Heidi and the Lord
38 Book collector- Part 2
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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38 Book collector- Part 2

That night Heidi went to bed later than usual as Lord Nicholas had introduced her to the library in the mansion which was usually locked. It was a narrow room where the three sides of the wall was covered in a rack of books. The library was dark like the passage they had used before getting in to the library.

The candles that were on the chandelier and the ones near the walls had melted, drops like structure solidified. Stanley, had helped in lighting the candles up. All the books that was in and out looked old. Older than her. She had later thanked the Lord for bringing her here to which he had done nothing but smile. As she had taken her time to look at all the book titles, her eyes had caught sight of a section which was encased in a glass case. Even though they were older than the others and ragged in appearance, it seemed like they were being treasured. The book titles read Feudal of rivals, Origins, Tyrany of humans and vampires, gardening witch and there were few others which were unrelated to another.

Seeing the dark ink splattered on the book she asked, "You have strange collection of books, milord. There are few with ink spilt on them," she moved forward to look at the Lord.

"That isn't ink," murmured Nicholas.

"What?" Heidi asked, who hadn't caught what he said.

"I think its rather late. You can come by another time to the library. Stanley," he called the butler, "Why don't you see Ms. Curtis to her room."

"Yes, master. Ms. Curtis," the butler asked for her and she wished him a goodnight before she left the room with the butler.

Once the butler had seen the lady to her room, he had returned back to where his master was, who was still in the dark library. His Lord was holding a book and reading it whilst he stood in front of the unlocked glass case.

"Humans are strange, aren't they," his Lord spoke, eyes still stuck on the book he had picked to read.

"Yes, milord," the butler replied promptly.

"They have such strange books that hardly makes any sense. How do you think she would react if I told her the truth about this?" he ran his fingers over the uneven book cover and then handed it to the butler

"Ms. Curtis, is honest with her opinions," the butler added as he bent down a little, to push the book back to where it was kept previously.

"Indeed she is. Knowing her she would probably have something to say," he smiled and then continued, "If she plans to visit the library again, which she will undoubtedly, make sure it is in your presence and lock this up," he said looking at the glass case.

"It has been so long since I last brought a book back here. How long has it been?" Lord Nicholas asked thoughtfully.

"Must be four years, milord," and the Lord hummed in response, "If I may add, the black witch's book is one of a quality."

"That's right. Getting the witch's books are somewhat difficult as they aren't sold in every market," the butler smiled at his master's words.

Black witches books could never be sold, be it in the human land or the vampire land, their very existence was frowned. Any one trying to sell it in an open market would meet the same end as the black witches. But that didn't mean they were never sold anywhere, the most illegal and unethical objects could be found in the black market. Though his master had strings in the black market, the one in the library wasn't obtained from there. Like many other books that were in the glass case, they were picked from the people's house his master had killed. Few years ago times weren't as peaceful as it was now. Bloodshed in public was common and with the witches causing massacre, his master was usually out on a lookout to find the culprits who were causing disruption. It wasn't ink but spots of blood that was etched on the cover of the books. As deranged it sounded, his master was one of a kind and he was proud to be serving him.

"Milord, is it alright for Mr. Lawson to leave Ms. Curtis here for such a long time? Forgive me, but I haven't seen them spend enough time together."

"That's alright. Warren is a little slow but," Lord Nicholas paused, "Have someone follow him. He has been visiting the council and up to the north very often. Cousin or not, I wouldn't want to take risk."

"Yes, milord. Consider it to be done," Stanley bowed his head, "By the way milord," he pulled out two envelopes from his pocket and handed it to his lord.

"Who is it from?" Nicholas asked while taking them and as he read the name on one of the envelope a smile formed on his lips, "Is it already that time..."

"You have been invited to the celebration of Hallow which is going to take place in less than three weeks."

"Hm?" Nicholas saw the next envelope was from his friend Rhys Meyers. After reading the contents inside, he handed back the envelope to the butler and left the dark library.

The next day, Heidi sat in the carriage on her way to the Meyers mansion. Mr. Meyers had requested for her attendance at the mansion to accompany his wife only if she would like to. Meeting Mrs. Meyers at the mansion, the lady looked the same as she had seen her before.

Her black straight hair was tied in a white ribbon. Heidi and Lettice went out to town as the lady had wished to go out shopping.

"I am sorry for suddenly requesting you to come. I am sorry for the inconvenience," Lady Lettice apologized when they reached the town Heidi had previously visited with Lord Nicholas and Stanley.

"Please don't apologize. I am glad that you asked for my company and I wasn't doing anything except for studying with my educator," Heidi replied with a smile on her face.

"I see," she smiled back, her face relaxed than the time she had seen during her birthday, "How has your stay been in the Rune mansion?"

"It has been pleasant," Heidi replied as they walked on the sides of the road, "But sometimes it does get dull. Sitting in the mansion and doing nothing. How do you spend your time Lady Lettice?"

Lady Lettice laughed softly when saw Heidi's worried look, "I understand what you mean. In the beginning, I was finding it hard myself. To have nothing to do and spend time inside the mansion but you get used to it. Used to living the elite vampire life. You can call me Lettice. We are from the same background. I don't think we need to use titles."

"Then please call me Heidi," Heidi shared a friendly smile.
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    《Heidi and the Lord》