Heidi and the Lord
152 Broken vase- Part 3
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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152 Broken vase- Part 3

"Mr. Lawson must be having a death wish." Turning around, she saw it was none other than the butler. She only smiled at his words, hopefully Nicholas could let him off the hook this one time. Finally with all the guests who had arrived at the mansion left, Nicholas walked up the stairs to where Heidi was waiting for him. Kissing the side of her temple, they walked back inside the hallways. The same night, Heidi laid in Nicholas' arms in bed. Heidi laid flat on her front, facing Nicholas as he traced his finger across her bare back languidly. Her back arched at the ticklish feeling his finger created.

She stared at him, seeing the tranquil expression that was etched over his face, "Nick?"

"Hmm," he hummed, his gaze meeting hers.

"Did all the black witches die in Mythweald?"

"Not all but most of them, enough to know we don't have to worry them attacking any town or village in the empires. Why do you ask?" he asked back to see her shrug her shoulders..

"Say why did you make prepare tea the first time when you weren't going to drink?"

Remembering the first time they met, Nicholas grinned at the memory, "No particular reason. Why, did you want me to stay and have a cup of tea along with some snacks?"

"I think tea would be as far as I would go back then."

"I am hurt at the revelation," Nicholas acted as if he was offended before his eyes fell on the side of her back just down her shoulder where her skin had been branded. Branded marks were for life and was something a person had to live, be it human or vampire. He wanted it off her and after a few moments of thinking, he asked, "By the way Heidi, have you been to Valeria before?" she shook her head at the question, "What do you say we take a little trip?"

When Nicholas had mentioned two days ago about taking a trip to Valeria, she hadn't known that they would be leaving the Rune mansion the very next morning. Now on their way, Nicholas and she travelled to Valeria with a trunk filled of clothes and other things which was tied behind the carriage. With the dark clouds left behind as the wheels took them to the Delcrov's mansion, sun shone brightly across their path and the outstretched sky. The weather was nice and warm as the carriage pulled over in front of the destined mansion. Nicholas who had stepped out first gave his hand to Heidi for her to step outside the carriage.

"Lord Nicholas, Lady Heidi," a man who looked exactly like a corpse came out of the mansion to greet them. His cheeks were almost hollowed, his figure lean but old in appearance. With the way he was dressed, Heidi assumed he was the butler of the mansion, "Lord Alexander has been awaiting your presence. Please follow me," the butler said, his movements similar to a ghost.

Feeling Nicholas, gently push her back, she walked in with him.

"Nicholas," a tall man walked towards them, his eyes dark red in color under his dark brows and his features defined as he shook his hand with Nicholas, "Lady Heidi, it is finally good to meet you. I am Alexander Delcrov," the man gave her a small bow. Unlike Nicholas who had a calmer presence, this man, the lord of Valeria held more of a brooding presence around him.

"Likewise," Heidi bowed her head respectfully.

"Martin," Lord Alexander looked up at his corpse like butler, who bowed his head and left them, "Why don't we go to the drawing room?" he proposed, leading them through the corridors.

"Where is Katherine?" Heidi heard Nicholas enquire about Lord Alexander's wife.

"She's gone to the cemetery with Elliot. They left an hour ago. They should be back soon. I got a word about the truce," Lord Alexander gave a knowing look to Nicholas as they got into the drawing room, "Your letter told you wanted a favor. What is it that I can for you?"
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    《Heidi and the Lord》