Heidi and the Lord
125 Ghouls of death- Part 2
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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125 Ghouls of death- Part 2

Heidi caught sight of Warren turning his head away and she looked back to see Nicholas already looking at her. She didn't know what to make of the situation. Here, she had thought that it wouldn't be odd being around Warren but the truth was it was awkward right now. As if it wasn't evident enough, she heard Nicholas speak,

"What are you both standing there for?" he pointed out, "I believe you have everything sorted between you two. I would appreciate if both of you played along now without creating any suspicion once we reach the Scrimgeor's manor."

The ride to theScrimgeor's took less than an hour, taking the carriage through the towns and forest. Heidi caught hold of the front of her dress as she stepped down from the step of the carriage while the coachman stood at the side. The house was situated in midst of other houses with large walls that covered and protected it. By the look and feel of it, Heidi could say that these houses in the vast colony belonged to the high society. Placing her arm around Warren's, she walked inside the manor. She noticed the familiar faces that she had come to know in these past few months- relatives, friends, acquaintance. The lady of the house greeted Heidi who carried the newborn child.

"We couldn't introduce ourselves on the day you folks engaged," Mrs. Scrimgeor apologized.

"Please don't be, Mrs. Scrimgeor. With the amount of guests we had it would have been difficult for Heidi to remember every name and face," responded Warren

"That's right," Heidi agreed with a smile, "You have a beautiful boy. What is his name?" asked Heidi leaning towards the little baby and giving the child her finger as it took hold of it.

"We decided to name after my grandfather Abraham."

"Ruby here adores her grandfather and he does the same. She thought it would be something to remember and keep," Mr.Scrimgeor added before letting his eyes wander up and down Heidi, "So Lady Curtis. I hear your uncle works in exporting goods."

"He does. My father works for him in the business. It is something they have established and expanded after my grandfather passed away," Heidi replied not realizing Warren move closer to her subtly.

"For humans, it is quiet a thing. We hope we can make use of it in the future," the man gave her a one sided smile before going to greet other guests who had arrived.

"Heidi, would you like something to drink?" Warren offered as he was going to pick something to drink himself. The people of Bonelake weren't fond of the warm weather as they were people who grew up on the colder side of the weather.

"I am fine," With a nod, Warren left her with Mrs. Scrimgeor.

"May I?" Heidi asked, taking the new born child in both her arms, she supported the baby's head while looking down at it with fascination. The baby looked at her with intelligent blue eyes and it made her wonder if it was more aware and in sync with its environment compared to a baby which was human. The Scrimgeor's first child who was also a boy came to his mother, asking for something as he whispered into her hear.

"No dear, you cannot take it. It isn't ours now is it," and as the boy turned out, running away, the mother spoke loudly in the hope her son would listen to her, "Don't go too far, Heath," and she sighed.

"Children are always handful aren't they," a woman with blonde hair stepped in to the circle, looking at Heidi, she introduced herself, "I am Charlotte Valentir, you must be Heidi Curtis. You are the talk in few of the gossips that goes around with the women, don't take it the wrong way."

"Of course, people are always curious," looking at the contagious smile, Heidi smiled back at the lady.

"Is it true that you sent the boy to another school?" Mr.Scrimgeor questioned Charlotte. The question made Charlotte sigh before she nodded her head sadly.

"I will miss the boy around but I think it will be good for him. Corvus thinks I spoil him too much," the dewy eyed mother made Heidi smile as she listened to their conversation. It invoked thoughts in her, wondering if she would have the privilege to have children of her own with Nicholas. Glancing to where Nicholas was, her heart leaped when his eyes met hers and shyly she looked back at the two women with her.
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    《Heidi and the Lord》