Journey Towards Greatness
594 Arriving In Unova
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Journey Towards Greatness
Author :Evil_God_ZARAK
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594 Arriving In Unova

It was a very long flight, it took more than ten hours for him to reach from Kanto to Unova, he felt that if he called Latios he would have been there within a few hours but he won't be able to have the comfort of a first-class suite where he gets his own private space.

After landing in Castelia city's airport he rented a room in the nearest five-star hotel.

When he arrived there, he shocked the receptionist working there, she stood in a daze for a few seconds before getting woken up by Julian.

After getting into his room he waited for a while for all the people to come and ring the bell in his door, by now he is used to it, whenever he checks in a hotel people would come and ring his bell to welcome him and give him a massive bouquet of flowers and a large box of chocolates, the chocolates were useful to him as Crystal liked them very much, as for the flowers he didn't have any use for them, he would just leave them behind.

By now he has received so many chocolates and flowers that he still has some remaining boxes inside his pouch, luckily anything that he puts in his pouch doesn't get spoiled.

Just like he expected he heard the doorbell ring and when he opened it, he saw a tall man in a suit holding a bouquet and the woman behind him who is the receptionist that he saw downstairs is holding a box of chocolate, he nodded at them with a smile and took the gifts and closed to the door after putting a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on.

He could have put the sign before but that doesn't mean he would escape from these people, no matter what they would hand him this, either when he orders his food or when he is about to leave.

As he closed to door Crystal came out of his pocket and rushed towards the box of chocolates to open it but got blocked by Julian.

Julian "Not this one, there are still some left from before"

He said and put Crystal back into his pocket and the chocolate in his pouch.

Julian then turned on the TV to see what's going on in Unova, to his surprise one of the elite four will be having an exhibition battle soon in Nacrene City, her name is Caitlin and she is a Psychic-type user and one more thing, she is also Cynthia's childhood friend and they have faced off multiple times during their teenage years.

Cynthia told him that Caitlin is a very powerful trainer, she is a champion level trainer, the only reason she is still not a champion is that the current Champion of Unova is no joke.

Unova's champion Alder, he has been holding onto the champion position for more than 12 years and that is a very long time for someone to be on the Champion seat, unlike the league that only takes place once a year, the Champion can be challenged for their position by any member of the elite four when every they want.

And every time Alder has been challenged, he has defeated his opponents, this shows just how much of an experienced champion he is.

When it comes to battling him Julian might have to work even harder than when he fought Cynthia as Alder is much older and experienced opponent.

But Julian didn't bother about it now, he still hasn't caught his first pokemon in Unova, he has thought about it, what pokemon he wants in his team, and he has some plans.

Julian then continues looking in the news about Caitlin, she will be having her exhibition match against another person of the elite four, Marshal, a fighting type trainer.

By stats and logic, Caitlin looks like the clear winner but he isn't sure about it, he needs to watch them with his own eyes before finding who is the stronger trainer.

Cynthia has told him that Caitlin is already at a champion level so he is excited to see the battle, the news says that this battle is actually day after tomorrow.

Julian "I should go and see this match, it would give me a clear understanding of my future opponents in the Unova League"

He said and went to sleep, he hasn't slept properly as Crystal kept bothering him in the flight.

When every the air hostess came around with candies and drinks, Crystal would ask for one and if he even thinks of refusing Crystal would throw a tantrum.

Julian sighs as he knows he has spoiled Crystal too much but he was helpless, he could never ignore Crystal.

After taking a long rest Julian left Castelia City, Castelia city has a bug type gym but he has no pokemon right now so he cannot battle against the leader.

And he also had to hand over the file that Professor Oak gave to him to hand it over to Professor Juniper and Professor Kukui as they will be waiting for it before testing anything on the new devices so Julian has to hurry up and get to Nuvema Town.

He has his trust bike with him which he keeps in his dimensional pouch so he never has to worry about moving around, he could use Garchomp to fly around but that would be like using a pokemon as a laborer to him, his pokemons are his family and he will only use them when they are needed.

If he has a bike he can use it.

He might need Garchomp's help is some tricky situations but that was justified as it might be an urgent matter or he has to get somewhere fast which a bike cannot accomplish.

He soon left Castelia city behind and headed towards Nacrene city, he has heard that there is a very big museum there that has information about Unova's history and the legends behind its legendary pokemons.

And where there are legendary pokemons, Julian is interested as they are very different from normal pokemons, these pokemons play a massive role to the start of life itself so Julian was interested in them, the legendary trio of Unova, the Tao Trio, and their origin is very mysterious as there is no scriptures or texts that tell their origin.

There might be one but people never found out about it.


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