Heidi and the Lord
158 Interview with the characters-2
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Heidi and the Lord
Author :ash_knight17
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158 Interview with the characters-2

Interviewer: Lord Nicholas moving on to you with the questions. What was your first thought when you first met Heidi and when did you fall in love with her?

Nicholas: Hmm...the night we met at the dark alley. I was definitely intrigued by her. One moment she was huffing and another moment she was worried. I loved teasing her.

Stanley: Master bullied her *the butler corrects him*

Nicholas: The more she resisted, the more I enjoyed teasing her. It was when I took her to see the lake of bones I realized my attachment to her. She a beautiful woman.

Interviewers: I believe it is the time during the grand ball you created a soul bond with Heidi. And also where did you place her body? Was it next to your mother?

Nicholas: No, it was in the corner of the garden. I wanted to keep her close even after death.

Timothy: There's nothing there now *interviewer raises her thick untamed eyebrows and pushes her glasses* we digged the ground and pulled out the coffin to only find dust in there. It seems like after Heidi was born again, the body turned to dust.

Interviewer: Getting back to the question-

Nicholas: I was tired with Warren hanging around her like a lost puppy and I needed affirmation that she was solely mine. I do get jealous *stares at his fingernails* Next.

Interviewer: Nineteen years is long. It must have been really difficult for you without Heidi next to you.

Nicholas: Indeed it was. It feels like you're suddenly crippled, the ground has been pulled under your feet where you have no support below. A lot of things in the mansion were destroyed or broken. A few deaths too.

Interviewer: Deaths?

Nicholas: I took up the job to torture the law breakers who were sent from the council. It was a very good coping mechanism. Tearing one limb after another is good *he smiles unwaveringly sending a shiver down the interviewer's spine*

Interviewer: How did you feel seeing Heidi back in the slave establishment? We were quite surprised that you didn't shut it down after what happened.

Nicholas: *he laughs* I wanted to kill every single damn walking soul there but I am not stupid to invite trouble when I have to rescue my girl. And just because she ended up there the second time doesn't mean it's going to happen the third time. Everyone is well aware with the fact of her being my lawfully wedded wife. The slave establishment will come in handy, just like it helped in putting Nora there.

Interviewer: Is she still there? She must have grown really old. What about Mr. Simeon Curtis?

Heidi: She passed away a few years after I died. Ah he...he's grown old now. He stays alone in the house.

Nicholas: Just the life he's supposed to have.

Interviewer: Now that we or on family. Do you plan to have kids anytime soon? *Both Heidi and Nicholas answer yes* how many are you planning?

Heidi: We would like two boys and a one girl *before interviewer can ask a question she speaks* we haven't picked names yet *smiling along with Nicholas*

Interviewer: There are readers who would like to go on a date with you.

Nicholas: I am not even surprised .If there are willing humans who are ready to provide their blood then sure. Heidi will be needing the blood once I have turned her.

Interviewer: That's very thoughtful of you. By the way I don't see any soul bond on you, I mean the markings. Is it hidden?

Nicholas: Being the one who placed the soul bond, I don't have it.

Rhys: Men usually don't have the markings unlike women.

Nicholas: The pure blooded vampires like their women to adorn in. Except for that one *he jerks his head towards where Alexander sits*

Interviewer: Let's move our questions to Heidi our main lead of H&L. Some of us feel Lord Nicholas' nature is rubbing off on you.

Heidi: Is that so *she smiles* I think he might have.

Interviewer: How does it feel to be dead?

Malphus: I think you're asking the wrong person the question. It feels like a long vacation.

Stanley: *nodding his head* Malphus did stay dead for a long time while Heidi probably a day or two.

Interviewer: What's your favourite color?

Heidi: Blue

Interviewer: What is the one thing you love and hate about Nicholas?

Heidi: *thinks hard* I would say his intrusive nature. He can really pester you if he wants to know what's going on in your mind.

Katie: He doesn't seem to look that type.

Alexander: He's a fox, Katie.

Nicholas: Says the spider.

