Heidi and the Lord
24 Naive child- Part 2
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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24 Naive child- Part 2

As it was past evening, she took the lantern that was hanging near by her room with her. The way was dark and unused, no maids or servants were seen as she held the lantern high with one hand and the other held the front of her dress. Finally when she did get up to the clock tower, the strong wind faltered the light even though it was shielded in a cylindrical glass. Lowering the lantern on the ground she looked back up to see the beautiful scenery of the land of Bonelake. Even with the darkness now dulling it, it still looked beautiful and the wind added the unknown calmness in her mind now which hadn't settled before.

It wasn't an open tower but had a roof above made of stones and pillars to protect around the area. She stood in the opposite direction in which the wind blew, the hair that she had tied was now coming undone with few strands loosening itself and a smile graced her lips. It was as if she was only one in this entire world and nothing else mattered. Her worries and anxiety washed away with every passing second. It was quiet and peaceful here and she agreed to herself that this was one of her favorite place.

Wondering where the clock was, she tried peeping her head out of the wide pillar while gripping both her hand at the edges. Not able to find it, she sat down at the edge to continue to stare at the vast number of trees until she felt her eyes close involuntarily. The next time when Heidi woke up from her unexpected nap, she felt her body sway to its side and opening her eyes, her heart leaped out of her chest feeling she was about to fall down from the tower but before her body could loose balance someone caught her.

"What were you trying to do?" came the slightly irritated voice of Lord Nicholas.

Heidi was still in shock to be able to form a proper word. Goosebumps had formed all over her skin in fear of her falling down from the high tower.

"Which half-witted sleeps in a place like this?" she felt Lord Nicholas' to be in a mood, not that she could blamed him. When she had closed her eyes she hadn't meant to fall asleep. His usual red eyes had turned dark as he continued to look at her with a sharp gaze.

"I apologize for not being careful. I must have been tired and didn't realize I fell asleep," his eyes softened but his expression continued to stay grim and she continued to speak, "There's no clock here."

"I had it taken out from below," he showed his thumb behind him, "It's a noisy device that used to strike every which was pleasant to hear. And why would a vampire need a clock when time is limitless and we have a pocket watch in hour pocket," he tapped his hand over his vest pocket.

"It is still hard for me to digest that you are a Lord. I wouldn't have guessed it in years."

"Why? Is it that hard to believe?" he asked going to take a seat next to her. Heidi had instead chosen to lean over the full length of wall than sit now after her almost fall.

"No like that. I mean, you were strolling in the streets and some of them were chasing you and..always strolling. Is being a Lord that easy?"

"May be, may be not. And it was only once you found me strolling. The woods was a job."

"Job?" She asked her eyebrows furrowed, "Wait. You knew the witches were going to attack that night," she confronted him and saw him make no effort in denying it, "Why didn't you tell us?"

"Because it wasn't mine to tell," were his simple words.

"You tell it as if it is a secret when actually it would have saved the lives of the people who were abducted. You didn't-"

"And how do you know that if they are alive or not, Ms Curtis? Have you sided with the witches that you know about the captives state of health?" he raised his dark brow at her, "It is easy to accuse. Like I said it wasn't my responsibility to tell and I wasn't on official work. Your Lord is unaware with the fact that there are some humans who have sided with the witches to bargain lives and it isn't uncommon. To save one's neck they will serve another and you shouldn't be surprised if you find yourself in such situations but don't worry. As you are under my care I won't let any harm come upon you as promised to the council."

Still a word would have been helpful, she said it in her mind and he smiled looking at her.

"We don't seem to agree," he said in mirth.

"I don't."

"That's alright, you naive little child. You will understand why and what soon enough," she narrowed her brown eyes at his words for her. She opened her mouth to retort back but then shut it not wanting to pointlessly argue with him, "You seem quieter than the first time I met you. And here I thought I would enjoy a spit fire's company," he commented.

"I am not a joker here to entertain you, Lord Nicholas," she sighed internally, turning away her gaze from him.

"I hope you don't mind me calling you by your first name, after all we are going to be family now, Heidi," she didn't know why he was asking her when he was already calling her by her name, "So...I heart that you came here to fill in someone else' place. Is that so?" he asked her with a charming smile and she felt her lips tighten.

She wasn't sure if she was meant to reveal the truth. And if he did know, up to what extent was he aware of the situation? Had someone told him about her coming in place of her sister?

"Don't worry I won't tell it to anyone," he coaxed her with a gentle voice.

"I was sent in my sister's place," she answered.

"And why is that so? There can only be two answers to it. One, because he wants a good future for you, or two because he is loves your sister more than you and he would rather send you to deal with the vampires than her. So which one is it?" he asked hitting the bull's eye.

"It's neither of it," Heidi replied calmly, "My sister has grown up with fear for the-vampires. And my father thought it would be better to have me go in her place."

"That seems believable," he murmured which the girl failed to catch.

Truth was that Lord Nicholas hadn't heard about the replacement from anyone, it was merely a hunch which he wanted to clear. Not that it mattered which sister from the Curtis family came here after all what mattered to him was the seats in the council and the negotiations that came after the truce was completed.

He looked at her standing with her face turned towards the open space, eyes set straight as her hair moved back and forth like waves of sea. He saw her catch a piece of hair and tuck behind her ear for it to only blow again. As though feeling his gaze on her she turned to see him in silence.

"Are you also helping the council to catch the witches?" she asked.

"Something like that."

"The day we first met. I saw some of them drag a man. Was he a vampire?" she took one step back to stand behind the wide pillar to avoid the wind.

"My. I should ask Reuben to get you a spot in the research department in the council. You will do well with your enthusiasm, in place where your business doesn't lie." Even with the smile on the Lord's face, Heidi was sure it wasn't a compliment. "He was a half vampire. You must already know that humans aren't fond of vampires. I received word of whisper from someone that half vampires are under danger in the North Empire in certain places. There are some humans who have joined together to eliminate half vampires and vampires slowly without anyone's notice. Of course it isn't easy to catch hold of a vampire and therefore they are going after the half vampires. It was for the very same reason why I visited your town. It is no safe place for a vampire family. The Lord can try all he wants but there are always people who will try to rebel it and I take part in discarding those kind of people. Does that answer your question?"

Heidi nodded her head. Had the humans not noticed that it was the Lord who they were chasing? And she then realized he was wearing a hooded cloak that night which covered his face. Lord Nicholas stood up from where he was and he did nothing to prevent his brown hair from turning into a disheveled mess.

"Let's get inside before it starts raining," he said placing both his hands in his trouser pockets.

"But the sky looks clear," Heidi said following him.

"Bonelake is well known for its unusual rain."

That night as predicted, she was woken up by a loud thunder and heavy rain. The sky lightened up every time lightning struck the sky followed by the thunderous sound of clouds. Too tired to stay awake she had gone back to sleep in the comfortable bed.
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    《Heidi and the Lord》