Heidi and the Lord
42 The kind lord- Part 3
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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42 The kind lord- Part 3

There was music and dance, together forming a story. Each and every sound resonated through the instruments to the wall and then back, her body humming along with it. She was familiar with few of the instruments that were being played and the music it created was heart touching. She could feel goosebumps forming on her skin as she continued to listen.The entire time her eyes hadn't wandered away from the stage.

On the other hand Lord Nicholas sat with a poker face next to Heidi. It wasn't his first time attending a musical story. He was a regular visitor of the theater. When a servant came in asking if they would like to drink something, he had turned towards Heidi to see she the performers on the stage had her full attention. Waving his hand to dismiss the servant, he saw a small smile formed on her lips. It was like bringing a child to the theater for the first time which was an unusual sight for the Lord. Most of the times, he was accompanied by women who were used to it. For people like him, this was a usual kill time apart from hunting animals in a human fashion.

Humans were a bunch of simpletons who were easily swayed by words and action, he thought looking down at the stage. When he had met Heidi in the beginning he had expected her to be like many other women he had met. It wasn't that she couldn't be swayed and it wasn't a hard task for him to test it out. He enjoyed her reactions when he teased her it reminded him poking a small flustered animal who would sometimes consider it wise to ignore his words.

When Lord Nicholas and Heidi were getting down through the stairs from the balcony, Lord Nicholas was greeted by a pair of siblings.

"I was hoping to find you here, milord," the woman said coming to stand in front of him with a small bow.

"And to what do I owe this honor," Lord Nicholas asked her, his gentle expression holding the woman's gaze, "I am terribly sorry I couldn't make it to the ball which your father had organized."

"Please don't apologize! I heard from my brother that you weren't in the empire but travelling that week. We are so glad to have a hard working lord," she smiled.

"You talk very highly of me, Lady Bethany," hearing her name, the lady's cheek turned red.

"My sister speaks the truth, milord. We are indeed fortunate to have you as our lord," the man bowed his head.

As Heidi heard the exchange of words, she noted that the people of Bonelake held their lord in high regards. The words were friendly yet careful at the same time. They respected their lord, each and everyone that made an eye contact had given the man a bow before walking by. Lord Nicholas was a gentleman with the ladies, answering their questions politely. Patiently listening to his subjects, nodding his head once in a while and replying to the queries. He was fulfilling the role of being a perfect lord. The man had a calm demeanor but his eyes were dark and commanding which drew the line between him and the people who tried to approach him. They now stood next to their carriage as Lord Nicholas was talking to an acquaintance of his. They spoke to each other without referring the other with their titles. Hearing the man named Tim call the lord 'Nick' the man must be a person who was close to Lord Nicholas.

"And who might be this young lady," the man Lord Nicholas was currently talking to turned towards Heidi.

"Pardon me. I am Heidi Curtis," Heidi bowed slightly.

"Good evening, Ms. Curtis. I am Timothy Rufus. I don't think I have seen you before," he said taking her hand and kissing the back of her hand.

"You haven't. If you did, you would know her name," Lord Nicholas intervened making the man give a sheepish smile.

"You are right, milord. Ms. Curtis, if you wouldn't mind I would like to invite you to my mansion for tea tomorrow. Lord Nicholas too," Timothy invited both of them. Heidi was tired and she wanted to stay in the mansion than go and put up with a smile she didn't mean for strangers tomorrow. She looked at the Lord and on cue, he said

"We will have to pass, Tim. Ms. Curtis and I are busy tomorrow. Perhaps another time? " Lord Nicholas shook hands with the man.

"No problem at all. Goodnight Ms. Curtis, Nick." By the time the carriage reached the Rune mansion, Heidi was half asleep but awake. When they entered the main hall and before they walked to their respective rooms, Heidi began,

"Thank you for tonight, Lord Nicholas. I had a very good time in the theater," she thanked him to see him smile.

"Don't mention it. It was a pleasure," he responded back. She then excused herself for the day, murmuring goodnight to Lord Nicholas and Stanley whom she met on her way to her room. Seeing her disappear from his sight he spoke, "Your heart gives away a lot of things."

"Milord?" Stanley asked, placing his hand on his heart, taking a look from his lord to his heart and back to his lord. Seeing that his lord hadn't replied to it, he asked, "Would you want me to send someone for tonight?"

"Yes, please do. My fangs have been itching to bite into for some time now. "Lord Nicholas exhaled, removing his overcoat and handing it over to his butler, "The woes of being a pure blooded vampire."
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    《Heidi and the Lord》