Heidi and the Lord
66 Bloody hands- Part 3
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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66 Bloody hands- Part 3

She saw Lord Nicholas walk to where the one who was alive looked at Issac's body in shock.

"Do y-you t-think you will get away with this?"

"Even if we did hand you over to the council you would either rot in the cells or maybe die. We are only quickening the process," Lord Nicholas replied in a matter of fact tone, "Tell me who sent you and why? What did the girl do?" he asked patiently.

"It wasn't her b-but the other woman! P-please d-don't kill me. It was the other one who was supposed to be in her place," the man repeated his sentence in circles. He said something which Heidi couldn't catch from where she stood but the lord must have heard it and so did Mr. Meyers who turned to snap his head towards the man.

"Hmm," Lord Nicholas hummed thoughtfully. Raising his hand, he curled his hand over the man's neck, "Maybe you shouldn't have opened your mouth," he looked at the man regretfully. Nicholas moved his hand to place his fingers over the front of the man's throat before he ripped the entire flesh downwards which opened the closed throat until the man's chest, spurting blood on the white marbled floor and on Nicholas' hand and dress.

Unable to bear with the sight anymore, she turned around and at the same moment, a shadow that stood on the other side of the floor disappeared as she ran to her room.

"What about the council?" Rhys asked.

"Don't worry about them," Lord Nicholas looked down at the dead bodies as they were taken out of the mansion, "The council will never find it out. My dogs are faithful, they will never lead them here. Let the council try to do its job. It will be easier to get the actual culprit behind this."

Reaching her room, Heidi went straight to the bathroom to vomit the bile that had risen up in her throat. Just thinking about it made her stomach sick. Even as her stomach emptied itself from any food she had taken at breakfast, she still continued to feel sick. She wasn't supposed to and she should have minded her business but she continued to watch there which was her fault. She shouldn't have witnessed it. There was so much of blood. Blood all over the white floor which was splattered over the murder. Heidi could hardly believe that she had seen to living people die right in front of her eyes. Her body shook with tremors, the fear that overtook her mind, her heart beating in such speed that she could hear it in her ears.

None of them had confessed to be the murder of the woman who had died but they were killed instantly without any remorse. Were they even guilty? asked one part of Heidi. They were involved in the murder, said the other part of her. The man named Issac was Lettice's lover and she didn't know what to think anymore. He had been killed.

She realized that both humans and vampires were no different from each other. They were at the same level. None of them holding any regret over their action. Pouring water over the floor, she stood up with a headache that had formed at her forehead. When she turned around, she saw the head butler standing outside the bathroom with a glass of water.

"Please drink this. You will feel better," Stanley offered the glass of water to her which she took without a word with her shaking hand. Gulping a few sips to calm her stomach.

"Thank you," she murmured, placing the glass back on the tray which he held.

"Are you afraid, Lady Heidi?" he asked her and she raised her head to look into her clear red eyes. Afraid? She was scared and shocked but how was she supposed to say that? When she had woken up in the morning, the only thing that was on her mind was getting engaged to Warren and not the death of two men.

"Taking matters into their hands. Won't the council find out?" she asked him.

"Don't worry, milady. No blame is going to fall on the lord if that is what worries you," he answered her promptly. By the time of tomorrow only the bones would be found left out by the wolves but the lady didn't need that piece of information. He had a feeling that his master would lock him behind the cage along with the wolves if he said something unnecessary, "Would you want me to send your food up to the room later?" she shook her head.

She didn't want to be seen as coward, a weak human, cowering herself in the room when something happened, "That won't be necessary. I will be at the table."

"Very well then. I shall take my leave," Stanley bowed his head, closing the door behind him.
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    《Heidi and the Lord》