Heidi and the Lord
74 Under the table- Part 4
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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74 Under the table- Part 4

She was sure he knew why exactly she had asked to talk to him but the man gave away nothing. Nothing at all. It felt as if she was the only person running in circles, worrying about things while he looked calm which made her angry. She clutched both her hands together.

"What am I talking about? I am talking about what happened at brunch today. Y-you caught my leg-What were you thinking? Milord, I am engaged to someone Your cousin to be precise," she said raising her hand to show the ring on her finger to emphasize her point.

"So?" he asked in a bored tone making her raise her brows.

"So?" she prompted his words. Was the lord stranger than she had imagined him to be? She had a really long day today and she was exhausted to form proper sentences. Maybe she had picked the wrong day to confront him. The teasing was going to far and it was breaking heart, "I cannot do this," she whispered looking at the carpet.

She had tried enduring it all these days. In the beginning it was a sweet pain but now the feeling had lost its sweetness, leaving only pain behind.

"I can't do this, Lord Nicholas," she said looking up to meet his eyes now, "Whatever is going on...This...needs to stop now," she could feel her voice trying to get caught in her throat due to the blubbering feelings she had tried to hide which was brand new to her.

When Nicholas began walking towards her, she gulped. She didn't know what word of hers had irked him but he no longer was smiling. She took a couple of steps back to maintain a good distance from him which didn't work because of the cupboard that blocked her from taking another step behind.

"Heidi," Nicholas spoke her name with such tenderness that it made her melt. She was ashamed at the lack of will power she had on her feelings, "Do you know what you're speaking?"

"What?" She asked him confused.

"I cannot do what you're asking for. Ah, this is the one he gifted you, isn't it?" Heidi felt Nicholas' fingers run across her neck where the necklace settled making her heart hitch, "It was brought from the sea of South empire. Mythweald is famous for their exquisite jewelry after all. Looks quite lovely on you," he said hooking his finger over the necklace while tugging it slightly to see it's strength, "But I think you will look better without it, don't you think?" with that the Lord tugged the necklace in one snap making the pearls bounce softly on the floor.

Heidi looked at him with disbelief. He had broken the necklace!

"What is wrong with you! Stop playing with me. I am a person with feelings. You cannot do whatever you please just because I love y-"

Suddenly, the next second Heidi found herself being kissed by the lord. His lips were soft but they weren't gentle as he kissed her. And if possible the lord took another step to close any little gap that was left between them, pressing against her body intimately.

She tried pushing his chest but it didn't budge him away. It was as if she was trying to move a wall which wouldn't move no matter how much she tried. It was wrong yet it felt so right. Sensing Heidi's resistance disappear, one of Nicholas' hand made it's way to her hair pulling the pins away before he entangled his hand in her hair.

Heidi felt him suck and kiss her lips, nipping the tender flesh over and over before he pried her lips open to him to take. His tongue was hot as it entered her mouth, rubbing her tongue with his errotically to bring out a moan from her mouth. He tasted her like she was his last meal. At one point she felt a small nip of sting on the bottom of her lips which he soothed by giving it a light lick before continuing to kiss her until she felt heady and out of breath.

When he pulled back, Heidi was trying to catch her breath. She opened her hazy eyes, to timely catch his darkened eyes.

"Fuck! You taste so fucking sweet," She heard him whisper under his breath before he pulled her by her waist to kiss her again.

His tongue went back into her mouth, this time deepening the kiss. The little nip of her skin which she realized has caused by Nicholas' fang now brought a faint taste of metal in her mouth. His lips travelling from her lips to the side of her jaw before going back to her lips.

He didn't let her go for a good three minutes but when he pulled back, Heidi could hardly breath or stand right. Seeing her legs weaken by the overwhelming sensation Nicholas made sure to hold her still in his arms.

"Did I bite too hard?" He asked looking down at her lips and running his thumb over the bottom of her lips. He then spoke, "I'm glad to hear your confession. The next time you ask me something ridiculous I won't be this gentle, darling," he smiled down at her.
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    《Heidi and the Lord》