Heidi and the Lord
37 Book collector- Part 1
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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37 Book collector- Part 1

For a few passing seconds Heidi felt the time stop still. The cold wind of the empire which she was yet to be accustomed to blew across the garden where they stood. She continued to look at the lord while he returned back the stare.

She was sure she didn't mishear it, especially when the Lord had spoken very clearly which her ears had picked to without a problem. She searched his eyes and face for any humor but it was difficult to pick any emotion out. Not because he had an impassive expression. The man usually wore the same expression, calm and serene with a smile on his handsome face. She sometimes wondered if this was who he was or if it was a facade he had built for people to see. His smile seemed sincere but that didn't mean she hadn't seen the tricking smile that had disappeared with the same quickness it had appeared previously on his lips.

"Heidi," his velvety voice reached her ears and she realized he had stepped closer to her than before and she no more space to step away from him. The smile on his lips slowly fell off to replace a placid looking expression which unnerved her right now.

"W-what are-"

"What am I doing?" he raised his hand to pick a lock of her hair which was resting on her shoulder, bringing it close to his side until the ends of the lock of hair met his fingers and he let it go, "I asked you to marry me," he nonchalantly said, looking back at her brown eyes that were wide.

Heidi felt her heart skip a beat at his actions and she gulped.

She knew that the Lord was only teasing but that hadn't stopped from her tiny heart to react at his display of action. The man who stood in front of her was a hauntingly beautiful man. His brown hair looked black because of the night sky that had taken over and his appearance a little intimidating than the morning. He was truly a night creature, and deep down she was aware that the man was a devil in an angel's disguise.

Clearing her head, she said, "I don't think you should joke when it comes to things like marriage, Lord Nicholas."

"What word of mine looks like a joke to you?" he asked her, "Are you stepping back from your words? I thought you wanted me to pick a decent woman to settle down."

"I did, but not the woman your cousin is about to marry."

"Do you mean to say if you weren't meant to fulfill the truce you would marry me," the gaze in his eyes were intense and unable to handle it, Heidi's eyes moved away to look at the bushes.

"You are twisting the words, milord," she said and when he leaned closer she shrunk back making him chuckle before he stepped away from her.

"How boring," he gave up on teasing her. So she was right. The Lord was only teasing her to get a reaction out of her.

"If that is all, I would like to go back inside, Lord Nicholas. The weather is turning cold." It was indeed turning cold as if it would snow at any point now. It didn't help that the dress she wore wasn't enough to protect her from the cold wind.

"Use this," Lord Nicholas gave the coat he had been wearing to her.

"That's alright," she waved her hands in protest but felt it pushed into her hands.

"I insist," he coaxed her, "It is very rare for the mansion to have guests. We are already out, why not stroll a little more. I would definitely enjoy some company."

"That's very untrue, milord. You have Mr. Lawson and Lady Venetia who visit you. And not to forget your companion Lady Frances," Heidi had still not forgotten how the woman had been rude with her words.

"Jealous are we," Lord Nicholas smiled with delight making her huff.

"O-of course not! Why would I need to be jealous of her." Even though she wasn't brought up in an elite family or surrounded by the high class society, her mother had brought her up with great moral values.

"Please" he gestured his hand towards the path that continued in the garden and soon again they continued to walk. He then switched the topic, "How is your studies going with Ms. Moate? I heard quite some interesting things in regards to your classes," he said with a knowing smile.

Now what did that mean? Surely they hadn't done anything apart from write words and sentences in the book. Wait. Did he mean her handwriting? A little embarrassed, she asked him,

"Is it about the writing?" But now that she thought about it, apart from the maid who barely stayed there for a minute no one could know what happened in the room, unless it was Ms. Moate herself who had gone to complain to the Lord about Heidi's inadequacy when it came to the basics. He didn't reply to her question and instead only smiled.

"Is it really important for one to perfect oneself when it comes to handwriting? I have written that way since I remember and I don't think it is going to change in the future." Heidi always felt that a person's handwriting was like his second appearance that in years would stay the same unchanged, "Could I as you for a favour, milord?"

"Please do," Lord Nicholas looked at her bite her bottom lip before she released it to speak.

"If could ask Ms. Moate to skip the writing and start with the actual studies I would be very grateful."

"And what do I get out of it?"

"I, learning about vampires quickly?" she heard him chuckle at her answer.

"You will pick it anyways. You need to learn that in this world, which you have stepped in, nothing comes for free. And it doesn't matter if it is a simple or a difficult favor darling," and after a little thought he said, "Lady Eveline can only teach you about books but I believe there are other things where you would need practice, unless you are already aware of it. Do you know how to ride a horse?"

She shook her head, "I think I am fine without it," she gave him an uneasy smile.

It wasn't just her but even her sister Nora, who wasn't fond of horse riding. Her father had tried teaching them when their mother was still alive but unfortunately the horse had been in quite some bad mood to throw both the girls on the ground, due to which neither of them ever got on one again. She remembered her bottom had been sore due to the impact of falling down from the horse.

"Trust me, you will enjoy it," he said ignoring the worry that marred her face.
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    《Heidi and the Lord》