Heidi and the Lord
31 Enslavement- Part 2
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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31 Enslavement- Part 2

Lord Nicholas who had taken a seat with his legs crossed, one over the other, he looked at the woman with his lips pulled up faintly, finding it amusing as she got flustered with every passing second. It didn't take him time to understand that she wasn't used to this kind of environment.

There was also something else that he noticed while looking at Heidi with bored eyes even though it was otherwise. At first he had thought it was because the woman had a modest nature who liked to cover her body but then he observed that the dresses that had bared shoulders were ignored or kept to the side quickly when it was brought to her. She would pick one of the dress out of interest and interestingly she would give it back after realizing it had more skin to bare on her shoulders or on her back.

"Madame, why don't you try these. You won't be able to decide unless you try them,"


"Yes, milady," the owner spoke politely to Heidi, ushering her towards the large curtained booth which was in the same room Lord Nicholas and the others were.

"Ah-" she began to only be interrupted.

"We will be waiting on the other side. I'll let you change now and in the mean time let me get the tailor here to see if the dresses will require any fitting," and with that the owner of the shop left her side.

With a soft sigh, she pulled the curtain, making sure there were no gaps. She had never gone to shops before so she wasn't sure if this was the normal routine for the elites when it came to buying clothes. Deciding to go with the flow, she took off the dress she was wearing before she wore the one she had brought along with her.

Stepping out she came to stand in front of them.

"Oh, it fits," slipped a sarcastic remark from one of the staff member to which the owner gave a sharp look making the young woman close her mouth immediately. Heidi was glad herself that the dress fit her because she wasn't as thin as anyone female in this room. She had been worried herself but she was glad that it fit her.

The owner then cleared her throat to speak, "I don't think this one will need any alterations, Ms. Curtis. Why not try the rest," she asked and Heidi nodded, giving a glance towards the Lord who was talking to a female staff, she then turned around to go back to the closed curtain. Lord Nicholas was surely popular among the female population, thought Heidi. She repeated the process of changing dresses, showing it to the owner and going back which had made the skin around her neck red due to the friction that was caused by the fabric. In between she found the Lord missing from his seat. When she was finally done wearing all the dresses that were picked she heard the owners voice on the other side.

"Ms. Curtis. Lord Nicholas would like you to try this one," the owner spoke, her voice a little uneven.

"Thank you," outstretching her hands to look at it, she found that it was actually a simple dress, the top was white with a puffed shoulder sleeve and from the high waist to the floor blue in color with two layers at the bottom. To her relief the neckline went up to the collar. Once she was done, she ran her hand over the skirt which was soft as a feather. When she came out, Lord Nicholas was back in his seat and when he looked at her, a pleased look was replaced on his face. His deep, stained red eyes looked at her, taking in the dress she wore until his eyes settled on her face which had turned a little red.

"What do you think, Sibyl darling?" Lord Nicholas asked getting up from his seat to come and stand in front of Heidi.

"I think she looks lovely, milord," Sibyl replied, both her hands holding each other with an anxious look on her face.

"Doesn't she," he spoke to no one in particular whilst he looked at Heidi, her brown doe like eyes looking up at him.

She didn't know what the Lord was playing at but the look he was giving her was making her chest feel unsettled. In the beginning her eyes had darted at the other people in the room when he had spoken, her eyes had snapped to look at him. When he took a step forward, she finally broke away her gaze before she would catch into flames.

She could still feel his eyes when spoke to the butler, "Stanley, please get the other items I have asked for and get the carriage ready," he then spoke to her usual soft voice, "Shall we leave, milady? You don't need to change again."

The Lord uttered a few pleasantries with the owner before they exited the shop.

"Where are we going?" she asked him curious when the Lord took her to another street.

"A short sight seeing."
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    《Heidi and the Lord》