Heaven's Rival
1 Somethings are abrupt.
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Heaven's Rival
Author :8urnuls
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1 Somethings are abrupt.

The year was 2025 Russia and USA are at war with the US operating on Russian soil. At the base of a mountain in Russia, there was a rugged handsome man with a beard that gave off a mountain man vibe. He was wearing a US. snow camo gear that had been stained in blood, there was a visible name tag on the chest of the man that read Deus, John. He held a fire axe in his right hand, it was dripping with fresh blood gleaming in the sun. Within his left hand held a Beretta 45. with the slide back, clearly out of ammo. John knelt down and searched the pockets of his vest for a magazine only to find a single bullet in his front left trouser pocket. He put the last round in his chamber from the top. John stood up and glanced behind him and saw three corpses of Russian soldiers he had previously killed.

John took a glance at his axe, then swung the blood off the head, creating a dotted line of red blood on the white snow. He looked past the corpses and to a building on fire in the background which had been the house he slept in the previous night. He looked past the burning building and saw 2 BTR-152s approaching, he turned back around making a mad dash for the tree line. He ran to the back of a tree marked in red paint partially covered in snow and dug with his axe in the frozen ground, until he heard a deep thud.

After clearing the dirt quickly he opened the 150cm long wooden box and pulled out a Barrett M82 with 1 clip. He loads the rifle then dashed up the mountain into a vantage point, as he was running, the thin tree in front of him blasted in half. After hearing the booming sound coming from his left he guessed he was taking sniper fire so he ran further into the woods, after another boom he felt a searing pain in his left thigh but he hobbled behind a thicker tree. Still hearing the bangs and feeling the thuds of the tree as it was shot John shouldered the rifle to shoot from a crouched position he popped around the corner shooting in the direction he guessed the sniper would be and fired two consecutive shots then ran to another thick tree for cover. While he was running he heard another bang while he was taking a step with his left leg only to not make the step, as his leg had been torn in two from the previous shot. He crawled while growling in pain behind the tree, John reached behind his back to a pouch and pulled out a tourniquet and with a howl akin to a beast he tightened it. He then grabbed the Barrett and tried his hardest to calm down his breathing, after calming his breath he rolled over and quickly took aim in the direction of the sniper after spotting the sniper, while he did a split second search.

"Found you bastard!" After Johns excited remark he puled the trigger whilst aiming at a person who was laying down holding a rifle. There was a bang then half a second later the man with the rifle collapsed with a mist of blood covering the area around him. "I'll show you fuckers how a real man is supposed to fight!" John shouted at the BTRs after killing the sniper, after yelling John took aimed at the front most car and shot at its engine aiming dead-center of the engine. Bang, John took his first shot and smoke rolled out the engine of it, at first the smoke was white, then black, then caught fire. Four men jumped out of the first BTR and the second stopped moving then six men jumped out the second. John had began to take aim at a man holding a long-range rifle on the left side of the burning car, while grunting from the pain of both his legs, he breathed out and as he did he pulled the trigger. The gun shook as the bullet left the rifle, the bullet travel till it had hit the man in the head like a watermelon against oncoming traffic his head went everywhere. John's vision began to darken and limit he could tell he had lost too much blood, his eyes felt like there were weights on them. John shot at a vague figure in his vision, but the mag was empty and he only had one bullet left in his pistol. John thought, 'hahaha that's how its done.' His world faded and his body fell…...

After what seemed like an eternity of darkness a white gate, with two triangular holes on either side, appeared before John. On either side of the gate were two grim reapers dressed in black with tall devilish scythes, the reapers move their scythes into the triangular holes without a word. After a moment cranking sounds could be heard and the door split open.

"What is this bullshit?! Why all the silence, why can't reapers be happy or welcoming what shitty staff?!" John shouted out of ridicule.

John began to size up the reapers for a worst case scenario, however he had yet to notice his lack of limbs and that he was just a floating head and torso. As John began sizing the reapers up they both sharply snapped their heads to look back at him with their hollow eye sockets that gave off a large amount of murderous intent. John as a trained soldier previously, he immediately reacted and tried to put up a guard with his arm only to see they were gone, he began to panic. When the reapers sensed his panic their murderous intent calmed and they gestured for him to go through the gate which looked like blinding light.

