Heidi and the Lord
155 Epilogue- Part 1
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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155 Epilogue- Part 1

Year 1867

Winter arrived as flakes of snow fell from the sky softly as if it was showering flowers on the ground, one after another until the land of Bonelake turned white. It was the time of Winter celebration and the lord had been generous enough to hold it in his mansion. Guests were invited from the four empires- Woville, Mythweald, Valeria and from his own, Bonelake.

He stood in front of the large mirror that hung on his wall as he tied the inky blue satin tie around his collar. His long fingers twisted the material, moving it in and around until it formed to a loose noose. Turning down the collar which was upwards, he tightened the tie until it sat not too tight around his neck. Nicholas looked at the man with dark red eyes who looked back at him in the mirror. He hadn't aged since he had turned an adult, the pure blooded blood running strongly in his veins. Some would have considered it to be fortunate, to have a blood so thick and strong that was placed higher to a pure blooded vampire but he was burdened with it. Since he was born the blood had been an abomination, something which was created from force and pain.

Picking up the glass of blood which was brought in by a maid an hour ago to his room, he sat on the armchair with it. Taking a sip from it he stared at the fireplace which crackled with the logs of wood burning brightly, fighting with the fire until it gave up to form into a dark residue of ash. With the sounds of carriage arriving and pulling over in front of the mansion, Nicholas could tell that he had to go down to greet his guests soon. Though regular balls and parties were held, it was the first time he was holding the Winter's celebration after Heidi had passed away.

Life had been unfortunate and unfair in so many different ways which made Nicholas smile bitterly. Few years back after Lord Alexander warned him not to turn Heidi to one of them, it had taken him weeks to come in terms with it. But before he could properly face the truth Heidi had fallen sick after an year. Her health had got worse with days that ticked away without waiting for him to grasp. He had been angry, angry enough to destroy his study room again which had been remodeled again. But he didn't give up. He got every possible doctor to help his wife recover from her ill health. The lord of Valeria was called again but death was at the door, not wanting to leave until it took her away from him.

He sat next to the bed where Heidi laid, holding her hand in both of his, trying to nurse her back to health. A human's life was fragile, weak, waiting to melt and wash away in the rain. Gazing down at her, he noticed the dark circles which had settled under the closed eyes, her breathing was short and heavy.

The weather of Bonelake didn't help her, it worsened her health. At the proposal of going to another land which could keep her alive longer, Heidi had refused, stating she wanted to live her remaining moments here, in Bonelake with him. His butler had been dropping into the room time by time to keep the fireplace burning in large volume so that it could reach Heidi.

Hearing her cough, Nicholas looked at her with a grave expression. Her eyes slowly opened, vision that seemed to have blurred due to the continuous rest she was put to.

Heidi turned slowly to look at him, "You need to take a walk outside," she spoke before taking a large amount of air through her mouth, "Staying here all time isn't healthy. Everyone needs some air."

"I prefer the air here than the one outside," he smiled, running his thumb across her knuckles, "How do you feel?"

"Good," she coughed, flinching slightly with the way her chest vibrated with the small action. Nicholas helped her sit up, pulling the quilt up to her waist. Taking the glass of water from the desk, he brought it to her lips, tilting it so that she could drink, "Where is Stanley?" she inquired. It felt like it had been two days since she last saw him.

"He left few minutes before you woke up. What is it?" he asked seeing her smile to which she shook her head.

"I feel like a child being taken care of. Something like this happened before too," she looked lost, staring up at the ceiling. She wasn't doing alright. Since past few days, she couldn't stomach the food in which led to her growing more thin and frail.

"Would you like to sit in front of the fireplace then?" Nicholas stood up, scooping her in his arms carefully. Walking towards the armchair with the blanket still around her, he sat down with her in his arms, "Better?"

"Much," she responded, her head that laid down his chest could hear his heartbeat under the clothes he wore. It was a sweet lullaby to her as she listened to it. Entwining her fingers with his, she again continued to stare into nothingness, "Nick?" she called for his attention.


"Don't be sad," he heard her speak, pulling her head back she looked at him in the eye, "Even when I am gone, don't be. I am sorry for causing you trouble."

"Shh. You need to save your energy in getting better," his voice was gentle and warmer than the heat that came out of the fireplace, "You don't need to be sorry about anything," she shook her head, her eyes had casted down in sorrow.

"We both know we don't have enough time. I want to tell you things before our time comes to an end," when she looked back up, her eyes were filled with tears, "Promise me that you won't be sad once I am gone. That you will live the way you have before you even met me. I wouldn't mind you killing a bird either but you will try...Try to be happy," drops of tears fell down on her cheeks which he erased by wiping it with his hand.

"Anything you want," he answered in a heartbeat when he knew you how difficult it would be when the time came.


"Yes, darling," he kissed her forehead.

And when the time did come, it had been hard. It felt as if a huge hole had been formed after Heidi had left his side. Even though the days had gone by painfully, excruciatingly slow, Nicholas hadn't tried filling up the hole like Heidi wanted him to. He carried the pain of emptiness which reminded him of her presence, not wanting to let go of the memories with her. Like a book being flipped seasons had changed one after another and here was Winter. Nicholas could still feel her presence, her voice sometimes resonating in his head.

A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts, it was his butler, Stanley, "Master, would you be joining the guests? Most of them have arrived and Mr. Rufus was asking for you."

"Was he now."

Nicholas got up, finishing the blood from the glass he had been previously holding. Going down with his butler trailing behind him, he wore his charming smile on his lips down the stairs. Greeting the guests as he moved across the elite class of crowd, he spoke to his friends and acquaintances that surrounded him. Music played in the background along with the chatter and laughs in the hall. Seeing the lord of Valeria arrive with his family, he walk towards them,

"I thought you wouldn't come," Nicholas stated, a smile on his lips.

"Apologies for arriving late. We got caught by something important," the Valerian lord replied with one of his hand placed on his son's shoulder. Looking down at the boy standing in front of them, he noticed he was at the age where he would start growing like a human before it would seize again. Children of the vampires usually grew up until a certain age before their time was paused and then continued.

"Good evening, Lord Nicholas," the boy bowed his head respectfully.

"A very good evening to you, Evan," he greeted the boy, "Seems just like little Alexander. Did he inherit everything from you?" he asked curious to be answered by Alexander, "It is hard to say right now as he is still a little boy."

Katherine nodded her head to her husband when he placed a hand on her back, "Excuse us, Lord Nicholas while we go greet the others," she took her son along with her before going up to an acquaintance she knew and started conversing.
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    《Heidi and the Lord》