I'll be happy as a monster
11 Meeting “Him“
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I'll be happy as a monster
Author :Fluffas
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11 Meeting “Him“

(Beautiful Fox POV)

I ran across the deep field of snow, everywhere I saw was dyed white, in these infinite spans of white, I once lived here with my family. I played with another child, I trained with mother, I watched the adult hunt, I was happy.

Mother was the strongest in the pack, she could hunt big prey and defeat all the uncles and brothers in the pack, she even beat the humans who came to the mountain. I wanted to be like her, I want to be stronger than her. My body wasn't strong like hers but my magic was stronger than hers, I trained with her and hunted with her.

Slowly, I became strong like mother, all the adults said I was strong, my mother said she was proud of me. But one day, my happy life was destroyed, a pack of flying lizards invaded my home. Mother called them dragons, they were brutal and voracious beasts, they killed wantonly and drove many monsters out of their own territory. They claimed dominion of the whole mountain, my pack was driven out of the mountain by them.

We tried fighting them but we were defeated, they were strong, very strong. Our claws and fangs couldn't injure their body covered by scaly armor, our magic barely scratched them. We couldn't hurt them but they could kill us easily, they used their fangs to bite uncle's head off, their claws cut brothers to two, their tails broke sisters bones, and their breath froze everyone hit by it. We lose many, we ran in shame, we couldn't do anything but run.

Mother was injured severely when she fought the dragons, she lost her right eyes and tail, her body riddled with wounds. I and the other children were okay since the adults protected us, I was angry for being weak, I couldn't help mother. I froze when I saw the dragons, I was scared of them.

After being driven out of the mountain, my mother led us to the nearest forest, the [Sting Forest]. We lost many pack members, mother planned to stay in the forest and recover our strength, then after we recovered, we would search for another snowy mountain to live in.

On the way to the forest, we encountered many dangers, both monsters and humans attacked us, there were few of us who could still fight. Despite being the most injured, mother fought the assailant and drove them away, the fight aggravated her injuries. My mother fought every time assailant came attacking, her wounds bled continuously and never closed. We couldn't run from them because if we ran, I and the other children would be left behind.

I wanted to help mother, so I insisted on fighting with her, thankfully, I managed to lift some of the burdens of the fight from mother. After weeks of walking and fighting, we finally reached the forest, we entered the forest and managed to found a relatively safe place near a river.

Our arrival attracted some of the monsters originally living in the forest, but no monster came attacking except a few ignorant rats at first. We settled in the forest and slowly recovering our worn out body, we didn't quite like the warm temperature of the forest but we get used to it. For two weeks, we lived without any problem, but another disaster struck us.

Green monsters came attacking in huge number, most of them carrying a wood log, but there were those who bodies clad in human armor and carrying human weapon. The came and attacked abruptly, we were taken by surprise, the ones carrying wood logs attacked first as vanguards. Though we were ambushed, the goblins carrying wood logs were weak, we dispatched them easily, I even killed five on my own. When the goblins using human equipment came forward, we were cornered but we could still resist but after the goblins using magic attacked, we finally couldn't hold on anymore.

Suddenly, emerging from the sea of goblins, a goblin with deeper skin color and bigger body compared to other goblins, almost twice the size, came out. His body was clad in leather armor, in his hand was a big cleaver.

Mother told us to run the moment she saw the goblin, she and the older siblings would hold the goblins back, I didn't want to leave mother but one of the uncles hold me by biting my neck and took me away. I called for my mother as the uncle took me away, but what answered my call was a beast-like roar. We ran and ran until we reached a certain distance, but before we could stop and rest, we heard the sound of goblins coming our way. The uncle quickly grabbed me and ran again but no matter how far we ran, the goblins kept following us relentlessly. Slowly our numbers decreased until in the end, only I was still running, the rest either captured or killed by the goblins. I wanted to fight but the uncle told me to survive and avenge them before we part, so I couldn't die before I avenge my family. My hatred for dragon and goblins filled my heart with black haze.

While I was running from the goblins, I met "him", a handsome male with red furs like fire. He helped me and healed my injured body, at first, I was wary of him but then he taught me how to fight, took care of me, and help me got stronger. I began to like him. We fought together, with his help I believed I could take my revenge on the goblins. When we found a goblins cave, I wanted to rush inside and started massacring the goblins inside, but he held me back and told me to wait until we got stronger and we did.

After he fought an insect with big blades for hands, he evolved. He was already charming before but he became even more handsome after evolving, his body radiated strength, the burnt wound on his face just added more charm. I want him, that was my honest feeling.

He then brought me to raid the goblin cave, just as he promised. He easily tore apart those damned goblins with his bare hand, seeing his gallant figure inflicting raw violence on those goblins excited me. These goblins only had numbers, they were weak individually, but it was truly hard to deal with this many enemies. We found a room not far from the entrance and entered it, inside was a huge cage with human females caged inside.

I didn't like humans, they were a greedy and insatiable monster. He kneeled in front of them and started letting out weird sound, what was he doing? Then I suddenly felt a change in his mood, he was...angry? He killed all the females in the cage and burned them all to ash, why?