After a second of adjusting his sight to the bright light he sees a tall curvaceous woman dressed in a long blue silk robe with a similar blue veil. She was standing next to a scale with a brilliant white feather on the left and nothing on the right leaving the scale unbalanced. Under the right side of the scale was a small demon which was releasing a blatant murderous aura. The reapers guided John in front of the woman who could only be described as beautiful, she reached her jade white hand to John's chest under the watchful gaze of the reapers. John started to feel a sense of panic as her beautiful hand got closer, and before he could react with a *puchi* sound her slender hand entered his chest and pulled out his beating heart.

thump, thump

"AHHHHGH!" John screamed like he was being torn in half.

thump, thump

As his heart was beating it began releasing a dense black miasma out of each valve. Under the veil the woman had a shocked expression. She moved the now fully black heart onto the scale's right side to weigh the sin. The heart like a truck shot straight down towards the demon, who now had large amounts of fear in it's eyes, and like a metric ton of bricks on a frog squished the demon into paste. Unbeknownst to John the woman's eyebrows slammed together.

"Wow I didn't know why that demon was here, but it was apparently for entertainment."

After John's wicked words aimed at the now meat paste, the three beings around him had a change of face. His death miasma covered heart flew into his chest closing the wound in his soul. They all looked at him as if they were looking at a demon, fresh out the flames of hell. The woman moved at a speed faster than light itself, she arrived in front of John before he could even gasp in shock. She extended her arm towards his throat, with his throat grasped and being squeezed like it was in a vice.

"Eegh, why? What did I do?" John barely whispered out his questions with the little air in his lungs.

"Why, what a joke you are clearly a devil in human skin. You ask why when your heart his stained by the souls of billions. You clearly stain this universe with your existence." The woman's voice was cold enough for actual ice crystals to form on John's soul. The ice was covering his soul like a blanket, however moments before his soul was snuffed from existence a warm voice resounded in the chamber.

"Likel, Please release his soul he is peculiar, in his life and death book he is a decent person and a loyal soldier in an Earth army. There are peculiarities surrounding this man I would like to take him with me to investigate further." A tall kind looking elderly man came down from the top of the chamber. His voice like a ray of sunshine after an eternity of darkness, releasing John from the soul consuming ice.

"I understand." The cold woman grunted reluctantly, however she still released John's soul from her grasp. After her hand left John's throat, the old man raised his hand beckoning John's soul. John felt like his whole body was out of his control and his body rose into the air with the old man. They continued to rise entering a hazy white area before appearing in front of a small office like room. The office like space was odd it had a standard wood desk with a black triangle name tag a small stack of paper on the right and a dark grim looking book with runic letter all over. The name on the tag read Aries. Behind and to the right of the desk was a filing cabinet that seemed to come out of the scene of a movie where the cabinet didn't end going back. Aries walked forward after stepping on the ground, and walked to his desk stopping in front of his chair.

"Come sit there is no need to be so slow there is nothing else here." Aries said he talked slow and calm. John scanned the room like he was searching for a trap, after confirming nothing was up did he finally walk to the wood and leather chair before he could sit John spoke.

"So you are the god of war?" John asked out of curiosity, as his image of Aries he had from movies began to crumble.

Aries chuckled as he could tell what John was thinking then replied, "I am but don't think to hard about it that is just an honorary title." Aries sat down and looked at John, Aries cracked a slight smile that made John feel he was again bathed in sunlight. Just then John felt his dark heart in his chest resonate with the rune covered book he began to hear the thumping of his heart but this time each thump felt like an angry beasts stomp.






"John! Listen when I speak!" Aries yelled extremely loud enough to break John's fixation on the book. John Looked at Aries with a puzzled look, however because Aries was now annoyed with John's previous behavior he was colder to him. "John Deus; 35, single, no children, soldier for the US. Armed Forces, rank Staff Sargent, hmm 2nd reincarnation. No information on your first life, weird." Aries squinted his eyes like he was trying to read between the lines to find out something about this John.

"I don't know if you are reading this out loud because you are an idiot, or because you think I am an idiot. Either way you look like an idiot." John's arms began to come back after he reached the office. He thought with his arms he could deal with this old man should he fight back. Contrary the old man only cracked a smile however within this kind looking smile contained a little. Aries thought what John said was funny a mere foul soul thought he could provoke a god such as himself.

