Heidi and the Lord
157 Interview with the characters-1
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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157 Interview with the characters-1

Interviewer: *taps on the mic to test if it's working* It works!

Stanley: How long do you think this is going to take *asks author-san who is sitting next to him* I have work at the mansion.

Author-san: Probably half an hour? Just a few questions and you should be able to go *looks at the butler with starry eyes*

Interviewer: Hello everyone and welcome to our interview with the characters of the lord series. We- *Elliot enters the room*

Elliot: Sorry I am late *grins widely and takes a seat next to Katherine* I got stuck in traffic.

Author-san: There was no traffic in the eighteenth century!

Elliot: Of course, there is traffic. Have you seen the market-

Interviewer: *clears throat loudly to gain everyone's attention in room* Ahem, if everyone could settle down. We are on a limited time before our schedule ends.

*murmurs of agreement goes around the room*

Interviewer: So first thing first, let us give an applause to all the characters who are here sitting with us today *meow* *a black cat enters the room to go and sit next to Alexander's leg* As I was saying, we have the lords from Valeria, Mythweald and Bonelake. There are also our beautiful ladies here Katherine, Heidi and Lettuce. Oh my bad! Lettice *smiles sheepishly*

Elliot: Author-san, how could you name her like that *snickers until Katherine gives him a look of disapproval*

Nicholas: I feel bad for her *nods head* You should have changed her name.

Author-san: It's a unique name. Let-isss *pronounces the name* It's different.

Interviewer: *gets carried away* So that is how you say it! I have been calling her Let-ice all this while. What about Rhys? I hope I have been calling him right. At first I thought it was 'rice' but then I realized it was pronounced as 'reese'. Getting back on the show. We have Lettice, Rhys, Timothy, our butlers Martin and Stanley, Elliot. Wait, where's Sylvia?

Camera man: She couldn't make it. She's gone to visit her hometown.

Author-san: *coughs*

Interviewer: Yes, we have our author here along with us *smiles* So let us ask few questions before we end our book here *shuffles cue cards in hand and then looks at Alexander* Before I ask you questions I would like to let you know, big fan *points hands to herself*

Martin: This is going to take longer than half an hour *mumbles in his seat while thinking about what food to prepare for dinner*

Interviewer: Here's the question to you, lord Alexander. We all know you don't have a smooth relationship with the lord of Bonelake in your book. Why did you help him? What changed?

Nicholas: This should be good *gives a eager smile with eyes sparkling in amusement*

Author-san: *bouncing in her seat, raises hand to answer*

Interviewer: Please sit down miss. Your turn will come later *ignores author-san*

Alexander: What's there to say? He promised to keep Katie safe and he did. I am sure all of us know how much trouble she invites. She is a naive girl who would believe anyone-

Katie: I call it being trustworthy!

Malphus: She's easy to fool.

Katie: You just wait there Malphy. I am going to give you your favourite flowers.

Author-san: That's right my girl. Give him those flowers he's allergic to!

Alexander: My girl *narrows eyes*

Author-san: *a little scared* Hey, you know what I meant! I don't swing that way!

Interviewer: Everyone please settle down, quiet. Alexander please...

Alexander: For us vampires, especially the pure blooded one's, soul bonds are absolute. She is the love of my life. Keeping her safe is the top priority. Without Katie I would be lost. Nicholas is an asshole but he has his rare moments which comes very rarely.

Interviewer: I see. There are readers who would like to know how you were able to bring Heidi back. How does that even work? Does that mean you can bring anyone back?

Nicholas: I have a few people in the list whom I would want to bring back. Let's set up a meeting once this interview is done.

Malphus: I would like to take part in it!

Elliot: Count me in!

Stanley: Master, can we bring the boy back? *looks at Nicholas*

Nicholas: I am sure we can, Stanley.

Author-san: Not happening!

Alexander: I am sorry but the author is right. I cannot bring anymore people back from the dead. Tapping into dark magic has its consequences and I wouldn't want any unfortunate events to touch my family *continues to explain* When I realized Heidi's soul was damaged to be put more crudely-corrupted, I used a binding magic on her in a hope that a resurrection would take place.

