Heidi and the Lord
47 The other side of him- Part 3
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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47 The other side of him- Part 3

On one evening party where all the elites were invited, Heidi had accompanied Warren and a woman whom she didn't know accompanied the Lord there. Rhys Meyers and his wife Lettice being one of the elites had also been invited and were now talking to one of the guests at the mansion. Lettice made her way to where Heidi was and they greeted with friendly smiles, standing and talking with each other. The female vampires weren't that welcoming but it held the same when it came to the elite humans of high stature.

Rhys who stood afar from his wife, saw the smile on his wife's lips grace as she spent her time with Warren's fiance. It was good to see her smile, as it wasn't something she did often. He usually didn't entertain woman with gossips because humans did nothing but that to spend their time which he disliked. After a while, he walked up to his wife, raising his hand for a dance which she took.

Heidi looked at the couples dance in the middle of the hall, and she stood at the sidelines with a glass of grape wine in her hand. She smiled seeing Rhys twirl his wife, which bubbled a laugh from her friend. Looking for Warren, she found him to be talking to a man with a serious expression. It wasn't as if she was hoping for him to ask for a dance because if he did, she wouldn't know how to move her feet to the music. Seeing the Lord she had to give it to him that the man moved liked water. The woman in his arms was gorgeous, good hair, stunning figure on a beautiful dress.

When Heidi was twirling the crystal glass in her hand, she heard an unexpected commotion take place as a woman screamed. Looking up she saw Lord Nicholas who had twisted a man's arm from behind. Her forehead creased wondering what had happened. Had the man misbehaved with the woman the Lord was dancing with? Getting closer to the scene, she caught sight of a knife which now laid on the floor with a black burnt mark.

"What happened?"

"Who is the man? The woman's lover?"

"But it seemed like he tried attacking the lord from nowhere," various reasons of whispers brewed in the room as time passed, the lord hadn't pulled away from the man and it was only after a few seconds did she realize the man was unconscious. Once the guards took the man away, she saw Lord Nicholas talk to Warren about something to which he nodded before leaving the venue.

"Ladies and gentleman, forgive us for the sudden interruption due to the intruder. Please carry on with the evening," Lord Nicholas announced with a small bow and left the room. Seeing that both Warren and the Lord had left the area, Heidi made a small bow towards the Meyer's before tailing behind Lord Nicholas. On her way, she noticed blood dripping down from his hand and when she tried pointing it out for help, the man dismissed it.

Going to the carriage, she found that there were two carriages that were prepared to go back to the mansion. Warren helped her get inside the front carriage while Lord Nicholas rode in the other carriage. The atmosphere was tense as they reached back the mansion. Warren assured her everything was alright and to have a good night's rest before he left to where Lord Nicholas had taken the hostage to.

In the underground dungeon where the air smelt like pungent iron, Nicholas hummed a tune, waiting for his guardsmen to chain the man who was struggling to get away. Seeing Warren arrive, his cousin asked,

"Who do you think sent him? He had the ash made dagger which disappeared few years ago."

"Poor thing couldn't even stab me," Nicholas glanced towards his hand that was slowly healing itself, "Shall we start?" he said looking at the man completely chained.

Nicholas walked inside the cell and stood there looking at the man without a word, seconds passed by which then turned to minutes in silence.

"If you are going to kill me, let's get this done with!" The man spoke agitated while pushing through the chains.

"I can't kill you when I don't even know why you attacked me, unless you aren't alright upstairs," Nicholas spoke to the man in an even calm voice, the soft smile still on his lips. Getting the dagger wasn't easy and with the smell of the man in front of him, he was a turned vampire, a half vampire.

"Why don't you tell me and I will see how I can reduce your punishment for the treason you have caused against your Lord," this made the man laugh bitterly before he spit on the ground.

"You aren't my lord. Someone like you cannot be one. Killing men and women without regret- Let me be free and I will avenge my family," the chains rattled, the sounds echoing around the empty cell.

"Hmm, I don't think I remember you. Whom are you talking about?" Nicholas titled his head in question making the man furious.

"How dare you get forget what you did?! I am Earl Perronne's youngest son! How dare you murder them an behave like you don't know anything about it!"

"Ah, I remember him," the lord replied as though something dawned and he commented, "He knew it was going to happen, especially after the trick he pulled on me."

"Let me out of these chains. I won't rest in peace until I fulfill my revenge. Mark my words, you will face the same consequences! I will kill you with my own two hands," the man yelled, "Do you think, just because you put a false facade people won't know? Why don't you drop it and show your real face?! You are a mere coward!"

The lord sighed, his fingers pinching the bridge of his nose. He then chuckled, laughing out loud before his expression turned sour.

"My patience is wearing thin so it would be smart for you to tell where or who gave you the dagger," Nicholas asked, hearing the man scoff Warren spoke.

"He doesn't seem to be in the mood to speak. We should let him cool down so that he understands what place he is in before we question him further," his cousin suggested looking at the mad look in the man's eyes. All the turned vampires were never stable and this one seemed to be of the unstable case.

"That doesn't matter anymore," hearing the lord speak the man interrupted.

"Are you going to kill me?" the man asked with a smirk on his face, "Rip my heart out? Or rip my body? You pure blooded vampires are so easy to read. After I die there will be someone else who will hunt you down."

"You mean to say hunter is going to be hunted?" Nicholas asked him with interest.

"That's right. Wait until that time comes," the man threatened which fell on deaf ears, "So kill me!"

"Stop trying to make me kill you. I am not going to kill you," Nicholas ran his hand over the tools that were displayed on the table, "I really am not pleased to hear you categorize me with the other lot of pure blooded vampires. You are right, I am not the nice vampire. I am the deranged pure blooded vampire to people like you," he said picking a rusted saw blade which had turned red and orange in his hand, a pleasant smile on his face as he walked towards the chained man.
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    《Heidi and the Lord》