"Haiz." Aries sighed then continued,"The ignorant are willful. Boy you are a soul not a real body I can torture you but you would never be able to scratch me let alone fight back. I have been watching you since your life and death book appeared in my filing cabinet." Aries was extremely curious about why there was no information on John's first life which should be recorded but was a blank chapter in his Life and death book. Unlike one would expect this does occasionally happen when a god decides to with hold the information in a life and death book, however this blank chapter is readable by anyone stronger than the god who withheld the information. The odd part was Aries was the second strongest in the heaven only lesser than Leo.

"Well Leo probably granted you a favor, anyway we will begin the reincarnation process." Aries waved his hand a screen appeared it contained a bunch of unreadable runes that were constantly changing, under the changing runes was a hand shaped hole.

"Place your hand here we will see what type of soul you have and some other small information." John decided to put his hand after making sure this wasn't revenge for what he said earlier. After placing his hand a red light wave expanded out with a deep BWONG momentarily leaving both John and Aries stunned. "What, how? Hero souls are orange, why is yours red?" Aries exclaimed after being stunned for half a second.

"Why are you asking me, isn't this your job?" John replied while wondering if this old fart was really an idiot. Just as fast as the light had came it disappeared leaving no trace. The characters on the screen now were readable and said.

John Deus

Soul type: deity

Hero points: 100

Strength: 9

Agility: 9

Wisdom: 8

vitality: 7

charisma: 3

Appearance: 6

skills: unknown

Magic known: none

John read the screen and thought, 'if this was a game my stats are trash'. On the screen were still strange runes hiding some information. "John it seems that you have managed to get 100 hero point while you were fighting before your death. I will explain how these are used, they are points used to unlock or level up your current skills or skills compatible with you. Unfortunately your skills are hidden by a higher being than myself so you could either save them for your next reincarnation or dump them blindly into your skills and leave it to fate. Please chose one."

"Put the points into my skills, I don't know if I will reincarnate again so might as well give myself an advantage." John replied while hoping he won't come to regret this later.

"Okay I will do it now." Aries didn't want to bother with this situation and just listened to John. He dragged the hero points, like the screen was a phone, and let go of them once they were over the skills. Once the hero points went into the skills with a flash of red John felt something happen to his soul like a lock on it had been released. With another flash of red coming from John covering the room in another red light like earlier, however this time neither John nor Aries could see anything but red. After the red light Aries ignored it as it could happen if a soul related skill were unlocked. Unbeknownst to either Aries or John the rune covered book disappeared.

Now that the hero points were used, in an insanely casual manner Aries felt slightly frustrated, as this was a rare event even for him as only heroes born to help worlds were able to gain hero points from doing deeds that helped the world they had lived on in a positive way. 'What's done is done' Aries thought feeling a little unsatisfied. "I will begin your reincarnation process first we will need your life and death book in order to seal your previous memories….. Huh?! Where did it go it was placed on my desk earlier!" Aries began to panic a little as this was an unprecedented event, he looked around and under his desk. While he was looking under a book slid out of John's chest it looked the same as the other book however it didn't have the runes on it.

"Ummm I have it I picked it up earlier, because I was curious what it said but I couldn't read it." John shamelessly lied because he knew the originals disappearance had to do with him. John held the similar black book and passed it to Aries who looked extremely dissatisfied.

"I will let this slide because I know of the curiosity of humans, however know that you no longer have a good relation with myself." Aries also lied because he now liked this man, because he was able to snatch the book in front of a god without him noticing, and now Aries was curious. Aries opened a drawer of the desk and pulled out a machine that had a rectangular slot and a hand print scanner. Aries placed the book in the rectangular slot. "John place your hand here and this will end your process. As you have a hero soul you will be sent to a world in need of a hero soul to balance the world." Aries spoke coldly to John to keep his charade alive.

John placed his hand into the hand hole, with a blue flash he felt a force of suction slowly getting stronger from behind him. He turned his head to look behind him only to see what looked like a tear through space. Inside this tear was a visible galaxy slowly closing in onto a single planet. "John I have no control of which continent you will be born on or your new family, we trust our selves to fate." The suction became too much for John to handle anymore, and he flew out the chair he was sitting in and flew into the space tear.

John was now free-falling in space plummeting towards that planet. John felt no cold or heat or wind as he was falling. "Holy shit! So this is how it stats, I'll take his advise and let fate do its thing." John closed his eyes as he began to plummet onward, suddenly like he was kick in his ribs he was throw in a new direction. John opened his eyes thinking something had gone wrong only to see a middle aged man in an off white coat holding himself.

"It's a boy Ma'am."


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