Heidi and the Lord
63 Guilty heart- Part 3
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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63 Guilty heart- Part 3

Warren who had come to drop Heidi to the Rune's mansion, gave his hand for her to hold as she stepped out of the black carriage. With a firm step on the ground, she put her other feet down. Walking inside the mansion, they were greeted by Lord Nicholas who was passing by the hall, the stain of blood still on his lips which he had just consumed few moments ago before they arrived.

About to excuse herself, Heidi went to speak to Warren but instead he beat her to it.

"Heidi," he called her name, making her look at him questionably, "I didn't know when was the right time to give but here," he said pulling a velveteen square box out of his jacket to give it to her.

"What is this?" she asked looking at it and then him.

"It is a gift. Open it," she opened the box having a faint idea of what it might be and when she did open she opened her mouth while shaking her head in denial. It was necklace made of fine white pearls which had a beautiful sheen over it.

"I can't take this," this could be worth a fortune and she didn't feel it was right to receive such an expensive gift from him.

"I haven't gifted you anything since you came to Bonelake. It is the least I can do for now. Shall I?" He was so earnest that she found it impossible to refuse, finally nodding her head.

She held the box as he took the delicate looking necklace in his hand. Turning her back, she let Warren put the pearl necklace around her neck. As he tried locking it, Heidi found herself looking at Lord Nicholas whose eyes were already on hers, watching her with his dark eyes with no emotion.

Nicholas who still had blood at the corner of his lips, raised his hand to wipe it with his thumb before licking it clean leisurely with his tongue. Heidi felt her heart slip in her rib cage at his sensuous action. The expressionless face made things only worse for her.She shuddered internally and felt herself stop breathing for few seconds.

"I hope you liked it," hearing Warren speak was like someone had thrown a bucket of water to bring her back to her senses. It seemed that Warren being a straight forward man had not noticed what his cousin had done while he was busy getting the necklace hooked. Gathering her thoughts quickly she turned back to look at Warren who misinterpreted her silence, "If you don't like it we could get something else," he suggested.

"No," she shook her head, "I-I think it is very beautiful," she confessed to see the man in front of her smile.

"Please sleep well. I will be back tomorrow. Goodnight, Heidi," he wished her, giving her a small bow, "Goodnight, Nicholas."

"Goodnight to you," Lord Nicholas replied to see his cousin walk through the entrance. Heidi, who was too embarrassed to look at Nicholas, took the opportunity to quickly wish him a night and dashed to her room without turning back.
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    《Heidi and the Lord》