Heidi and the Lord
19 Stan, the butler- Part 1
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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19 Stan, the butler- Part 1

"Warren. Give me the envelope which the Duke sent with the girl," asked Lord Nicholas to his cousin. Putting down the glass which he was holding on the side table, taking hold of the letter, his dark eyes skimmed the words written on the paper, "Are you sure, she is the one Lord Wastell had spoken about?" he asked turning to Reuben.

"She is, why do you ask?" the old man replied the Lord of Bonelake.

"Just curious," the Lord replied with a soft smile on his lips, "We wouldn't want an imposter being sent to deceive us now, would we?"

"You are right to think that, but I assure you the girl comes from a fine family. You see," Reuben said grabbing the others attention in the room, "The girl who arrived here is the second daughter to Sir Simeon Curtis. They have nothing but praises for the girl from Duke Scathlok's family in Woville compared to the first daughter."

Reuben was well aware with that fact that it was the first daughter who was meant to marry into the Lawson's family but instead the second daughter had come in her place. He had received a letter a few days ago from the Lord of Woville stating about the sudden change of the sisters, not that it mattered after all they were siblings from the same house, how different were siblings from each other, he had thought. But after seeing the painted picture and the woman who just left the room, he noticed they had a stark contrast when it came to their appearance.

"With the description you gave, wasn't the girl supposed to be a beautiful damsel," the vampiress questioned him with narrowed eyes in suspicion.

"She is, milady. I believe it is because she is tired due to the journey that you feel that way. I am sure she will be in a much better state tomorrow," Reuben said adjusting his cloak.

"I hope she is," the woman replied, her rich painted lips were set in a grim line, "We are only trying to be helpful because Nicholas is my nephew. And also because you have offered to get the lands that are in Woville which connects the West Empire."

"I haven't forgotten it, Lady Lawson. As promised, you keep your end of the deal and I will keep mine. It is a very crucial peace treaty that will give a better future on our lands," the head council replied.

"It's rather late. I believe it would be for the best to call it a night. Excuse me," Lord Nicholas said with a smile before walking towards the double door and exiting from the drawing room.

Lord Nicholas walked on the white marbled floor, his footsteps echoing in the narrow corridor with every foot that met the floor. Two servants who stood at one end of the passage bowed their head seeing him come in to view. Not passing a glance to them, he headed straight to his room.

It was almost midnight, when someone knocked on his door.

"Come in, Stanley," Lord Nicholas answered the door, standing at the patio of his room.

"Good evening, milord," the butler came in with a maid pushing a two tier trolley that carried the Lord's meal.

The Lord, seeing his butler with the food spoke, "I am not in the mood to eat," his eyes moved away from the trolley back to the scenery for a few seconds before stepping back inside, "Though I am thirsty," he said going towards the bed and taking a seat at the edge of it.

Raising his hand, he waited until the maid placed her hand on his and he pulled her towards him swiftly, making the maid stagger next to him. Bringing the maid's hand to his lips, he opened his mouth and the young maid's skin broke under the pressure of fangs, as it sank in to draw warm blood into his mouth. Lord Nicholas' parents were pure-blooded vampires, turning him into one while he was born into the highest social class of the society with a strong lineage of pure-blooded vampires. He usually preferred to have the blood directly than from a container which he wasn't fond of. Taking the necessary amount of blood from the maid, he retraced back his fangs and moving away to lick his bloodied lips clean.

The maid bowing her head, took back the trolley which she had got on the butlers order.

"Has everyone gone to sleep?" Lord Nicholas asked his butler while he dabbed the corner of his lips with his finger to make sure there was no hint of blood.

"Everyone, except for Lady Lawson. I saw her step into her room when I was heading up here. Would you want me to observe her?" Stanley, the butler asked his Lord waiting for his word so that he could get on the job right this instant.

"That wouldn't be necessary. Unless she is stealing your apples from the orchard, it should be fine for now," Lord Nicholas chuckled seeing his butler's eyes widen before it narrowed at the mention of the butlers beloved apples he had grown in the mansion.

Everyone who worked in the mansion was well aware with the fact that the butler treated the orchard as his child. Stanley or Stan as he went by had been the one to put seeds and nurture the trees under his care. He didn't mind if the apples were to rot but he wouldn't let anyone touch or eat them save for the Lord and himself.

Not few months ago when Lady Venetia Lawson had picked the fully bored fruit from the tree, the butler had a close heart attack seeing her tear the fruit away with her. It didn't take much time before he began glaring daggers whenever she was around and Lord Nicholas had to intervene asking his relative to avoid picking the apples as they were poisonous knowing the love his butler had towards the orchard to avoid any further explanation on the matter.

"Talking about apples, did the girl settle in?" Lord Nicholas asked nonchalantly, picking a glass of water at the night stand.

"The young Ms.? She did. I sent a maid to help her if she needed anything along with her dinner."

"I see," Lord Nicholas hummed bringing his finger above the glass and tearing the skin of his index finger with his thumb nail to see a drop of blood fall in the clear liquid before it mixed itself in the water.

"Are Mr Warren and the lady going to marry?"

"He is. Why?" Seeing his Lord give him a side look before continuing to speak, "Warren is still young and having him to marry the woman is a profitable outcome to us."

"Do you mean by the seats of the council?" the butler asked him curiously.

"That's right. It is not only the Lawson family that is going to be credited, the head council has already decided their marriage and in bargain Warren and Aunt Venetia will be getting land property while I will get two seats in the council which will make it much easier to handle matters in the future. It will be a win win situation," seeing his butler with a conflicted look on his face he spoke, "Seems like you have something to say. Out with it."

"Milord, forgive me to say this but I think the lady looks unhappy with the marriage," the butler spoke carefully.

"And what makes you think that?" Lord Nicholas raised one of his perfect brow in question.

If it was someone else Nicholas wouldn't think twice before snapping the person's arm but Stanley was his loyal butler who had his own mind with good intention towards him only, after all he worked for him. The half vampire had worked for him for few decades now and he had hired him knowing well of how useful the man was when it came to his quick wit to work with the people in the mansion alongside his observation of people and reporting back to him.

The butler pursed his lips and then said, "For a lady from a high family, she was fidgeting a lot more than required, milord. I apologize," he bowed his head, "I must have overthought of her reaction."

"Hmm. We don't have to concern ourselves with her, Stanley. It is not ours but Warren's job now to win over the lady before the marriage takes place. It is for the very reason, the girl has been brought here to familiarize herself with the people," the Lord spoke in a soft tone but his words were clear and firm, rebuking no more thoughts, "And regarding your worry about her possible unhappiness I am sure you can sway her in the right direction to make sure she fulfills her part of the agreement on the truce."

"Yes, milord," the butler replied obediently before he was dismissed for the night.
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    《Heidi and the Lord》