Heidi and the Lord
39 Book collector- Part 3
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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39 Book collector- Part 3

Talking to Lettice wasn't hard as the woman seemed to be in ease and she wondered if it was because a human was accompanying her and not a vampire. Now that she looked at the lady she was indeed pretty like a delicate flower. Like her Lettice was from Woville but a different town. While visiting the shops, Lettice brought herself a pair of dress. It wasn't extravaganza but simple just like the woman.

"Aren't you going to buy anything?" Lettice asked her.

"Frankly I have too many dresses in my closet that hasn't been worn yet. But is that all you wanted to buy?"

"Yes, that will be all for today. It's not that Rhy's would say anything. He would never but I don't think I would have a reason to come out then," the words slipped out of her mouth and her widened in realization, "Please forget what I said," she gave her a nervous look.

Both Heidi and Lettice made rounds to the other shops and when they were on their way returning to the carriage, Heidi wasn't sure if it was right to ask Lettice on what she just said previously. There were times when she caught the saddness in Lettice's eyes but it would vanish instantly when Heidi would look towards her.

"Do you visit your family?" Heidi asked to lighten up the conversation.

"I met them when they visited at our mansion," she replied and then continued, "I haven't returned to Woville since I came here."

"Really?" Heidi looked surprised at her confession.

Lettice nodded her head looking down at the ground and then up, with a small smile that didn't reach up to her eyes. Feeling Heidi wasn't the kind of woman to gossip, she said, "Before I met Rhys I was in love with someone. Someone of the same stature I was born into. And like many stories that end, the girl was married to an elite man."

"I am sorry to hear it," Heidi didn't know she was going to touch a sensitive topic but the woman shook her head.

"I don't think it is anyone's fault. No one's. And I am fortunate to have Rhys as my husband, he treasures me too much that it just frightens me at times," a genuine smile formed on her lips as she thought about it.

"It couldn't be that bad. Could it?" Heidi asked her in doubt.

"Are you worried about your wedding with Mr. Lawson? I wouldn't add him in the same boat as Rhys. With what I have heard Mr. Lawson is very quiet and level headed. But then people are unpredictable when it comes to love. Everyone have their own way of showing love."

"I guess you are right."

At the end of the Heidi had found a friend in Lettice and the other felt the same. Though Heidi couldn't share everything, she knew that there was someone she could speak to. Lettice was the kind of woman who appeared to be quiet but in truth she would voice out only when she was comfortable with the other person. One evening when Heidi returned back to the Rune mansion after going to the church, she saw Lord Nicholas dressed in an expensive looking suit. His usual disheveled hair was combed back in place.

"Lord Nicholas," she bowed her head.

"Good evening, Heidi," Lord Nicholas gave a small nod of acknowledgement.

"Are you going out?" she asked, seeing the maid help him get on with the over coat.

"There is an opera at the theater tonight," seeing the interested look pass across her features, he tilted his head. He had planned to go alone as he had thought she would be tired but seeing the puppy like face he continued to look at her before he spoke, "Would you like to come?"

"No, that's alright. I am not dressed for it and we would be late," she stated biting her inner cheek and heard him sigh.

"I will give you fifteen minutes to dress, that is if you wish to come. I believe the Meyers will be present too," he pulled his pocket watch and said, "On your toes," he saw her turn around quickly and chuckled when he heard the hurried footsteps on the stairs.

Lord Nicholas stood at the door of the carriage talking to his butler when Heidi came almost half walking and half running where they were. Like an excited child she had gotten ready and in hurry when she reached the carriage, she almost tripped if it weren't for the Lord catching her.

"Already falling for me?" He smiled, the dimple on his cheek deepening, seeing her embarrassed and blush "Go on now. In you go!" He said helping her into the carriage.

The butler saw them off and sighed internally. If he wasn't wrong, his Lord enjoyed Ms. Curtis's company. Guest or not if it weren't her, his Lord wouldn't have asked to accompany him to the theater. It was apparent that neither the Lord nor the lady hid their words when it came to each other. And as good as it was to see everyone comfortable with each others company, it wouldn't be right.

He knew his master was only teasing, which he did mostly with all the woman but this was Mr. Lawson's future wife. There were two scenarios. Lady Heidi could fall in love and try to break the truce which was very unlikely because even if she wanted to she couldn't. No one would allow it. The second was his master falling in love. Thinking about it, he laughed. It was highly impossible for something like that to happen.

With what he knew, his lord had never experienced love. If a man like his lord had a taste of what it was to love, it was possible that he would never let it go.

Scratching his head and sighing, Stanley went back inside the mansion.
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    《Heidi and the Lord》