We continued diving deeper into the cave and killed all the goblins we encountered, we found more human females and he burned them all, I could feel his anger deepening, why? There was a big door when we reached the end of the cave,

A fireball attacked us the moment we entered the room, he slapped away the fireball like it was nothing, then he began to let out weird sound again, the same sound the goblins let out. Was he talking with the goblins? But he wasn't a goblin, how could he speak with them?

Then a goblin with strange equipment pointed at me and I recognized it, it was one of the goblins that attacked me and family that day! Rage filled my heart and was about to pounce at it, suddenly he threw a fireball at the goblin pointing at me and separate it with the rest of the five goblins.

My ice covered tail flung at it and the goblin blocked my attack with its staff, but the goblin was pushed away by the impact, further distancing it from the other goblins. The goblin yelled out a strange sound and fire its fireball at me, I used my tail in an attempt to slap it away as he did back then, but my tail was destroyed by the fireball upon touch.

The fireball didn't weaken and kept going at me, I hastily jumped to the side to dodge it, but another fireball came at me. I dodged again and another fireball came, this repeats a couple times more before I fired an icicle at the goblin and stopped it from firing more fireballs. The goblin's fireball was weaker than his but it would still deal quite the damage to me.

The goblins avoided my icicle and fired another fireball at me, I erected an ice wall in front of me, when the fireball hit the ice wall, it exploded. The impact destroyed the wall and injured me. There was a lot of white smoke around after the fireball hit my ice wall, the white smoke disrupted the vision of the goblins and concealed my figure from it. Thanks to that, I got time to recover, the white smoke also disrupted my vision, so, unfortunately, I couldn't ambush the goblin.

The white smoke cleared up fast, the moment I saw a shadow of the goblin, I shot my ice needles at it. The goblin quickly erected a wall of fire and neutralized my needles, then it threw something like my icicle lance but was made with fire. It was faster than the fireball, I couldn't dodge so I erected a new ice wall and hide behind it, the lance easily pierced my ice wall but it only grazed me. It was scorching hot, I blow cold wind on my wound but it didn't help, then the goblin waved its staff at me and suddenly, the ground below me glowed orange.

I hastily dodged to the side and went out of the ground that was glowing, a fire pillar came out of the ground, if I was a second slower, I would have burned to ash. The goblin shouted at me and sent a fireball at me, I didn't know what he said but from its disgusting face, I knew it laugh at me.

I dodged the fireball and fire my own icicle, three of them to the goblin, it leisurely erected a firewall in front of it, I thought of something and fire one more at it. As expected, when it felt three impacts on the wall, it dispelled the wall and was about to throw a fireball at me again, but it was taken by surprise by the icicle I fired last. Sadly the icicle missed, I aimed at the goblin's head but the icicle hit its shoulder.

The goblin screamed in pain and looked at its bleeding shoulder in disbelieve, it then screamed strings of incomprehensible sound before firing magic wildly at me. Fireball, fire lance, fire pillar, magic flew at me. I desperately dodged, but I couldn't keep avoiding, then I recalled the white smoke, an idea was born in my head. I quickly erected ice walls around me, it was destroyed the moment I erected it but I didn't care, I kept erecting more and more. Then a bunch of magic flew at me and hit the ice walls around me, resulting in an explosion and a lot of white smoke.

I was heard by the explosion but I was still alive, the goblin probably thought I was dead, I could hear it's laughter but it was good for me. I used frost tail and thrust at the source of the goblin's laughter, I didn't stab it but I did stab the ground, I quickly launched myself using my tail. The moment I came out of the smoke, I saw the goblin looking at me, shocked. I didn't delay and rammed at the goblin and when it's down, I fired an icicle at it and hit it at the stomach.

My fight was done, he came to me and pet my head, I was delighted and savored it. Then he talked to the goblin again but it was too noisy, so I killed it and my vision went black. In pure black, I heard something said that I had grown to my full potential and was evolving, then an image of a beautiful fox with two tails emerged on my mind, something said it was my new form. I was happy, he would definitely like my new beautiful form.

When I came back, I saw him staring at me, I smiled and rubbed my head against his, it was an act only done with one's mate in my family, I have decided, I wanted to be his mate. When he suddenly separate himself from me, I thought he rejected me but then he said I was his, I was elated and said yes. Then he left his mark on me, I could feel his mark inside me and it made me stronger. He rubbed his head against me, returning my affection, I took the chance and left my scent on him while rubbing against him, it was so that other females knew who he belongs to.

I suddenly heard a voice in my head, the same with the one I heard when evolving, it said something I didn't understand but since husband said it was fine, then it would be fine. I saw him threw ice like mine but his ice burns things, the opposite of mine. Then we left the cave and husband asked me how mother reined the pack before, so I answered him. He then led me and found a pack of wolves, he quickly killed their leader and became the leader of the pack.

Looking at him being feared and respected by the wolves made me thought that I didn't choose wrong, I saw some female wolves targeting him but unfortunately, he was mine and I'm not sharing!


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