Masks of love
16 Walking you home
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Masks of love
Author :ely_n
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16 Walking you home

On their way home, Irene and James, walked holding hands. It was a first for James as they walk listening Irene asking him many questions. He doesn't like girls that talk to much, but if it's her, he doesn't mind. He tried his best to answer her.

- James, did you really got scared and fainted because of Lance? I really want to see that tape...

- Yes and no.

- No?

- No. You can't see the tape.

- Why not?

- I already destroyed it. ( Sorry Irene, for the white lie, I still have the tape, but I don't want you see that part of me, because it's funny for me too). It was hard for him keeping his poker face as he saw her dejected as she let out an "Oh".

- Bree told me that you took revenge on Lance for that. It's that true?

- Yes. Said James as this time he laughed remembering how he took revenge on Lance.

- How did you do it?

- Didn't Irene told you?

- No. Can you please tell me?

- Another time. I promise...

- What should we do about Jack and his fiancee?

- I don't know yet. But I'm sure about one thing, I don't want my sister suffer because of him.

- I don't want that either. Bree is more than a BFF to me, she's my sister.

- Thank you for caring that much for my sister.

Usually it's the guy who walks the girl home, but in Irene's case because her house was located two houses down after his house, she's the one who walks James until the front of his house. As they reached and stopped in front of the house, James turned towards Irene, still holding her hand and told her:

- Irene, do you think you can consider what Bree said to us. About us getting married? It's true that we haven't interacted that much with each other, but I believe we are perfect for each other. I know that first I should ask you out, getting to know each other, becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, falling in love, getting engaged, then marry...

- James, you already asked me out, and considering these hours that we spent together can count as us getting to know each other, and the thing about us becoming girlfriend and boyfriend we already are since we walked all the way home holding hands, about us falling in love we are not far from that. The only things that remain to do is getting engaged and marry...

- Then, lets do all that. Said James as he got closer to Irene, bent down a little, lift her princess style, and carried her like that until he reached her house. During their short walk, they both felt that their hearts started beating as one, as they both knew what was going to happen next and that was: " letting their families know..."


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