48 Hot News 2/3
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Author :KENTARO12100
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48 Hot News 2/3

Agustín and Fernando felt a little itch in their eyes because of the large amount of smoke that was in the place; the sergeant only shook his head before he indicated to them to follow him.

"In a few more moments, we will meet the goddess Miyuki, who will lead the spearhead attack against the enemy base, I recommend you two empty your intestines before entering.

The amount of blood on the battlefield you could see is only exceeded by the blood that was spilled during the Great World War. "

Fernando swallowed a bit of saliva, and Agustín's happy face gave him no confidence "Sergeant, why don't you use drones or advanced weapons to kill these enemies?

This form of attack reminds me very much of the Persian war of the 1960s against the Russians, my grandfather told stories about Persians hiding in the mountains to kill the coalition army. "

The sergeant smirked. "We tried, but those measures were stopped by a demigod, so we had to do it the old way.

You do not need to worry when we get to the battlefield; you will be able to see everything by your own hand, the demigods and gods are something that cannot be taken lightly, I was when the god Flavios ​​came to this world years ago.

We surrounded him in a building, but he simply disappeared and stole all our equipment, if he had wanted he would have killed us instantly and we could not defend ourselves, the gods are something that deserves respect and fear. "

The sergeant arrived at a makeshift store where there were two guards in black robes, one of them approached them "The goddess was waiting for everyone, please come in."

Agustín entered, and the first thing he could see was a beautiful woman with Asian features and black hair who had a cigarette in her mouth while checking a map.

"Julien, then the demigod finds himself secluded in the courtyard of the fortress." Miyuki pointed out.

Julien nodded, "The missiles we launched showed that it was where he was; also, the satellite images show that he does not want to move."

Miyuki could see how Julien forcefully smiled "It's like he won't mind if we know where he is, I don't know if he's self-centered or too idiotic."

Everyone in the room could feel cold sweat running down his back after seeing Miyuki's smile "I don't care what it is, from the moment he decided to attack one of my daughters he's dead."

Agustín swallowing a little saliva stepped forward. "Goddess, sorry to interrupt you at this time, but I wish I could start recording.

Her smile and her words are too powerful to just be left in memories, the nation and everyone must be able to see them, let me record everything that the goddess does, this is something that should be recorded in the history books, do not believe this Fernando way. "

Fernando felt everyone's gaze, could only undo the button on the neck of his war journalist uniform. After sighing, a smile formed on his face "I think it is the right thing, goddess, I worked as a red-eye cameraman for years, and I think I'm ready for whatever comes.

I just hope that if I die, my family will be rewarded, I don't want them to live in poverty. "

Miyuki nodded his head "Give the two of them a camera and a microphone, let's see how good they are recording, I also hope they can give me a complete copy when we finish, I would like to show it to my husband so he can see the end of the garbage that he attacked Hexe during these years.

I want Flavio to appreciate the mistake he made when he left our daughters alone. "

The Inquisitors quickly went by the filming team; while this was happening on the front line, the confrontation between the soldiers and the organization's mercenaries flared up.

Because they could not use missiles or air support, they could only receive aid from mortar fire, this caused the battlefield to fill with human remains and craters filled with bloody mud.

In the middle of the battlefield, a young inquisitor was holding his shotgun while biting his cigarette "Ramírez I need you to speak to the mortar team, I want them to fill the trenches in front of Fire.

We have to advance before the goddess wants to enter the battle. "

Ramirez nodded and started using his phone. "Here, Nezahualcoyotl red asking for suppression fire in my position ..."

The young inquisitor was able to see how Ramírez's torso was utterly destroyed, leaving only his feet, which fell to the ground. Still, before he could find an explanation for what had happened, an explosion occurred near where he was.


The young inquisitor hugged his shotgun and got up from the small crater where he was and ran as fast as he could to the enemy territory.

While running towards the enemy trench, he could see an organization mercenary who was preparing his assault rifle, when he was preparing to fire his shotgun to kill the mercenary a light dazzled his eyes.

The young inquisitor could only feel his body flying through the air, everything darkened for a moment, and he only regained his vision when he could feel a jet of hot liquid running down his face.

Forcing his eyes to open he tried to bring his hand to his face, but this change when he realized that as much as he could feel his hand his face was not being cleaned, with fear he lowered his gaze and could see that he had nothing where he was supposed to that his arm should be.

The young inquisitor bit his lip and moved his gaze to his other hand where he could see that he was okay because he could move it, but he needed three fingers, using his remaining fingers he began to move through the cold mud of blood.

While moving through the mud, he could hear a horrible noise, and after this, he began to listen to the sounds of gunshots, explosions, and screams, this was a great joy for him since it was the proof that he was alive.

After scrolling through the mud for a few minutes their gaze met that of a mercenary who was quite wounded, the two looked at each other for a moment before fixing their gaze on a pistol in front of them.


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