Interviewer: Excuse me, for bringing up the past but was there anything in particular that worried you when you had fallen sick?

Heidi: I was worried about Nick. I know that he behaves like there's nothing that could affect him because of the way he behaves but I know it does. I felt more broken, feeling as if I failed him in giving him a family. I wanted to stay with him yet I couldn't. To have his family taken twice...*her voice trails*

Nicholas: *puts a hand around her shoulder*

Interviewer: One last question for you guys. Could you tell us which were your fond memories that you both shared?

Nicholas: The time her hair looked miserable like a nest.

Heidi: I knew I looked bad! *Nicholas chuckles*

Interviewer: And how about you Heidi?

Heidi: All the time we have spent in the piano room.

Nicholas: Add that one in mine too.

Interviewer: Very well then. We were glad to have you on our interviews and hope to see you around if author-san- *looks at empty chair and then at author-san getting back into the room with a packet of chips* is-ah gracious enough to keep you there. Let's all say bye to Nicholas, Alexander, Katherine and Heidi for taking part in it *audience applauses* Stanley!

Stanley: Yes! *responds quickly*

Interviewer: *trying to flirt* You have gorgeous hair there. What do you apply and how do you maintain it?

Stanley: I use the apples that grow in the orchard. They have everything for a good hair care *interviewer's eyes widen at his words* I was kidding.

Author-san: *pushes her seat away from him*

Interviewer: You turned out to be a fine character in the book. Is it true that you are gay?

Stanley: Yes.

Interviewer: Does that mean you are seeing someone or romantically involved?

Stanley: *smiles deviously* There is a councilman who has been trying to woe me but I have a tight schedule.

Interviewer: We are aware of that. You are one good butler of Lord Nicholas *turns to look at Rhys* We got a word that the new book, male lead is related to you is that true?

Rhys: You got that right. He's a first cousin of mine from the Carmichael family.

Interviewer: That sounds interesting. Does that mean we will be seeing you in the book along with the new ones?

Rhys: I guess so. The author had planned few things, please do ask her *gives a polite smile*

Interviewer: So Author-san, have we met or heard about the new book leads in the existing ones?

Author-san: No, they are completely new.

Interviewer: Why did the pure blooded duke never make an appearance in either of the books?

Author-san: I didn't think of them before. Like I said totally new characters. The story has been lingering in my mind for two years and I thought it was time to put it down.

Interviewer: We know that the male lead is related to Rhys, could you tell us something about the female lead? The readers want to know if she is going to be a badass or a softy like the last two?

Author-san: That depends on how you define badass. Being frank I like the female girls in my book to be polite and sensible than be rude and too aggressive. Maybe those kind appeal to me and I write them. The book title starts with the title- Bambi and we usually use the nickname for a certain kind of person. Having you watched confession of a shopaholic movie? I think our Bambi is going to have her character written along those lines. To let out a little clue-she has a dormant pure blooded gene in her (she comes from a pure blooded family).

Interviewer: What does the cover of Heidi and the lord mean?

Author-san: Hmm, Heidi surrounded by darkness and falling into it. But it mostly represents the scene when she falls into the water in the river.

Interviewer: About that! Who was that person who Nicholas encountered after Heidi fell in the water? It seemed that Nicholas was familiar with whoever it was.

Author-san: They were shapeshifters. You will understand more about them in the upcoming books. Apparently a shape shifter has a watery-misty looking skin that glistens in the sun. Nicholas must have encountered it before.

Interviewer: Will there be a crossover of the character and scenes in the new books?

Author-san: Right now I cannot say about it as I haven't started writing the book. Maybe, who knows *shrugs shoulder*

Interviewer: Do you by chance have any idea which book you will start after bambi and the pure blooded duke? And a little detail about it.

Author-san: I will be starting Malphus' book but it won't have romance. It will show more of his time before he turned to a ghost. It will probably titled as 'Brotherhood' and the numbers chapters will be short.

Interviewer: That's all for today folks! Thank you everyone for taking part and please collect the blood bag as a token of appreciation in making it to the interview *slurps blood from her can*
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    《Heidi and the Lord》