Heidi and the Lord
71 Under the table- Part 1
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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71 Under the table- Part 1

"Are you alright?" Lettice asked coming to sit next to Heidi on the bed, "Are you feeling unwell thinking about the engagement?"

After Heidi had left the piano room, she had come to her room to sleep but she couldn't. Her heart pounding in her chest, she laid on the bed, unable to erase the feeling she felt in the piano room with the lord. She was conflicted, right now.

"I...I can't," Heidi uttered while Lettice looked at her with a shocked expression.

"What are you talking about?" Lettice whispered worried.

"I don't think I can go ahead with getting engaged to someone whom I don't love," she met Lettice's alarmed eyes.

"I-Is there someone you love? Why didn't you tell it before?" Heidi would have told if she could but she had recently caught up with her feelings. Seeing there was no answer, Lettice saw the expression of pain and longing pass through her friend's face. In some ways they were very similar, as she had gone through the same circumstance few months ago.

"Did it get better for you?" Heidi asked the young woman to see her smile but the smile didn't reach the eyes initially when it did it contained sadness in them and a part of her wished she hadn't asked her that question.

"It was difficult in the beginning. I was too in love with Issac. I didn't want to marry Rhys either but I did eventually because the man I loved didn't meet my father's expectation or rather Rhys surpassed every expectation which was set. After my father approved to give me to a vampire, I wasn't allowed out of the house and Issac was kept locked in one of the town dungeon. I want to hate Rhys for separating me from my first love, for forcing me into something I didn't want to but I can't. Like I said before, I am happy right now.Rhys is a loving husband and he has stood by my side like a shadow in my difficult times."

"Does that mean you don't love Issac anymore?" she asked and Lettice shook her head.

"The feelings I had for Issac have become memories which I cherish deep in my heart. Not that I would tell it to Rhys. Vampires are possessive and cold blooded creatures, you need to be careful with them," Heidi didn't doubt it, especially after seeing Rhys kill the man in such cruel manner. Lettice was a dear friend of hers but she decided to keep that information to herself without wanting to share it as it would only cause problem between Lettice and Mr. Meyers. There was also a fact that Issac had turned to a half vampire and had helped in killing the maid at the mansion. Lettice placed her hand on Heidi's hand which was resting on her lap, "What did he say?"


"The person you love of course," Lettice inquired.

"Ah, that...he doesn't know. He isn't aware of my feelings," she cast her eyes on her hand. Lettice stayed quiet not sure what to say and also because a maid just entered the room to drop the dress which Heidi was supposed to wear. Seeing her leave, Heidi chuckled, "I shouldn't think too much."

Now that she had told it out loud, she realized what a dimwit she was. Just because she held romantic feelings towards the lord it didn't mean it was the same on the other end. Since they had first met, the lord had done nothing but teased her time from time and she told herself yesterday was just like any other time. Only three days ago a sultry looking woman had entered his chambers and she was no idiot to not know what had happened. What was she thinking? It was the day of her engagement and gathering such thoughts weren't right. From now on she would just have to be stronger than before. But then there were other matters which were bothering her at the back of her head. She was a slave. A runaway slave whom Warren would marry soon. Would he accept her for the person she is? Warren was a gentleman, a kind man with what she had noticed these past few days and somewhere she felt he would understand.

"Heidi, I wish I could help you but this is a matter which involves the council and the two empires truce. I would even help you run but that would only cause treason," hearing this Heidi smiled.

"Don't worry about that. You don't have to do anything as such," Lettice's mossy green eyes looked at Heidi before returning her with a soft smile.

"Let's believe that Mr. Lawson will you keep you happier than the man you love. That he will return back your feelings," she squeezed her hand.

"Yes," that was something Heidi could already decided.

Warren and Nicholas were different in both appearance and character wise. Due to Warren being quiet most of the times and talking with a straight with less of emotions, he usually came off to be someone to be wary of. On the other hand was Nicholas. The way he spoke in such gentle manner and the ease of his smile was very appealing to people around him. He was always relaxed and calm which made him more approachable when in reality he was a mean man when it came to her. He agitated her.

Heidi had been dressed in an expensive clothing. The red dress which showed the top of her shoulders, covering the rest with a back zip which she had managed by herself. Her neck was adorned by the white pearl necklace which Warren had gifted her. The woman who had helped her with her hairs previously had come to do her hair on the butlers request. Lettice had only assisted the woman, trying to make sure her friend was alright the entire time.

Due to the occasion mostly being on the political side, there were too many guests from the council apart from other social higher authority and the future bride and groom' family.

"I believe you are all well informed of today's occasion. Like many other couples, the couple standing here," the head council, Reuben, spoke on the dais while turning back to Heidi and Warren who stood next to him, "We have gathered here for the happy occasion, on hoping that the relationship between vampires and half vampires will show peace after this truce. This truce isn't..." Heidi fazed out from the speech which was going on.

Thankfully the engagement was taking place outside which made it easier for her to breath. She had lost weight since she had arrived at the mansion. No that wasn't it. She had started losing weight since she had heard of her being part of the truce. And even after losing the weight, the maids had pulled the strings too tight on her back to make her look as lean as possible so that she would fit into the vampire society. There were too many people who had their eyes on her which she wasn't oblivious about. That being the reason, she looked at the horizon, the outline of the trees and the sky.

But it wasn't just the unknown strangers whom she was avoiding gazes with. In the crowd was her family. Her father, her brother Daniel and her sister Nora who had come to witness the engagement. Her aunt and uncle had made their presence too. There was also another person she desperately avoided eyes with. It was Duke Dorian Scathlok. She felt a shiver of fear run across her mind.

"...with that being said. Let me give back the dais to ask both Mr. Warren Lawson and Ms. Heidi Curtis to exchange their rings," the head council gave a small bow to the audience in front of him, leaving only Heidi and Warren on the dais.
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    《Heidi and the Lord》