Heidi and the Lord
76 Forbidden boundaries- Part 2
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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76 Forbidden boundaries- Part 2

Heidi turned around to look at the lord with a worried expression. She didn't know what to do, it was rather late for her to be visiting the lord and if rumors spread it wouldn't be good. She did wonder why a maid would arrive at this hour if it weren't for unethical joy of the lord. Her narrowed eyes amused the lord which she quickly schooled her features.

The lord then looked at the door, placing his hand on hers which was on the doorknob to open the door slowly.

"What is it? Didn't I inform Stanley to make sure no one enters these corridors until asked?" he asked in a sharp tone at the maid making both the maid and Heidi who was behind the door flinch.

"F-forgive me m-master that, one of the guests a-asked to deliver you t-this," from where Heidi stood, covered behind the door she could see Nicholas' quiet glare as the maid stuttered. Taking something from the maid which was a letter, he dismissed the maid and closed the door shut. Skimming his eyes over the envelope.

Heidi took the opportunity to leave by turning the knob which half opened before closing shut as Nicholas placed his hand over the door.

"Heidi," he called her name as a flower calling out a bee, "I am not particularly fond of men's blood unless they are very young humans. I need to feed. You can't expect me to starve now, can you? But don't worry, I don't draw blood from anyone's neck."

"Please do as you please," Heidi spoke looking at the knob. She wasn't sure what he meant by his last lines but it didn't matter right now. She wanted to go to her room and sleep the exhaustion off which she had been carrying since few days, "Lord Nicholas-"


"Nicholas," she corrected herself, "I would like to go back to my room."

"By all means," Lord Nicholas moved his hand to see her open the knob and sprint from his sight.

Returning back to her room, Heidi went to the bathing room, stripping her clothes while she let the faucet open with running water in the tub. It was late and an unusual hour for her to take bath that night but she needed to soak herself in the warm water. As she washed her body with the help of her fingers, she could still feel her lips resonate with what had happened in the Lord's chamber. His soft lips kissing her, teeth that nipped and pulled, arms that had held her securely and his breath sweet on hers. His tongue had been warm, rubbing against her tongue. Her cheeks warmed at those thoughts. The freshly imprinted memory running wild in her mind.

To be kissed by someone you love was a fortune. She had never expected things to go down this road, to think that Lord Nicholas had kissed her so passionately. She didn't ask for it but she didn't regret him stealing her first kiss. It was a kiss that was more than anything a woman could ask for.

At the same time Heidi felt guilt beginning to eat her as Warren came to her mind.

As romantic the kiss seemed, she had cheated on her fiance by sharing a kiss with his cousin. Not even a day had passed and she had done something she wasn't supposed to. She covered her face with both her hands.

Would she confess it to Warren about it? No, she thought to herself. Maybe not now. Or maybe never because she didn't know what she would say.

Why did things have to turn out this way? She had tried her best to hold back her feelings. She had decided to dedicate herself to Warren but now her feelings were all over the place. After being kissed by the lord she couldn't think straight. She didn't believe the man. Even if he did say he wanted her, what did it mean? He might have been attracted to her but that didn't mean he loved her, she thought rationally. In the end she would be marrying Warren because the truce was offered by the lord himself. So what was he playing at? When she went to stand in front of the large mirror, brushing her hair with the large toothed comb, she winced when her tongue touched the bottom of her lips. Putting down the brush, she leaned closer to the mirror to pull out her bottom lip with her finger to see the small red line.

Remembering his words in between the kisses, her face grew hot all over again. The man had not one bit of shame!
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    《Heidi and the Lord》