Heidi and the Lord
132 Slave establishment- Part 1
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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132 Slave establishment- Part 1

Mythweald was caught in crossfire between the vampires and witches, fighting against each other while the humans sided with the vampires. Over the years, witches were driven into the shadows due to their lifestyle and didn't matter if they were good or bad. They were killed and torched, torn and shunned away. It made difficult for the lives of the white witches who were placed under high observation to avoid any misfortune they would bring to others lives. The South empire majored in the number of humans that lived on their land compared to Woville but that only made it easier for the black witches to creep back in while claiming the territory like a parasite that spreads during plague. And with the increase number of death that took place in different parts of the empires, the council had stepped in along with the lords to solve and eliminate the problem.

In midst of the chaos, Lord Nicholas ran the smooth sword across the witch's head who had come to attack him, separating the witch's head from her body. He didn't go for guns, not much at least as he enjoyed slashing people's throat and other parts of the body. It delayed the death of his foes. Once the body fell down on the ground it instantly lit up in fire before forming a dark mark and disappearing into air. His movements were like water, swift and fast, easily moving across the forest to kill two more witches. Even with the hundreds of witches who had gathered for the sole purpose to form the massacre he had an inclination that these weren't the only number who existed and that there were some more who hadn't appeared for the occasion.

Looking around the area, he saw the Valerian lord attacking the head of the witch. It seemed that his guess was right about her. Apart from him there were others who had joined forces including some of the council members where few of them fought against them in favor of the witches. He didn't need to know that Katherine Welcher, the woman who held Lord Alexander's interest had been taken as hostage forcefully without the council's consent.

The ghoul he had sent to watch the girl and the others had kept him informed. He had kept the other ghoul which was the first of his kind at the Rune's mansion to make sure Heidi was safe. He wasn't the kind of man to keep his treasures out in the open. Even though he trusted his butler and his woman, it was something he had left behind in Bonelake. Suddenly out of nowhere a witch appeared in front of Nicholas, stabbing the knife through his neck. The knife was one of the witch's creation which was coated in poison; similar to the poison Duke Scathlok had given to Heidi. It looked like the witch was stronger despite her meek appearance. Unfortunately, this triggered the ghoul that was in the Rune's mansion as it was in sync to him compared to the other by mind and body.

Before he could grab her by her neck but she escaped which led him to chase her. The witch turned around, jumping away from the lord again. She looked at him curiously, gauging the man as she waited for the poison to take into effect but the man stood strong on the ground.

"What's the matter?" he humored her as if already knowing what was going on in the black witch's head beneath her scaly appearance, "Something not adding up?" he smiled.

The black witch went to his throat again, this time grazing the knife over his cheek that began to drip with blood. Jumping on to the tree, she stood above on one of the branches waiting for the poison to spread but it did nothing to him.

"Tch," he clicked his tongue, bringing up his sleeve to clean the blood on his cheek, "If you haven't noticed. That's not going to work," hearing this, the witch began jumping from one tree to another, trying to outrun the man who kept with her speed on ground.

The number of trees grew scarce as one ran and the other chased. When Nicholas almost caught up with her she stopped abruptly to turn behind to face the man with a smirk.

"You vampires think you are smarter than us," she said seeing that she had isolated him. For her knife, that had killed countless number of vampires, there was no doubt that he was one of the lords of the empire, Nicholas Rune, "You all are going to die," and with that she began the black witches incantation, marking the ground around where they stood and trapping him in a circle as the ground quaked.

Nicholas balanced himself on his feet as the wind grew stronger, lifting up the dust and mud from the ground, "I highly doubt that."

"The vampires are always full of themselves. Why fight? It wasn't as if we were ruining your land not unless you folks don't agree," the witch commented making him fall down on the ground as blood seeped out of his mouth. This was no ordinary black witch, realized Nicholas, "We only want our fair share of land like you vampires. What's so bad about it? You treat us like pests, as if we have no right to live."

"I am sure if you spoke to the council they would arrange it," Nicholas spat the blood out while keeping his eyes locked on the witch.

This made the witch let out a loud laugh, "Those bastards would kill us before we can even utter a word. And it is no mystery how they treat the other witches. Help us like the others and we will leave you safe. The Duke was smart to keep the offer. Once we are done here, we will raise the riot in West."

"That's sounds interesting," the smile on his lips didn't disappear, "The Duke will flip your lights once he's done with you."

"He wouldn't. Dorian has given his word to our lady. He knows well to not cause us problems because it wouldn't take too long to put him in the spotlight on what he is doing. He has the newly created half vampires and we have ours," that meant the Duke and the witches were both in in converting the humans into half vampires before turning them nonfunctional and into waste.

"So what do you say?" the scaly witch asked, her green slit eyes looking at him eagerly, "You are very good looking. It would be a waste to kill you here."

"Well, there's something common we think about. Though...I don't think you will stay alive much longer," his physique began to change, muscles getting stronger as his mouth changed from his sweet smile to a wolf like mouth, bringing out a raw animal like aura around him.

"You are not normal," the witch whispered with disbelief.

"That's very rude of you to call me abnormal. I prefer the word special."

He sped to where he stood, catching her throat and ripping her head off her body. Dropping the body flat on ground he pulled out the hand kerchief from his trouser to clean his bloody black hands covered in the witch's blood. Before anyone could take a peek at his transformed face, he turned it back to normal, throwing the cloth which was in his hand.
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    《Heidi and the Lord》