Heidi and the Lord
112 Him- Part 2
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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112 Him- Part 2

When the door to the bathroom opened, Nicholas entered the room with nothing but a towel around his waist. His hair was wet and drops of water slid down his body to be soaked by the towel. Seeing her awake, he walked around the bed to come and sit next to her.

"Good morning. Slept well?" he asker her.

"Yes," Heidi answered not able to look into his eyes. Nicholas who noticed it, said,

"There's nothing to be shy about. Especially the way you cried out my name so passionately," he teased her to which Heidi reacted even more flustered.

"I am not. I am just not used to it," she murmured before trailing up her eyes from his body to meet his eyes. His eyes were a darker shade of red as red as the blood she saw in the dungeon. He was the man who was unsuccessful in killing Nicholas. Nicholas hadn't killed him but had instead kept him alive to torture the man.

"How are you feeling?"

"A little tired and...sweaty," she said feeling the unclean one as Nicholas smelt like soap, "I should go take a bath."

"If I knew you were going to wake up sooner, I would have waited for you," blood rushed up her cheeks and she gave him an awkward smile to his teaseful one, "The water is hot here and there's no rule that one cannot take a bath again," and with that statement, he lifted her up in his arms and began walking towards the bathroom.

"I-I think I am fine! Don't you have work today?" Heidi hadn't prepared her mind and she needed time to digest his proposal.

"I pushed them for another day," he said as he walked down a couple of stairs until they reached the pool of water.

The lord of Bonelake had a luxurious bathing room she had ever laid her eyes on. It was big. As big as one of the guest rooms with large glass made windows which was hazy so that one couldn't look from inside or outside. When he put her down on her feet, Heidi stood in awe looking at the expansive room in which the bath had been built at the center.

"Drop the covers, Heidi," she had forgotten that she had brought the covers along when Nicholas had picked her up from the bed.

His eyes stayed on her, not flickering anywhere else and she said, "What about you?" she asked to see him smile. Moving his hand towards the towel which had been tucked, he pulled it to drop the towel on the floor.

"There," Lord Nicholas was a brave and a man who held no shame about his surroundings. Feeling her reluctance, he said, "I will go ahead," he turned around with his back facing her to showcase the taut muscles on his body.

Dropping the cover on the hard ground, Heidi stepped into the water, submerging her body in the pool of water.

"Come here," she heard Nicholas speak to her, who stood near the stairs which was built inside the large pool of water. Next to it laid little bottles along with the soap. Gulping softly, she walked to where he was, to only be pulled forward and feel his lips on hers suddenly. He grabbed her waist tighter as he slid his tongue into her mouth. He sucked on her bottom lips to hear her moan and clutch his wide shoulders. One of his hand slid down from the curve of her waist to her shapely bottom before pushing his finger in between her legs.

"Nick!" she gasped at the sudden intrusion. His finger slid in and out of her hot sex slowly, "What are you doing," she asked.

"Cleaning you of course."

She could feel the dull pain between her legs but at the same time something began to build up slowly in her lower abdomen and it was beginning to drive her out of her sanity. He increased the speed as his finger thrusted into her core, "N-Nick please..."

"Please what?" he asked her softly, seeing the pleasure swirl in her eyes.

"D-Don't. I will...I-I will die," she spoke with labored breathing and her words made him smile.

"You won't die because of an orgasm," he remarked, pushing his finger deeper and faster until he heard her cry his name. As her body went limp, he supported her with both his hands. Pulling her towards the stairs, he made her sit on one of them and he took a seat right behind her. Pouring the water which had cooled down on her body, he took hold of the little bottle and poured the liquid inside it on his hands before putting in her hair and gently massaging it.

Heidi let him work his fingers while she sat in front of him without a word. It was as if she had unleashed an animal which was prowling around her and she didn't want to be pounced right now. At the same time, right now, his fingers were being tender and careful.
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    《Heidi and the Lord》