Heidi and the Lord
89 Stay- Part 2
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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89 Stay- Part 2

Heidi was pumped to show the woman's place and decided to take an arrow and aim back at the bark of the tree. This time, Warren had moved back away from Heidi to see if she could hit the mark without his help. She stood just like Warren had taught her, praying and hoping that the arrow would land at least on the tree. When she did leave the arrow, the head of the arrow hit the center of the inner circle and she had to control the triumphant smile that threatened to show on her face.

"Did your second time hit the mark too, Lady Frances?" Heidi asked the woman who twisted her mouth before giving her a proper smile.

The woman replied, "It is different when it comes to targeting a tree and a moving animal."

Warren interrupted their conversation, "It looks like you will be an excellent hunter with a little more practice. You must be a natural," he showered her with compliments making her blush.

"Thank you for teaching me," she thanked him.

"Don't thank me. It was your skills," he replied back with a smile, "But Lady Frances is right. Things that move might be difficult to hunt than the ones that stand still. Maybe after some more practice on a different day, you can hone your skills."

"Okay," and when Heidi went to walk towards the bark of tree where the arrows were stuck, Warren offered to go get it, asking her to wait for him.

Lord Nicholas and Frances were already on their way walking back from where they started as it was close to an hour since everyone split to get the largest deer. Everyone had caught more than one but the largest one who had caught was Mr. Rufus. He had a huge satisfied grin on his lips as he spoke about it,

"Now, is there a possibility of picking any land I want?"

"You will have to take what we give Rufus," Venetia said making the blonde man smile.

"Of course, not that I mind. Something is always better than nothing," Mr. Rufus shrugged his shoulders, "Tonight is a feast!"

And it was. After hunting more than ten deers, two of them was sent to the Lawson's manor and four of them as a present to four different acquaintances of the lord while the rest was cooked at the Rune's mansion. At dinner, few of Warrens relatives were also asked to join along with the head council, Reuben. With Lady Frances boasting about her father and Timothy poking jokes at everyone, the table was lively with chatter and laughter. It was a merry evening. When dinner was done, Heidi went outside the mansion, waiting for the guests to get into the carriage and wishing them a night.

"It was so good to see you, my dear," one of Warren's aunt spoke to Heidi, "We cannot wait to have you in our family."

"What are you saying, Aunt Guilene. Heidi is already part of our family," Agnes came, carrying a box in her hand.

"My bad. Poor Warren must be tiring himself going back and forth to only meet you. Aren't you the luckiest woman," Aunt Guilene stated with a hint of cider in her tone.

"Isn't that how it works with everyone?" Heidi asked not taking badly of what the woman said.

"It is," Aunt Guilene's husband said, "We wished you could stay at Venetia's mansion than here. It would even give us a relief." Heidi didn't understand what he exactly meant by that.

"Just a few more weeks," Aunt Guilene rubbed her husband's back. The couple were half vampires who appeared to be in their late forties. Changing the conversation, the elderly woman asked, "Did you get your wedding dress yet, dear? Is someone helping you or would you want us to come alone?"

"That's alright. A friend of mine knows a good store at Isle valley. We will be going there in a week," the woman nodded her head.

"That's good to hear. At least the council isn't picking a gown for you, haha, a woman should be allowed to pick what she wants. I always tell that. By the way I heard my nephew bought a necklace for you. I was hoping to see it as my daughter kept telling how beautiful it was," hearing this Heidi felt her heart shudder in her chest.

"It's in my room. I didn't want to wear it out," she made up the easiest reason that popped in her mind.

"Would it be too much trouble if I come and see it now?" the woman asked and for a fleeting moment Heidi felt herself freeze by the question. She was worried and already drawing up the reasons of what she could tell the lady. Thankfully, Aunt Guilene had a change of heart, "Oh, or maybe another time," the carriage had also arrived at the same time and at that moment Heidi couldn't stop thanking God at the mercy he showed on her.

Warren who was going back with his mother, took few minutes to take Heidi to his side to talk to her.

"Is everything okay?" she asked him.

"I-Actually I wanted to apologize to you about what happened few days ago," he wasn't looking at her but to his right with a grim expression. It appeared that he was having trouble in putting out his thoughts and Heidi didn't stop him from speaking. Patiently waiting for him to complete his words, "I am sorry with the way I put across my thoughts on the slaves but my opinion hasn't changed. I just wanted to tell you that."

"Okay," it seemed this one was something they both didn't agree on.

"Would it be alright if I asked you out for tomorrow? It will be a short trip," he promised and when she agreed he smiled.

He stepped closer to her, as close as he did in the forest today, leaning forward slowly towards her. Alarmed, Heidi wasn't sure what to do and therefore turned her head while sinking her head making the man stop. Lifting her gaze up at him, she found him giving her an apologetic smile,

"Was it too early?" he asked, pulling back to stand straight.

"I-I no. I was..." Shocked? yes, she said to herself, "A little surprised. I am sorry," she completed her sentence.

"Please don't be. I was out of line," the smile he had now was something sad making her guiltier than necessary, "Goodnight then. I shall see you tomorrow," he picked her hand to leave a kiss on the back of her hand.

Heidi stood there, seeing Warren get inside the carriage and the carriage take off along with Lady Frances carriage.
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    《Heidi and the Lord》