Heidi and the Lord
148 After hell broke- Part 6
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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148 After hell broke- Part 6

Hearing the footsteps, the butler turned around to see Lord Nicholas make his way to where he was, "You have done a wonderful job, Stanley," Nicholas praised his butler.

"I did just as you told me to, master."

"I think that will be all with Mr Wilford. Why don't you go attend the other guests we have while I have a little chat before I finish him off," Nicholas stated to see the butler bow and carry all his equipment with the help of cart to the next cell.

"Y-you can't do that!" Mr Wilford stuttered scared, blood spraying out of his mouth, "The council won't take it easy on you if they find you have killed me!"

"I am sure they won't mind if there's one person to care less. I am sure we have had our glory days and I appreciate the work you have done for me, after all once upon a time you did pass me the fresh blood from your livestock but what I don't appreciate is you keeping my lovely, future wife in your cell as a slave," the lord placed a hand on the man's shoulder.

"F-future w-wife? I am sure I didn't-"

"Oh shut up," Nicholas spoke bored as he squeezed the shoulder, "You not only took her in as a slave but also didn't let her go. You must be utterly stupid to think you would be let off the hook. So as I was saying, we had an amazing time but all things should end. Especially if they are bad and right now you are a very very bad man, Wilford. Time to say bye," he squeezed his shoulder until it snapped.

Mr Wilford screamed and fell down on his feet as chains were unlocked. Clutching his hand on his shoulder he looked a little more than confused when the lord walked away. Wondering what was going on he looked around until a ghoul appeared right in front of his eyes and he looked at it terrified, his voice bouncing off the rocky walls.

"No! Stay away from me! No! NO!!!"

Lord Nicholas walked towards the other cells to see an old man tied to the walls. He was the man who had tricked Heidi to sell her to the slave establishment. His partner, his wife was in another cell next to his.

Not caring much about the man, he moved to the one where the old woman was. "Hello there," he greeted her when the old woman was listening to the cries of Wilford being torn apart.

With his hand in his pockets, he walked towards the last cell where Dorian was locked. He waited until his butler was done but something seemed off.

"That will be all, Stanley. Take the old woman to the wolves," he ordered his butler.

"Would you want me to feed them?" the butler titled his head to see his master think for few seconds before replying back to him, "No. Just tie her up there. I will be there soon."

"Yes, master."

"Torture me all you want but nothing is going to change," Dorian smirked, his face bloody and covered with blood.

Nicholas observed the multiple wounds which were created on his body, skin almost peeled out but Dorian seemed to be fine. Both the man's hand was tied with iron chains that were hooked to the ceiling. As much as he enjoyed torturing people, Nicholas had been busy tying few loose ends with the council of the witches and the recent runaway of their beloved Duke Wilford. News had reached that Wilford had runaway somewhere while in truth the man had been held in the Rune mansion secretly without anyone's knowledge outside the mansion.

His butler had done an excellent job in torturing the man and Nicholas enjoyed the scene. The lord of Bonelake was a meticulous man. He always had been so, making sure not to get caught in any of his adventures killings. And then there was Heidi. He had personally taken his time to be around her than have someone look after her.

"You aren't a human, are you?" Nicholas looked at him in interest. When a look of surprise crossed the Duke's face, the Lord gave him a satisfied smile, "I have a very keen eye. I heard that you have been meaning to bring me down for a while now. So what does the false human slash vampire want from me?" this seemed to get a reaction out of the Duke. There were rare cases when vampires didn't show any traits of their actual nature, therefore, having more of a dormant gene which made them seem more human. It was the same case when it came to Rhys' wife.

"Why don't you think hard and you might get an answer," Dorian snapped back.

"I am sorry, it's not ringing any bell. So why don't you tell me, I am all ears."

"You are worse than the lord Valeria."

"My. Don't blemish my reputation," he tutted, "I am a kind and a sensible lord."

This made Dorian laugh and his words were bitter, "Of course, you are. The white prince of the empire. You must have really grown up in a nice family who had loving parents who would have pumped your ego."

"I pump it myself but it seems like you had a very good upbringing with the way you have turned out to be," chuckled Nicholas before laughing and excusing himself with a cough.

"I unlike you, I didn't have a family thanks to the lord," spat Dorian, "He forced upon my mother and left her on her own!" Nicholas raised his brow hearing this. It didn't take much time for the lord to add numbers and guess what was going on, instead of confronting the man, he let Dorian speak, "I am his legal son too! Just as you are! But you know what he did when he found out? He kicked me out and forbade me from stepping on to the land!"

"So?" Nicholas asked uninterested, "You want love from daddy? Daddy didn't talk to you?"

"You fucking asshole! You have no idea what my mother and I had to go through! And before I have the chance he is dead and you take the lordship," Dorian looked at Nicholas furiously and tried to free himself from the chains he was tied in but there was no escaping the iron chains.
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    《Heidi and the Lord》