. Her hair was disheveled and more messy than usual.

She looked like a broken doll. He couldn't leave her like this.

Arth took a long deep breath before sitting on the chair directly next to Hermione. He fixed his gaze onto her head and waited for her to move.

As if sensing his presence, Hermione stopped sobbing and slowly turned towards his face.

Arth could see the diamond like tears that slowly flowed from her cheek and dropped into the floor.

"Arth... I missed you."

Her voice radiated sadness and confusion, as though she was walking in a maze blindfolded without the ability to touch.

Arth could only do so much to relieve her sorrow.

"...yeah. I missed you too."

"I-It was a long Holiday wasn't it?"

Something about the way she looked at Arth unnerved him. Bothered him. Messed with his mind and soul.

"...yes it was."

Hermione slowly got up and moved towards where Arth was sitting. She swung one leg over Arth and sat on top of his lap while facing him. Their faces were barely touching and Arth stared into her pain filled brown eyes.

Tears started to fall from her eyes at a faster pace.

"D-did I really do something bad?"

She stared into his eyes as if she was clinging on to the last thread of hope.

"No... not at all."

Arth wanted to avert his gaze however he couldn't. He knew that if he did, it would bring more pain onto her already delicate mind.

"D-does Harry and Ron h-hate me?"

The Hermione in front of him was so different from the Hermione he had remembered when he left school. This Hermione was weak and needed a shoulder to cry on. This Hermione needed a friend.

Arth realized with a jolt that Hermione was practically friendless the entire Holidays.

And indescribable emotion took root in his chest and started to beat wildly.

She had decided to spend time at school for the few friends she had, and in the end, her trusted friends threw her away.

"...Of course not... they are just angry and immature. It's ok Hermione, everything is going to be alright."

Hermione gave a sniffle and wiped here face with the palms of her hand. However, her eyes would produce more that she could wipe away.

"D-did I make a mistake?"

Arth took a deep breath and hugged the back of her head tightly. Her head rested onto his chest and he could feel the ragged breath of Hermione beat onto his body. Arth gently led his hand down her hair as if caressing a newborn baby.

"Of course you didn't, you did the right thing."

Hermione gripped Arth's back and said nothing. She tried her best to muffle her sobs onto his clothes however, she was very inefficient.

She clenched Arth's back to the point where he started to feel pain however his face was void of any wincing. Only gentle care and warmth.

Arth sat there listening to the fractured voice of Hermione crying and gave her something to lean on.

For the first time ever, Arth hated Ron and Harry to the bone.


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