Heidi and the Lord
23 Naive child- Part 1
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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23 Naive child- Part 1

"A little more work on the bridge there should make it better. I have to say, you are doing a tremendous job Lord Nicholas," the head council praised the Bonelake Lord, "I expect nothing less from you."

"Thank you Reuben, your words are very much appreciated. This was the only fix we found after all going through the roads is very time consuming. You didn't tell me what you thought about the Countess' suggestion on the council's redistribution."

"I will have to give it some extra thought before holding the council's meeting to talk about it. Actually, I have been thinking about it for sometime. What are your thoughts on it?" Reuben, the head council asked the Lord.

"If you are considering my opinion I would say it is a brilliant idea. If we have the quarters of the council set in all the empires, it should make he council's job easier too," Lord Nicholas replied getting in the main hall and handing his cloak to the maid who was standing at the door.

"I am fine," said Reuben when the maid was about to take his jacket.

"Aren't you going to stay for the night?" Lord Nicholas inquired the man.

"I have stayed longer than I intended to and I have business with Lord Wastell," the man said referring to the North empire's Lord.

"Ah, I see. You did say you would visit him to close the agreement when the girl begins to live here," the Lord smiled to see the man nod his head.

"That's right. It isn't official therefore spreading the word to the people when Ms Curtis and Mr. Lawson aren't engaged wouldn't be right," a furrow had formed between the head council's brows which wasn't anything new as he usually carried it with him most of the times. He then halted his steps to turn towards the Lord with a serious look, "The truce is very important not just for the East and the North empire but also because it will also set an example for the other two."

Lord Nicholas smiled hearing him mention the other two Empires. None of them were perfect and everyone were trying to suppress the other to come in power, and here was the head council wanting to bring peace over the lands. He had nothing against the Lord Woville but it was the people from there who were causing friction. He had let it slide once but he was no fool to sit idle when the matters he which concerned him was getting sabotaged. Valeria and Mythweald was a whole different talk, which confused him because for some reason Lord Norman was too fixated on the Valerian Lord and the thought itself made him chuckle.

The old man gave him a questioning look to which he then spoke, "Please be worry free. I will take extra care to see this one doesn't fall out," he guaranteed the man.

"I know this is not suitable for you lordship-"

"Please Reuben. If it concerns the need to fix relationship between the empires I will be more than happy to assist you."

The head council exhaled, "Thank you, Lord Nicholas. The girl seemed a little nervous. I hope she can get along with your aunt."

"They will get along fine and who isn't nervous on their first meetings," Lord Nicholas stated, continuing to walk across the floor.

"True," Reuben agreed when he saw both Warren and Ms. Curtis in view.

"I see both of you are back earlier than mentioned. Did my cousin tire you with the tour Ms. Curtis?" Lord Nicholas asked Heidi but before she could answer him, Warren spoke.

"Actually we ran into something in the town and decided to head back to the mansion. And it wouldn't be possible to cover Bonelake in an entire day," Warren said before going to where the Lord stood and whispered something next to his ear which neither Heidi nor the head council heard.

Heidi caught the Lord look at her when Warren finished talking and she wondered what Warren had told him for his eyes to meet hers. In the mean time, the head council spoke to a maid to get his belongings from the guest room. Once the maid had brought Reuben's luggage, the old man bowed his head to everyone and left the mansion in the carriage he had arrived in.

Heidi had excused herself from the hall to go back to her room. She sat at the window sill looking outside at the forest covered land. The fear had once again surfaced after encountering what happened in the town when she was with Warren. It seemed that life was not going to give her a rest and thinking about it she closed her eyes, letting a small tear slip past one of her eye and she quickly wiped it away hearing the knock on the door.

"Come in," It was the butler who had come with a tray in his hand.

"Would you like to have some tea madame?" He asked her and she shook her head.

"I think I am fine but thank you for asking, Stanley," she said putting up a smile on her face but the butler looked past it and he stepped into the room.

"I make the best tea, Ms. Curtis," he said proudly setting the tray down on the small table, "You will feel much better once you drink it," he poured the milk after adding the tea leaves in the cup.

"You are imposing for a butler," said Heidi with a soft smile on her lips when he passed the tea cup to her.

"I have been said that Ms. It is one of my few good qualities along with my tea making," he retorted. It was then that she remembered Lord Nicholas' words when they had first met.

"I didn't know human medicines worked on vampires."

"They don't."

"They don't? Why are you using them then?" She asked him confused.

"Let's just say that my butler experimented something with my drink this noon to make me seem more human."

She wasn't sure if the butler had added something in her drink as he had insisted on making sure she drank it. The butler had not spared his Lord why would he not try experimenting something on a mere guest? Was it safe to drink? she thought to herself worried. Careful and cautiously she took a sip from the warm cup and it looked the tea was safe. She hummed finishing it in one go and seeing the butler's disbelief look on his face she chuckled.

"I am sorry, the tea was too delicious that I couldn't resist taking it in sips."

Stanley, the butler who had been looking at the woman smiled at her words. If it was another woman he wouldn't have bothered to barge into the room but when he had opened the door, there was a sad expression on her face before it was replaced with a bright smile. He still doubted if the girl really was from an elite family. He hadn't missed the her stiff form when his Lord had asked her to eat. May be the council members had picked an average family for Mr. Lawson to be married but Mrs. Lawson, his mother wouldn't allow something like that as she preferred to have herself associated with only elites. Or may be the girl was brought up with humble upbringings.

"Could I trouble you for something?" he heard her ask him.

"Of course, milday," he readily replied and then he remembered something, "Is it about the church? I can ask one of the coachman to prepare when you need to go visit."

"Thank you so much but ah-I was wondering if you could tell me where the clock tower is in the mansion?"

"Clock tower?" she nodded her head, "You will find it if you go to the second floor and then take the stairs which is at the far end. Would you want me to show it?"

"No that will be alright. I will find my way there," she replied. Once the butler left, she made her way towards the clock tower.
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    《Heidi and the Lord》