Heidi and the Lord
26 Soul bond- Part 2
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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26 Soul bond- Part 2

"I will have to be careful then," Warren then turned to speak to her, "The person who has invited us is celebrating his newly wed wife's birthday. Like you she is a human too with a humble upbringing. She is a lovely lady whom you might like," he said.

"It would be better for you to keep your thoughts to yourself with the man himself," Lord Nicholas informed her, "Mr. Meyers dislikes, actually despises humans and like every exception, he can only stand one human which is his beloved wife. Fortunately or unfortunately for him it was a love at first sight and by the time he knew he had made a soul bond."

"Soul bond?" Heidi asked curious.

"It is a rare bond vampires place on the partners," she saw Lord Nicholas tap his index finger on the side of his neck. Heidi had never heard of such a thing until today, "Once the soul bond is placed there is no going back," she didn't know why but the way the Lord said with his dark eyes boring into hers gave her a thought of life time imprisonment.

"What he means to say is, when a vampire or a vampiress find their partner they would like to spend the rest of their life with the bite the neck to link their life. If one of them dies, another will soon follow. You will live and die together," Warren concluded.

So it was something similar to a marriage, thought Heidi, except for the death part. She wondered if she would receive the soul bond from Warren after they would get married and as though reading her thoughts, she heard Lord Nicholas say,

"Soul bonds are very unique and you can't give it to anyone you want. It can take place only if the person is in love. You won't find many though."

"Because vampire's don't fall in love like humans," said Heidi making the Lord smile at her.

"That's right," and he then said, "You will catch up to the vampire decorum and life style in no time after few classes."

The carriage had only come to a stop and when the coachman opened the door Heidi voiced her confusion over the Lord's words,


The Lord had gone ahead, stepping inside the mansion while leaving the couple behind.

"I had the Lord assign you an educator when it comes to understanding the vampire world," said Warren walking next to her, "We are well aware about your education and there's nothing to be ashamed of as not many find it appealing and I believe your interest lies in cooking and making the house better."

Surely those things weren't about her but her family especially her father hadn't known that her mother had taught her like any other children when she found time. To her father, she was an illiterate orphan when it came to books and education something he felt wasn't required when it came to her. Giving him the benefit of doubt she decided to keep her lips sealed. And it was much better to learn something than sit and do nothing in the mansion.

"Cooking and cleaning wouldn't be necessary as we already have plenty of servants and maids for it. Learning a thing or two can be helpful when we visit others and you wouldn't have to worry of being left behind during conversations," said Warren.

"Thank you for being thoughtful about it," she saw him smile.

"We aren't engaged but we will be soon, the sooner the better it is," he said handing his coat to the servant before stepping inside the hall with her.

It was a grand hall, lights that burned luminously on the walls and the also from the large chandelier that hung at the center of the ceiling. Few of the guests had already arrived and the way they spoke, saw and moved was enough for her to know that these were the high class vampires, vampires with eyes bright red and few darker but not as dark as the Lord's eyes. Heidi had never been out like this or her family had never been invited to such places, as awkward it was, she tried keeping up a straight face as she greeted people politely whom Warren spoke to and none of them had kind eyes. The vampires here could no where be defined as kind, thought Heidi to herself. Though none of them spoke out, there was an evident glint of distaste in their eyes but the words that came through their mouth was sweet.

It was clear that the vampires respected their Lord who was now smiling, talking to the maid who had been serving drinks. The maid blushed looking down at something he said and her eyes widened when he lifted his hand up to push the maid's hair back. He was charming the maid and the maid was getting charmed which none of them noticed or didn't bother about it. When the maid left his side to tend to other guests an other woman came who was petite in figure, her dainty looking face trying to hold the attention of the lord which he indulged by humoring her.

It seemed that he didn't mind what others thought about him because he knew well about his status and title in the empire, and it wasn't the first time she had caught him charming a woman with that tricksters smile on his lips. Shaking her head she sighed gathering Warren and the mans attention who had come to speak to them.

She bit the side of her cheek, scolding herself for getting distracted.

"Is everything alright, Ms Curtis?" the man asked and she was quick to place a smile on her lips.

"Ah-yes. you could excuse me for few minutes," she bowed her head, happy that Warren didn't stop to question where she was going she stepped out of the hall to look at the mansion.

When she was finally away from everyone she finally took a deep breath before releasing it. The dress was getting uncomfortable and she didn't know know for how long she could go on with it. The butler had said they would be spending time here for two to three hours but now she wasn't sure if she could go on like this, her breathing felt shallower and a light headache had begun to form at the back of her head.

The women present here were nothing but beautiful, one after another and it made her question if it was due to the vampire blood. But then she thought about the half vampires and vampires who lived in her town who looked nothing like the women here. No it wasn't the vampire blood but it was the money. Trying to adjust her dress discreetly when a maid passed by, she walked through the long corridor, one side that was covered with the wall while the other exposed the beautiful little garden inside the mansion which was met by a tall wall again. The mansion wasn't as big as the one the Lord of Bonelake owned, few of the corridors short and the expanse of the garden outside the mansion building was limited due to the fencing. Being the curious young woman she was, she placed her foot on the stair but before she could take another she heard a woman humming a sweet yet sad tune. Getting her feet back on the ground she followed where the humming was coming from to see a woman sitting on the windowless surface.
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    《Heidi and the Lord》