Heidi and the Lord
126 Ghouls of death- Part 3
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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126 Ghouls of death- Part 3

When the time of lunch came, they were led to an open hall which had wide glass made windows that had paintings that resembled the art done in few of the churches. It was a mixed seating and as Mrs.Scrimgeor had to feed the baby, she left the hall due to which Mr. Scrimgeor ended up sitting beside Heidi and on the other side it was Warren. The meal began as usual, the all filled with conversations of vampires and humans who were invited for the meal and celebration. During the meal, Heidi was listening to something Warren was saying to her when she felt a hand brush against the side her thigh. Thinking it was something that happened by mistake, she didn't heed to it until the hand came to rest on her thigh. She felt her heart drop when Mr.Scrimgeor moved his hand up and down slowly. Not knowing how else to avoid without making a scene, she dropped her spoon purposely and made an excuse to leave the table. As everyone completed lunch, Heidi made sure not to stay anywhere close to the man. Heidi didn't know how to react when Mr.Scrimgeor came to talk to her with a smile as if nothing had happened.

"Lady Heidi, you didn't complete your meal," the man poked the words at her, "I was hoping we could bond together at the meal."

"I would rather not want to have that kind of bonding, Mr.Scrimgeor," her words were quick leaving the woman next to her flabbergasted as she had was unaware with the context. The woman excused herself to get herself a drink, leaving both of them standing in each others company. They were in the part of the mansion where not many guests were around.

"There's nothing to be shy about it."

"If you haven't noticed, kind sir, I don't hold the same interest as yours. And if I should add, I don't think it would do your family any good either."

"Aren't you a peach," Mr.Scrimgeor snickered, his light red eyes boring down to hers, "You might say it now but living an eternity with the same person is going to tire your husband. It is a usual practice in the high society to indulge in these things. There's a private acre of land with a farm house. I will show you a good time," she subtly moved away from him when he took a step forward as he spoke to her.

"Thank you for your invitation but like I said, I am not interested. Not in a man who has no virtue," Heidi narrowed her eyes at him in distaste.

"Haha. That's a good one Lady Heidi," the man laughed before looking up and down her body again, "I think you are forgetting that you are surrounded by the vampire folks and not priests. Virtue isn't something you should look to associate with us."

"I will decided that myself. Now if you will-"

"We aren't done talking," the man stopped her by placing and arm on her hand with a smile on his face. The man wasn't just shameless but also pushy not getting the point that she wasn't interested in what ever he thought, "We haven't acquainted ourselves yet and you are already leaving-"

The sound of her hand hitting the face of the man echoed through the spacious space attracting the guests who were around. It was an open-handed smack which left a red print on his cheek. The man seemed shocked, not moving for a few passing seconds until he realized what had happened. Being raised and spoilt from a wealthy family, it was the first for him to be slapped by a woman, less a human.

"Your audacity must be appreciated," he said tightening the hold of his hand when someone placed a hand on Mr. Scrimgeor and that someone being no one but the lord himself who stood behind the mere vampire.

"I would request you to do nothing harsh to our guest, Scrimgeor. Else I will have to take the matter in my hand," Mr. Scrimgeor looked unhappy. Not wanting to create another scene, he smiled at the lord, letting Heidi's hand go.

"My apologies," the man bowed, glaring at the woman and then turning his back to entertain his other guests.

She let out a sigh to hear Nicholas ask, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I am okay," she touched her arm to feel the light sting of pain on her skin which was covered with the full length sleeves she had worn.

Returning back to Rune mansion along with Nicholas and Warren, she walked around the mansion, spending time with the lamb in the horse shed whom she had grown fond of. Going back inside the mansion as the time turned to night, bringing the darkness along with it, Heidi roamed through the corridors of the mansion which wasn't frequently used. Walking through the scarcely lit corridors, she stood in front of the large portrait where the moonlight passed through the window next to it. Louise Perone -Nicholas' mother looked even more beautiful under the moonlight. Wondering if there could be any more paintings of her in the painting room, Heidi made her way there.

Pushing the door open wide which was slightly ajar open, she stepped into the room. Her feet carried forward to where many canvas was stacked in the corner. Going closer, she began looking at the pieces one by one. There were very few scenery or landscape paintings and more of an art which she didn't understand. Finding one painting of his mother, she smiled looking down at it. It was a painting where Louise was in a kitchen, cooking something on the fire. The colors were dark and dull but something about the picture told her that it wasn't imagination but a memory when Nicholas was a small boy. While looking through the other paintings, she came across something she would have never guessed. All the paintings were painted on large boards but this one brought out the gore that took place years ago. It was a room where a little boy sat in the corner with the floor painted red. It was a detailed piece which was painted with different shades of red.

Just as she continued to look at it, she heard a sound of snap making her lift her head to see the shadow she had come across before in the garden standing not too far away from her. Panic filling her mind, she felt the air being sucked out of her body. Her hands grew cold and numb as she stared at the bony creature that laid under the black ragged cloth.

Suddenly she heard a sound of snap, this time coming from the door to see Nicholas standing there. When her gaze went to fall back on the creature, she found it to be nowhere.

'W-what was that?" She asked as he walked into the room.

"That is a ghoul," he answered. His eyes fell on the canvas she was holding and then took it from her hand to look at it before putting it down.

"Ghoul? What was it doing here?!" Heidi asked him in worry.

"Don't fret, darling. They are mine," he offered her a smile, "They won't hurt you, not unless I ask them too."

Back in the Scrimgeor's mansion, Mr. Scrimgeor was in his private bath thinking about what happened after lunch. He ran his over his cheek where the human had slapped him. As he cleaned himself in the tub, a shadow creeped slowly into the room to stand in front of the man who had his eyes closed. The shadow raised it's hand, it's bony skeleton hands teaching towards the man chest as it hovered not too far from him.

When Mr. Scrimgeor opened his eyes to open the faucet of hot water it was too late as the ghoul dipped it's hand into his chest as he screamed his lungs out until the heart was squeezed out to let it burst inside his chest with no mark left on the outside.
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    《Heidi and the Lord》