Interviewer: *asks Katie* Did you know about this? *Katie shakes head*

Katie: I am still disappointed with that *lips set in a thin line*

Alexander: My silly girl *leans towards her and kisses her cheek* it was something I wasn't sure would work. You *interviewer straightens up* ask only relevant questions else we have chains and shackles to welcome you. Anyways...With the magic that was spilt on Katie, she had woken up Malphus by mistake from his grave. But you see, I had forcibly pushed some part of my magic to Heidi when she was alive. I believe it resulted in her soul and new body taking rebirth in Valeria without her past memories as a human. She was dead until she was buried and the magic brought her back to life. You won't find anything in her coffin except for dust. It would have combusted after she was born as a baby.

Interviewer: So you're a human.

Heidi: I guess I am, if I am alive.

Interviewer: Are you an immortal like Malphus if he was brought back to life by Lord Alexander?

Heidi: No, I am very much a mortal right now. Malphus didn't have a restart in his life and he is able to switch from human to ghost form. I can't because I am living a second life thanks to lord Alex.

Nicholas: If it weren't for this stupid interview I would have turned her by now *passes an annoyed expression*

Interviewer: How are your new family, Heidi? Are they better than the last one?

Heidi: Much better though I do miss my mother, Helen. My parents love me. I have a younger brother named, Michael.

Interviewer: Well that's good to hear and we are all happy for you, Heidi.

Heidi: Thank you *smiles*

Interviewer: So talking about parents. Did you ever try finding who they were or where you came from?

Heidi: My previous family, when I was a Curtis no one bothered to find about it *Nicholas holds her hand* I think I was traded for money like the rest of the children to slavery. Frankly, I have no recollection to my life before I arrived at the slave establishment.

Interviewer: *changes cue card before coming to one of them. Blinking at it a couple of times and then looks up* There's a reader who would like to us if you're a virgin...

Nicholas: Alexander, where are the shackles?

Interviewer: So Lord Alexander, why is that Katie shows no sign of the soul bond unlike Heidi who has this really beautiful choker line design?

Alexander: Isn't that obvious, I am not a show off like Nicholas. Sometimes I like to keep things private.

Interviewer: Well, this is interesting *looks up from her cue card* Did you by any chance have something to do with Heidi passing away in such early life?

Alexander: No, I had no hand in it.

Interviewer: Moving on to Katherine, how have you been doing.

Katie: Very good, thank you.

Interviewer: *cries a river, I want an Alex too!* Our readers were really excited to know that you and Lord Alexander have a son. How old is he?

Katie: Visually in a human's term, he would look to be around eight.

Interviewer: So how does the aging work with the vampires?

Alexander: I will take this question. When a vampire child is born, the child ages normally like a human until he or she reached seven or eight until their body cells freezes for certain number of years before continuing to age and freezing the aging process again for a much longer duration. Though it is very hard to say as different vampires have different age growth.

Interviewer: That's physically. How about the mental growth? *asks curious*

Nicholas: Vampire children are usually babied and pampered, especially the kids belonging to the higher society. So they are pretty much like the humans.

Interview: Katherine. How did you break the news that you were pregnant to Lord Alexander.

Katie: *blushes at the memory* I wasn't the one who broke the news. It was the other way around.

Malphus: Alexander was the one to break the news to her that she was pregnant *snorts*

Interview: That must have been quite a scene. Our readers are sending lot of love to Areo *meows* *looks around realizing someone is missing* Where's Warren?

Nicholas: Do you even have to ask? He's with Venetia *gives a deadpan answer*

Interviewer: I was sure I invited him too asking him to make some time. How is he doing? You played him real nice Lord Nicholas.

Nicholas: *rolls eyes* I won the girl's heart fair and square. He wasn't interested in Heidi in the beginning. He didn't make his moves and I did *gives a sly smile*

Timothy: He's getting engaged to a girl his mother picked up for him. I feel sorry for him but he is a mama's boy in the end.

Rhys: Some of us vampires are brought up and bound to follow the words of family.

Interviewer: Was it too much of a shock to see Heidi back?

Timothy: I was excited to see her back alive. After leaving her at the forest, I couldn't help but tell it to Rhys who told it to Lettice. I must say though, her sudden unexpected visit gave a lot of people a shock.

Nicholas: It was priceless *one corner of his lips lifts up*

Heidi: People thought I was a ghost and refused to talk to me or come near me. The woman who fell on the floor hit her head too bad *she grimaced*
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    《Heidi and the Lord》