Heidi and the Lord
146 After hell broke- Part 4
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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146 After hell broke- Part 4

Heidi felt herself freeze, she turned to see Nicholas walk towards her, his feet softly padding across the room without a sound. It finally dawned on her that she was no longer in the establishment but in his room, back in the Rune mansion. As the adrenaline that had spiked before fell down, she looked at the chain and then at the lord wondering why she had it around her leg.

"W-why am I chained?" she asked him, dread lacing her voice. The first thought that appeared in her mind was that she was going to be put under trial as she had killed the guardsman but Nicholas wouldn't allow it, she knew that much at least about the man. Then why?

"Calm down," she heard him coo to her like a child, "You need to rest," he curled his arm around her waist and gently took her back to the bed.

"B-but-" she began in confusion to only be shushed by him.

"I will take them out once you have gone to sleep. Sleep, sweetheart," he tucked her in the bed and took a seat next to her. Seeing her eyes droop with exhaustion, Nicholas bent down to kiss her on her temple. He was glad to see her awake but she needed to rest a little more. He also needed to make sure she was alright- physically as well as mentally.

Pushing her hair away which had fallen over her eyes, he touched her neck while making sure she didn't wake up. Tracing her neck with his fingers, he brought back the soul bond which had his name on her pale neck.

The time he had arrived at the slave establishment before retrieving Heidi back, he had gone straight to where she was to only be surprised to see her beat the guard even after he had passed out to be dead. The slave establishment had different effects on everyone. Especially for humans it was a make or break situation and with the number of stories he had heard from his butler, he had been hoping that the establishment wouldn't be having an aftermath effect on her but it seemed that it had caused damage. He didn't want her sprinting off and away from him not until he knew she was alright and as a precaution, he had chained her to his bed. He had tried to get all the information from her sister, Nora. One of the little information being Heidi who had always tried to run away during the initial days she was taken in by the Curtis family.

Though the idea of chaining her to his bed brought different reaction and scenes in his mind, that was not what he was aiming for.

When Heidi woke up again, this time with a much clearer mind, the chain was still stuck around her ankle. The chain seemed to be a magical one as it extended when she went to the bathroom but it shortened when she got closer to the balcony. In an effort to remove the chain, she tried scraping it on the wall, cutting with the table knife which was stuck to an apple and every possible means she could think of but the chain never came off.

Nicholas had made a small trip down to the dungeon when Heidi had fallen asleep and when he returned back, he was presented with Heidi trying to free herself from the chain. As he closed the door with a little thud testingly, he saw her jump a little before her eyes fell on him.

"How are you feeling?" he asked coming around to sit on the bed.

"Hungry and a little uncomfortable," Heidi who sat in the middle of the bed, dropped the chains from her hands.

"Good. I asked one of the maids to prepare food and get it to the room when I was on my way here," he said ignoring the uncomfortable part which he was aware she was referring to the chain. Leaning forward he placed a kiss on her lips which she eagerly opened to him like a petal that bloomed in spring, inviting the bee to take the nectar from it. His hands were soon in her hair and he pulled her closer to him. Heidi closed her eyes feeling his tongue plunge into her mouth as it sucked on her tongue. Her hands curled, holding and crumpling the front of his shirt when his fangs pierced her bottom lip to have a taste of her blood. He sucked and licked on it before closing the wound.

Opening her eyes as they pulled away from the kiss, she asked him, "You won't be removing the chain anytime soon will you?" Nicholas gave her a mischievous smile. He dropped a kiss on her nose lovingly.

"You know me so well."

She bit her lip looking back at the chain, "I tried running away," she said out loud, wondering if Nicholas had expected her to do something absurd, which she did though she had never meant to run away from him.

"You did. I promise to take it out soon, just until my own heart settles down," Nicholas' gaze burned into her eyes and then it softened, "Do bear with it," and she only nodded. Pulling her closer, his arms wound around her waist as he heard her breath. He acknowledged the fact that Heidi was now within his reach where he could see and touch her.
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    《Heidi and the Lord》