Heidi and the Lord
34 Tea time- Part 2
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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34 Tea time- Part 2

After the lady had retired to bed he had gone to make few more rounds before heading to his own room. Sleep wasn't a friend of his and with the years that he had spent as a half vampire, he had spent his time looking after his lord and the mansion.

'What about your mother?'

Being the butler, none of the guests or servants in the mansion had tried to indulge him with personnel questions and even if they did he would smoothly avoid it. As interested as he was when it came to prying into others lives that didn't mean he was open to sharing his side of the story. And he only pried because his master would need the information else he held no interest apart from the one whom he served. Mr. Lawson had gone out to reasons he didn't know as they weren't shared with him and his Lord had gone out with the Countess' daughter, Lady Frances to the theater. As Ms. Curtis was the only one at the table, alone, he had stood there listening and talking to her but hadn't expected for her to ask him about his mother.

How long had it been since he thought about his mother or father? Not since he was turned. His father was a man who most of the times came home drunk and his mother would take her emotions out on her son, which was him. The thought made him smile bitterly. When his father did die, the mother he adored sold him in the brothel enslavement for money so that she could survive. There are things in this world you can never forget, Stanley thought as he closed his eyes.

"Mother, please! Don't leave me here! Mother!"

The boy's desperate words fell on deaf ears as he was dragged into the unknown house.

"Mother!Mothe-" The man who was dragging him inside suddenly slapped and punched him to quieten the boys voice.

"Shut up before I slice you for good. The children are always causing troubles," the man said taking him and locking him up in an empty room.

Stanley cried until there were no more tears left he could shed. At first he thought his mother would get back and therefore he waited for her at the window, but even after days his mother never returned to take him back. Like few others he stood out due to his platinum hair which had grown to his shoulder length and his slender physique. Due to his appearance he was often targeted by other brothel inmates, be it female or male.

He had none but himself and when the reality sunk into his head his aggressive form had come forward to fend himself from the filth that he was surrounded with. Because of the fights he used to get into, there was always a lesser chance of people buying him as he would have a bloodied face and body which none of the elites were pleased to take home. And even one did decided to take him, they would send him back in a day which none understood why.

It was only after two years of spending in the brothel and after he was sent to the enslavement building, Lord Nicholas had one day found him fighting on a street with another inmate to which even the guard who had accompanied them was finding it hard to stop them. That day the Lord had only arrived at the building to witness two men in a physical combat.

"Milord!" the guard greeted him.

"I see the slaves are in quite a mood today," the Lord spoke looking at one of them land a blow on the others stomach, leading the other to splatter blood on muddy ground.

"Forgive me, milord! I will get them settled right away!" the guard answered but seeing the Lord raise his hand, the guard stood still.

Lord Nicholas found it interesting to see the skinny boy not giving up even though he was coughing blood all over the ground. At this rate the boy wouldn't last for more than five minutes. Stepping into the scene, the other one stopped in track quickly seeing the Lord but the skinny one was too intent on finishing the fight and was unaware of who was standing behind him. It took Lord Nicholas less than two seconds to get the boy on his knees with his hand twisted so that he would stop. Stanley hadn't stopped though, and had instead tried to get the man which resulted in his arm to be twisted even more.

"My my, energetic indeed," Stanley heard the man behind him speak and when he was pushed to the ground, he scattered away to stand up with his hands up ready to fight again. The red eyes was too prominent on the man's face making him realize he was a vampire. The man only smiled with a calm demeanor but his eyes were sharp betraying his looks.

"I will take this one," he stated.

"Milord? B-but the auction hasn't started and there's a month-"

"Did I ask you a question?" the man asked him with the same smile and he then turned to look at him, "We will leave in less than half an hour," and with that the man disappeared inside the wide fortress like building.

Stanley smiled thinking about it. It must have been fate to have met Lord Nicholas that day. It was the Lord himself who had turned him into a half vampire after four years of serving him as he had proved his worth to the man. When he was taken to the mansion he had thought he would have to please the man because of what he had heard and seen in the brothel of how there were vampires who didn't mind taking male as their partners.

"As good looking as you are, I must pass as I don't have that sort of interest in males." That was what his Lord had said to him on his first day in the mansion while chuckling to himself. Stanley sighed relieved with how things had changed since then and he was grateful to the Lord.
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    《Heidi and the Lord》