His Eccentric Wife
22 That Sexy Man
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His Eccentric Wife
Author :Shivanshi001
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22 That Sexy Man

Just something that I want to mention before you start reading the chapter. :D

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Xin Qian was the first one to wake up the next morning. She was still clutching onto Wang Yong like a koala bear. A smile formed over her lips as the memory of the last night events flashed before her eyes like a movie scene. She blushed and bit her lower lip feeling shy and excited at the same time. She felt good that she was not alone in this, that Wang Yong had some feelings for her as well.

She took in a long breath, inhaling Wang Yong's scent. She had always loved how he smelt, something earthy with a hint of spice like sandalwood and cinnamon. He smelled nice enough for her to crave for a bite.

She tilted her a little, just enough to look up at his face. He looked so cute when asleep, slightly open mouth and relaxed features, so handsome! She rolled out of his embrace and hopped off the bed. Her mind was full with things that she wanted to let out which she always did by talking to herself or by painting what she was feeling and there were situations when she had to do both thing simultaneously.**

Now this situation demanded the third option to be performed, so Xin Qian went to her art studio that was set up in a hidden room. You had to slide this bookshelf away to reveal the studio. It was huge in size and had was divided into two levels/floors. The 1st level was where she did all the work while the second level was more like a storage closet where she kept her art supplies and finished up paintings and designs stored safe.

Most of her stuff had been packed off and was lying in those empty rooms and Wang Yong's house but she still had some of her belongings here in the apartment.

Xin Qian was smiling like a fool as she skidded towards the easel and placed a blank canvas on it. As was her mood, the bright colors were the obvious choice for her to paint with. "Hhmm..what should I paint?" she said.

The images of Wang Yong's naked chest flashed before her eyes, "Aish! That sexy man! Should I paint him today?" she giggled as she painted the background with different shades of blue in ombre style.

"But what should be the theme?" she contemplated, "Something simple and powerful like showing him in his business suit or something erotic, hehehe, naked husband." she blushed and grinned like a crazy fan-girl but the next moment her expressions changed as she realized, "But I haven't seen how he looks down there, would I be able to do justice to his godly physique?!" she pouted and scratched the idea of painting a naked Wang Yong.

"Maybe something fantasy style, an incubus Wang Yong." Xin Qian burst into peals of laughter as she imagined Wang Yong as an incubus.

She sighed, feeling extremely happy that she got married to Wang Yong. He was sweet, gentle, kind and of-course his kisses, the best thing ever happened to her. Suddenly feeling extremely shy, Xin Qian covered her face with her hands as if trying to hide herself from everybody.

"Hhhaaaww!" she squealed, shaking back and forth, "What has this man done to me?! Why am I behaving like this?! That sexy man has rendered me stupid!" this was the first time she was behaving like this, feeling like this for a man. This kind of silliness was new to her.

"Aish! This guy is making me crazy!" she murmured and let her insticts guide her. She didn't think of an image as she began to move the brush on the canvas, she just let her heart and feelings take over and painted.

Every moment that she had spent with Wang Yong, every minute, every second of it flashed inside her mind. But everything passed like a movie, in a blur but the moment that stood out amongst everything else was the one particular moment, the way he had looked when they had first met. Bored and calm as ocean.

It took her one hour, just an hour to complete the painting. All this time she had a smile on her face, a smile that was clear indication of how much happy she was. "Even his painting is as good as he is." she smiled, clearly satisfied by the result. She had painted the exact moment, the way Wang Yong had looked when she saw him for the first time.


Abigail woke up with a severe headache. Her head felt like elephants were doing the merengue on her cerebellum. In other words, it hurt like hell! The last thing hat she remembered was drinking the second shot of sex on the beach, the drink that Nathan had ordered for her. She didn't know that it would be this much strong.***

She threw the comforter of her and realized that she was in a strange bed. It was a pure instinct that she checked for her clothes first. She relaxed when she found out that she wasn't naked or wearing anything else but the same dress that she had been wearing yesterday.

She stepped out of the bed and walked outside the room to find Nathan. "Ah! You are awake." she heard his say. Turning into the direction of his voice, she found him in the kitchen.

"Here." he handed her a glass of warm ginger and lemon water, "It will help you with the headache."

"Did you mix something in my drinks?" she asked before taking a sip of the ginger and lemon water.

Nathan looked offended, "Ai! Why are you doubting me? Didn't I tell you that I am gentleman?"

"Where do you sleep last night, by the way?" she narrowed her eyes at him.

"Like I said before, I am nice guy. Which is why while you were sleeping in my room, I went to sleep in the other. Shouldn't you be thankful to me that I didn't take advantage of you?" Nathan asked placing his hands on his either side.

"Why should I be thankful?! Didn't you say you are a gentleman? This is exactly what a gentleman should do." Abigail gulped down the whole thing in one go while Nathan scoffed at her.

"And that makes me like you a little bit." Abigail smiled at him but Nathan looked as if he was in pain.

"A woman after my heart." he said as he rubbed his skin over his heart lightly, "You shouldn't say words like that to man with such an ease. Someone might get some wrong idea." his words amde Abigail laugh.

He surprised her once again when he began to cook breakfast for them, "You can cook? You actually know how to cook?" she asked amazed and amused.

"My mother taught me how to cook. She is all about gender equality and used to say that a man should also learn how to appease a woman's stomach." he smiled fondly at the memory of his mother.

"Ah!" Abigail placed a hand over her heart, "A man after my heart." she sighed making Nathan laugh. His laughter was so contagious that Abigail couldn't help but laugh with him.


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